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  1. I was bored waiting for the new episodes.
  2. Are the OUAT writers trying to tell us something?
  3. Writers,are you trying to not make us ship them? You’re doing it wrong.
  4. I’m gonna feel so stupid when Alice’s LI is revealed to be Robin.

Sooo yep, let’s just acknowledge all the subtle things happening with Alice and Drizella that the writers may or may not doing on purpose shall we?

Alice talking about Drizella:

Alice talking about her ex girlfriend (that really sounds like someone we know):

Drizella learning magic right where Alice was born and lived for years:

Drizella basically doesn’t care about guys:

And idk if anyone noticed but there’s a lot of times when this happens with them:

(One second there’s a Alice scene and then immediately afterwards a Drizella scene and vice versa.)

Anyways I find really weird that they still didn’t have a scene together. And I seriously don’t get what the writers are trying to do.What you guys think? They’re trying to be subtle or they’re not having them in a scene together so we don’t ship them?

BONUS: Drizella working with Alice’s mother and Drizella making herself pretty for Regina😂


OUAT is continuing to parallel Emma with Robin and Regina with Hook.

Regina and Hook are both trying to hold onto a relationship that isn’t real, and they are pressuring their partners into being someone they’re not. At least Regina seems to be realizing that the relationship with Wish Realm Robin is not working out and that he can’t be something he’s not:

On the other hand, Emma is being fake so that she can give Hook the happy ending that she thinks he deserves. Similarly, Wish Realm Robin is literally not real, but so far he’s showing no interest in trying to be someone he’s not.

Hopefully Emma and Regina will soon follow in Charming’s footsteps and get to this point:

Bonus points if Emma parallels MM in season 1:

Btw this happened because David lied to MM like Hook is currently lying to Emma…

Me watching my favorite series for the seventieth time: I’m in a constant state of being emotionally unstable and I love it.


The EQ / Regina’s wish world

Requested by anonymous

I had this request seating in my inbox for a while now, after 6x10 aired. But I knew I would need episode 6x11 to truly support the claim that this wish world, which was supposed to be “Emma’s wish”, the world of how things would be if she hasn’t been the savior, were nothing but things the EQ/Regina would have imagined them to be.

Lets discuss it one by one, shall we:

Emma: Remember the EQ telling her that she is nothing if she isn’t the savior? Well, that’s how she sees her, as “pointless” without the job of being the savior. Regina is also known for running away from her guilty conscience, so this wish world end up “showing” how she actually did Emma a favor by screwing up her life.

The Charmings: The truth is that Regina as the EQ always looked down on them, feeling so much better, and she was basically creating a version of them being old and raising their daughter to fear instead of fight.

Henry: Oh, I think he’s the biggest proof of this world being made by the EQ’s wish, because he ended up being exactly as she wanted him to be in the real life. Vindictive with a hunger for fights and destroy.

Hook: Lets face it, Regina always looked down on him. Seeing him as something less, beneath her, or everyone. So of course in her wish world he would be a pathetic version of himself. With a terrible sense of style…

Robin: Now he is the biggest thing because we will still have him in these episodes. But my theory about him is that he’s actually a version of Robin that the EQ was in love with in oppose to Regina. See how he was loving the idea of being cared by the EQ? He didn’t say Regina, or beautiful woman. He liked the idea of being the powerful EQ’s lover. At least that’s how I see it right now. Remember how he wasn’t afraid of her when everyone run away? It was before he even knew who she was. The EQ made a wish world, in which a version of the Robin that SHE loved would be at. 

So the way I see it, we can stop looking at that ridicules wish world as a canon thing for the “what if” Emma was never the savior. At the end of the day, the wish wasn’t made by her, it was made by the EQ, and it also belonged to Regina because the wishes belonged to the both of them.

Hook climbing the tower: I’ll get my revange on Crocodile! I’ll make him suffer! I’ll trick this Rapunzel-girl into thinking i’ll come back to save her but i won’t! And then i’ll get back to being the most villianous pirate in all the realms!

3 seconds later…

Hook: I HAVE A DAUGHTER! A REAL BREATHING LITTLE GIRL! Well, to hell with the revange. I’ll probably sell my ship - oh, i know, i’ll give it to Mr. Smee. And instead i’m going to sing my little Alice a lullaby!


In a rather impressive feat of show - and deceive a little - but don’t tell, we were introduced to the other side of Snow & Charming’s sleeping curse.

Charming didn’t wake Snow from before the time Emma ended up in the wish realm. We saw him state his intent to go home and finally wake up Snow during his conversation with Hook after giving him his blessing.

This scene happened in Snow’s parallel Universe. We were cleverly deceived into feeling like he had temporarily woken Snow up by having him take a nap next to her and watching a video on his phone, but the timeline and the dialogue make it clear that never actually happened.

When Charming states he is going to wake Snow up, we don’t actually see it happen. 

