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These five characters can murder me and i will thank them

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Robbie Kay ~

Felix ~

  • I’m Here: 1, 2 

“you’re a one handed pirate with a drinking problem.” Peter stated, “you’re weak. you control what? a dirty old ship and some dumb men who you call pirates. me? i control this island. i have power. she’ll choose me. its only a matter of time.”

How Pan Shows His Love For You

Because we all know he isn’t the most openly affectionate or emotional.

  • Always making sure you’re okay when things get intimate between you two.
  • Bringing you handfuls of flowers as an apology after a fight.
  • Making sure that you’re the first to eat at every meal.
  • Wrapping you in extra blankets on particularly chilly nights.
  • Mumbling ‘mine’ between kisses to reassure himself (and you) that you truly do only belong to him.
  • Teaching you protection and healing spells, because he worries that someday he won’t be there to help.
  • Memorizing every little thing about yourself that you tell him, such as your favorite flower and favorite color.
  • Shyly whispering that he loves you. He doesn’t do it often, and it means the world to you when he does.
  • ”I don’t want you going alone, I’m coming with you.”
  • Knowing every single one of your emotions and giveaways to know how you’re feeling inside, from facial expressions to the tone of your voice.
  • Worrying about you constantly, though he may not always vocalize it.
  • Being really overprotective.
  • ”I care about you, princess. I promise I do.”
  • Getting jealous really easily.
  • Becoming restless when he isn’t sure where you are.
  • Telling you every secret of his and never being dishonest with you.
  • Tracing ‘I love you’ on your skin as you fall asleep at night.
  • Threatening to hurt anybody who hurts you.
  • Having Felix watch over you when he isn’t around.
  • Showing you his favorite scenic areas on the island and exploring with you.
  • Trusting you with all his heart.



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Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Prompt:  anonymous asked: okay so I’ve been looking through a LOT of your imagines and its safe to say that i frikin love ur blog and i was wondering if you could do one of peter pan x reader where the reader is watching the campfire at the corner and peter comes up from behind (theyre dating btw) without her knowing and starts kissing down her neck and teasing her there and id love it to be just really cute and pan whispers some inappropriate things and end in smut + lots if foreplay :))

Anonymous asked: YOOO YOUR SMUT IS SO GOOD THANK YOU!!!! More Peter Pan smut okay? ;) Robbie Kay is a sexy devil. But seriously ur writing is so talented you should be proud

Warning: SMUT!                                                                                    

A/N:  I am going to hell. Enjoy darlings!


You had traveled to just about every realm, but you can honestly say Neverland was your favorite. When you had first arrived you knew you were going to love dense-jungle island. It held such magic and wonder that you felt like you had jumped into a fairytale. Well, you kind of had, but that’s beside the point.

When you had first arrived, Peter and his Lost Boys were wary of you, having never had a girl come to the island before, not including Wendy, of course. As time went on, however, the boys learned to love you, seeing you as an equal and friend. Peter had taken an extra special liking to you, though. Two months into your stay in Neverland, the beautiful demon boy had pulled you the most beautiful spot in Neverland, and for the first time, had told you of his love for you. Ever since then, the two of you could rarely be seen without the other. You made him into a better person, the person he thought you deserved, and for once in your life, you could say you were genuinely happy.

It was night; the day had been long day, the boys just now settling down from a day full of games. Most had gone to sleep, but you and a few others had stayed up, watching the campfires glow. You were transfixed by the flames, the colors melding together to create such a wonderful array, it was nearly impossible to look away. You were too lost in thought; you didn’t even hear someone approach you from behind. You felt a pair of lips on the back of your neck, and you jolted in surprise. You soon relaxed, knowing it was Peter. No one else dared to touch you in such a way.

Peter kept placing kisses on your neck, making you moan slightly. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer to him. You sighed contently, loving the feeling of his body against you.  You felt him press his lips against the shell of your ear, before you heard him whisper in your ear. “(Y/N), kitten, do you have any idea how much I want you?” You gasped sharply at his words, a faint blush dusting your cheeks. “Oh, love, I’ve been thinking about that tight pussy all day. Can’t wait to get you alone, kitten. Gonna make you scream my bloody name.” You pressed your thighs together in hopes of getting some friction, the wetness in your panties growing.

Peter knew what he was doing, and he loved it. He loved the affect he had on you, what a few simple words could reduce you too. He decided to take it a step further by ghosting his hand over your clothed core, the slight touch making you whimper. He smirked against your neck, knowing he has you right where he wants you. “Come on love, let’s get out of here, yeah?” he whispers in your ear, his hands still ghosting over where you want him most. Not trusting your voice, you nodded, allowing him to poof the pair of you back to his treehouse.

As soon as you appeared in his treehouse he slammed you against a wall, his lips harshly covering yours. You moaned against his lips, pressing your back against his with equal fervor. You brought your hands to his head, tugging at the soft hair there. He groaned, and deepened the kiss. You felt his hand in your hair, before he suddenly jerked your head to the side. You gasped at the feeling, before you felt him bite and suck on your neck. You almost whimpered under his ministrations, loving his treatment of you. He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling your body closer to his.

You felt his hand trailing under your shirt, before firmly grabbing your breasts through your bra, his attack on your neck not stopping for one moment. You were too lost in the sensations; you didn’t even hear a faint snap of his fingers. You hadn’t realized what he had done until you had felt a slight breeze against your skin, your eyes moved down and you saw he had made both of your clothes disappear. You laughed slightly, loving how impatient he was. Your laughter died off when you felt the hand that was once in your hair cupping your core.

You moaned loudly, his fingers slowly and methodically tracing your lower lips. His attack on your breasts hadn’t stopped; his hands alone making you tremble and moan. He pinched your nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb. The same time he did this, he slowly entered one finger into your dripping core. You whimpered, the feelings were becoming too much. “Peter please…” you whimpered out, wanted to feel more. He smirked, before adding another finger, and quickening his pace. You moaned, the delicious friction causing your knees to shake.

You felt you’re high coming quickly, faster than you had anticipated. Your moans becoming louder, faster, the sounds of your pleasure filling the room. You were almost there, until he suddenly pulled away. You cried out, distraught over the loss of his fingers inside your pussy. “Shh, now love, I’ve got you. Gonna make you feel really good, love, I promise.”

He dropped down on his knees in front of you, his face dangerously close to your core. Your eyes widened at the realization of what he was going to do. He smirked up at you, never breaking eye contact as he licked a broad stripe on your pussy. You moaned out, eyes instantly closing, your head falling back slightly. Peter wrapped his arms arounds your thighs, pushing you closer to him. His tongue teased against your entrance, tracing letters to your core. You could barely make out what he was spelling, your head to dizzy with pleasure. M-I-N-E. You moaned loudly at the realization of what he was spelling, his possessiveness over you turning you on even more. He traced the word over your core a few more times, before finally flicking his tongue over your clit. You nearly screamed, the feeling becoming too much. For the second time that night you felt your high approaching again.

Peter pulled away before you could cum, leaving you almost screaming in frustration. He stood up quickly, pressing you against the wall yet again. “Jump.” He said, a commanding tone in his voice. You instantly complied, jumping up and wrapping your arms around his waist, and your arms around his neck. He pushed your back firmly against the wall before attaching his lips to your, reaching between your bodies to guide his cock into your wet heat. He slowly pushed in, the both of you moaning against the others lips when he was fully sheathed inside you.

He started rocking his hips at a fast pace, earning a grateful moan from you.  “Oh, love, you feel so perfect around me. Bet you love my cock inside you, huh kitten?” He moaned in your ear, the sounds of his grunting and panting flooding your senses. You just frantically nodded your head, words failing you at the moment. He started pounding harder into you, his hand trailing between your bodies, suddenly toying with your clit.