Instead we see a sleeping Charming and another conversation between Snow and Regina, this time at the loft with Charming sleeping in the background. This is where our brain plays a few tricks on us. We remember the previous conversation between Snow and Regina - which was about Robin Hood - so we forget we never saw her reaction to finding out her daughter went to a wish realm. We forget she never actually woke up before.

Secondly, we never saw Charming actually wake her up after he talked to Hook. This scene could be taking place after Charming woke her up but it could also be before. If it is before then we are being shown that when they sleep, they go to a parallel universe that looks exactly the same, with the other one asleep. After a few cycles, they wouldn’t be able to tell in which universe they are. 

This last scene put us in exactly the same position. We don’t know which world we’re in anymore.

Thoughts on OUAT S7 regarding Killian and Captain Swan.

I’ve been meaning to write something up about this for a while, as the hate has become overwhelming and certain individuals are being rude towards those who are remaining positive on season 7. Frankly, I’ve lost any will to not get involved. Here are my thoughts for those who care.

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Can you imagine tho

I know I just said this in a reply. But I wanted to post it.

Can you imagine if the ONE episode Jen promised WAS in fact the premiere. And it was another two hour Captain Swan movie? Like about how their life has been since the end of the book. And how they have a child and something is tied to this child, much like how Emma was tied to the last storybook.

And then the whole plot is kinda introduced in that way, and the story follows this child.

I mean I know we are suppose to see what direction they are going at the end of Sunday’s episode. But what if it’s just a teaser. And then we see how we GET to that point in the premiere of S7.

I mean I understand it’s over the TOP wishful thinking, but damn. If the one episode we get with Jen is another Captain Swan movie, I would so be down. 

teeteecorr  asked:

So I've been seeing a lot of people say Regina is acting more of a saviour than Emma has been lately (which is 10000% true), and then I thought about how during the Dark Swan arc Regina became the Saviour and how that goes along with the theory that maybe we're still in Dark Hook's curse. Hmmm.

It also fits the show being divided in Operation Cobra Part I and Operation Cobra Part II and Henry saying the sequel is always more complex.

Merlin was actually the one to prepare the curse Hook used. He never finished giving instructions through the magic mushroom, because Hook found him and crushed his heart. He saw the future, he knew Emma had chosen the darkest path… What if Merlin knew about Emma’s feelings for Regina and he added something to make her the Savior of this curse?

Regina is the only one who has been able to criticize Hook this entire time. Everyone else seems to go along with it. Emma had many people trying to get her to believe she was the Savior, explaining her what was going on. Now in this curse, nobody seems to be aware there even is a curse and if Merlin made Regina the Savior, then she’s definitely clueless about it. Emma is behaving more and more like a villain… their roles really seem to be reversed.

Here's my OUAT/Lost theory

Since I read the beginning of another one this morning, here’s the parallel I think seems to be ignored in every OUAT/Lost theory I’ve read…

(Contains Lost spoilers)

So, a major theme that Lost and OUAT is fate/destiny. In OUAT the characters always try to fight back or make their own fate. In Lost, they had the choice to embrace their fate or not.

Right from the very first episode of Lost, they seemed to be setting up Jack and Kate as endgame, right? There was no question that they loved each other, they even got engaged. But they weren’t endgame.

In the end Saviour Jack’s fate was to die (they didn’t even try to hide the Jesus metaphor there, did they?). Jacob = God, Man in Black = the Devil, Jack = Jesus, dying to save everyone else. On the surface, it would seem that Emma is a parallel of Jack, but I’m not so sure that’s where they are going…

The other half of that ship was Kate. They weren’t so in your face about what her fate/destiny was, but if you watched, it was there. And it wasn’t Jack.

Another constant throughout that entire show was Kate and Claire’s relationship. Charlie was Claire’s soul mate, not many would argue that, but what did Charlie do? Right, died. (In one of the saddest TV deaths of all time, I swear, but that’s beside the point).

If you watch Kate, especially in the later seasons, everything she does is motivated by Claire and Aaron (Claire’s son, for those who haven’t watched it).

When Claire is unable to care for Aaron, and disappears, what does Kate do? Takes him off the island and becomes his mother. Read: Aaron has TWO moms… his blonde birth mother (who would have given him up for adoption if the place didn’t crash, don’t forget) and his brunette adoptive mother who has a past filled with crime and murder she’s hiding.

But that wasn’t the giveaway. In season 6, the infamous flash sideways season, it’s not Jack or Charlie that Kate and Claire meet first, it’s EACH OTHER. That was the big clue that their roles in each other’s lives were important.

But then as season 6 goes on, what is the ONLY reason Kate would ever leave Aaron and return to the island? It’s not because Jack was incredibly persistent (even though he was), it was because she had the chance to save Claire. She states this several times and is unwilling to leave Claire behind.

And how does fate play out for Kate and Claire? They leave the island TOGETHER. Now, we don’t get to see what happens to them after the fact, but we know Kate has Aaron, which means we can reasonably deduce that Claire does not return to Australia, and instead goes home with Kate.

Kate and Claire were fated to be together. That storyline was never explored fully, and if there were one thing that OUAT could take from Lost and expand upon, it would be that relationship… two women connected over the same child who save each other. (Arguably Kate saves Claire more often, but Claire does save Kate from the smoke monster in season 6… there could be more examples, but I haven’t started my Lost rewatch yet).

Neal, h00k and h00d were poor substitutes for Jack, Sawyer and Charlie, but Emma, Regina and Henry could very much be based off of the Claire, Kate and Aaron dynamic.

That trio was endgame in Lost. That still leaves me the smallest glimmer of hope that the Swan Mills family is endgame on Once. (The glimmer is small because A&E didn’t actually write Lost, they only wrote some epsidoes. And also they can’t be trusted to tell a good story, so there’s also that…)
Emma & Regina’s Return from the Wish Realm through the Vesica Piscis

I’m a little late on this, but here it is anyway.

In sacred geometry, the number 1 is represented by a circle, and 11 can be represented by two circles joined together, and this form is known by geometers/alchemists as the Vesica Piscis.

The Vesica Piscis is the form created when two circles connect and yet divide each other through their centres: It is the image of the Vesica Piscis that destroys the myth that polarities are separate from each other. It reflects the unifying principle, that when two polar aspects are first identified, divided and then joined back together, an awareness that life is greater than the sum of its’ parts is reached.

Emma and Regina represent a type of polarity or duality, the dark and the light (prince and princess in the wish realm). They are first identified when we see them in the pilot episode after Henry finds Emma and leads her back to Storybrooke.

They are divided over what each thinks is best for Henry.

Their true love for Henry is a part of what joins them back together.

This imagery reflects the secret to consciousness expansion that the 11 contains, that although we are living with a very polarized world view, male/female, black/white, good/evil, the key to overcome the limitations of this perspective is to marry, or join the polar aspects. And when we do this we birth the number 3, the space that joins the two, defining them and unifying them.

Number 3 represents True Love or the unifying of the polarities. Only part of that unification has come through Henry (I think Henry represents what is to come), but the unification between Emma and Regina, the actual polarities, will only be complete once they express true love for each other.

The new Alice

We have heard quite a lot about the other new characters compared to the new Alice. This lack of information got my head spinning. I guess my theory is probably nonsense and will not happen, but I have to get it out of my head. It might contain spoilers for those who have not seen Once Upon A Time in Wonderland.

What if this new Alice is actually the daughter of Will & Anastasia?

Well, why did my brain cook this up? I don’t know. But it would make sense. Will and the Alice we know from the Spin-Off were/are very close friends but they got seperated at the end of the series because Alice & Cyrus decided to live with their daughter in the alternate 1800s London/England realm while Anastasia & Will stayed in Wonderland and ruled as the White King & Queen. Well until Will pops up in Storybrooke again without any given reason but with the hinted agenda to get back to Wonderland. We never know if he makes it since the writers forgot about him after his short-lived affair with Belle (don’t even get me started on that).

Let’s assume he somehow made it back to Wonderland, Anastasia is alive and they finally got their happy ending they deserve. What if they had a child? In Once tradition, it is very likely that this child would be named after another relative or someone who is/was very close to the couple. In this regard, Alice would be the perfect choice.

How she ends up at the Hyperion Heights? Probably some other interpretation of the Alice story. Maybe one of the rabbit’s children dug a whole for her but it ended up not leading to the destination she wanted to got to but the Land without magic aka our realm. Or maybe she wanted to get away from Wonderland for some reason. Kind of a reversed Alice origin story.

Like I said this theory is very unlikely to be true but I would wish it would be. It would finally connect the spin-off series to the mother series and tie up some loose knots they left behind when they introduced Will in S4. Furthermore, it would also acknowledge that - like with Cinderella - there are different versions of a story.

Both A Little Scared

It is so painfully obvious that Regina Mills and Emma Swan secretly have feelings for each other. I truly don’t understand how others can’t see it. Just look at their faces… their expressions say more than any words ever could. It’s like they both have this pained longing in their eyes. They both need each other but both afraid for different reasons. This entire show is about The Savior and The Mayor and even in every alternate universe they find each other. It’s always about them. If Swan Queen isn’t the story being told then what a heartbreaking waste of a beautiful opportunity.

anonymous asked:

Any guesses on why Killian is in wedding attire but Emma is not?

Yes. It is seeming that a curse takes place after the wedding (perhaps reception time?) and everyone is sent back to the EF except Emma and Henry (and I think Rumple, black fairy and Gideon) and then it begins to resemble Season One.

So when they break the curse or whatever and come back, everyone is still in their attire from the wedding.

This is the running theory right now.