You let out a choked noise, you fingers carding in his hair. . His head dropped into the crook of your neck, his movements relentless. You felt your pussy tighten around his cock, your orgasm approaching for the third time that night.  “P-peter! I-I’m gonna…!” you moaned out, wanting nothing more than to cum. “I know, gorgeous. Me too. C-come for me, (Y/N).Cum, now.”  His words sent you over the edge, your grip on his hair tightened as you screamed out his name. He followed you into bliss, your name falling off his lips like a prayers.

When you both came off of your highs, you shakily un-wrapped your legs around his waist, you almost falling to the ground in the process. Peter caught you in time, and picked you up bridal style, before carrying you over the bed. He laid you down on top of the bed before lying down next to you. You turned to get comfortable, sleep almost consuming you, before you felt Peter wrap an arm around your waist, pulling your body against his.

He leaned over and placed a gently kiss on your forehead. “I love you, my little Lost Girl.” He whispered, his hands playing with your hair as a way to lull you to sleep. You smiled sleepily, before replying “I love you too, Peter.” Sleep quickly took over your mind, his motions soothing you. Peter smiled at your sleeping form, wondering just how he got so lucky to have you in his life.

Punishment part 2 ( smut)

part 1

Warning: oral, spanking, tickling, orgasm denial.

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(Your pov)

Peter threw me into his room and locked the door. I backed away from him but he just grabbed me and tossed me on the bed.

“Now before the fun part of your punishment starts, we need to get the first part over with.” He grins darkly.

He doesn’t give me time to respond because when he snaps his fingers he’s sat against the headboard of the bed with me over his lap. My jeans were replaced with a skirt and my hands were tied behind my back.

I tried to scream but there was gag in my mouth, that piece of shit…

Peter laughs at my attempts to get away, he pins me down with one hand and lifts my skirt with the other.

“Black underwear huh? Naughty girl.” I feel my face heat up at his comment, this is so embarrassing…

“Now I’m going to give you 25 spanks, and since this is your first punishment I will only use my hand, next time you won’t be so lucky.”

He pulls my under off and gently rubs my cheeks. I almost start to feel like he cares, then the first hit comes.


I let out a yelp but its muffled by the gag. Peter chuckles and gives me 5 more smacks, alternating cheeks.

With rest of the hits each one was harder then the last, he used more force with each one.

When he finally got to the last one, a few tears were running down my face. Peter flipped me over and held me. For a split second he looked hurt, seeing my tears, but it quickly went away.

“aww did the baby not like her punishment? Well to bad.”

He pushed me off of him onto the bed, his eyebrows raised when he looked down at his pants. I followed his gaze and my eyes widened, there was a wet spot on his pants, from me.

“well, looks like someone did enjoy her punishment. Ready for the next part?” he snaps his fingers again.

This time I’m still gaged, but I’m laying against the headband with my hands tied above me. My legs are spread and bent at the knees, tied to the sides of the bed.

I look at peter in horror, he just grins at me and crawls towards me on the bed.

“hmm, theres something missing…Oh right.” He waves his hand over me and the rest of my clothes are gone.

He looks me over and smirks in approval. “Now for this part of your punishment I’m going to edge you 3 times, then make you wait 20 minutes before I let you cum.”

I groan, but he ignores me and runs a finger across my pussy making me squirm.

He lays down and puts his face right in front of my pussy. I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting. But he just laughs and starts kissing up and down my thighs.

I surpress a groan, actually wanting him to eat me out. By now my nipples are hard, just wanting him to stop teasing. He notice’s and brings his lips up my stomach and wraps them around my right nipple, rubbing the other with his thumb.

I moan, arching my back. He switches then goes back to my pussy.

His tounge licks up my pussy and I buck my hips into his face. He holds my hips down and continues licking and sucking all over my wetness.

His tounge circles my entrance then plunges in. I moan into the gag, then he brings his thumb up to rub my clit making me scream.

I feel something building in the stomach as he tounge fucks me. Then he replaces his thumb with his mouth and sucks and licks my clit, putting two fingers inside me. I’m a moaning mess by now.

The knot in my stomach is about to burst but before I could cum peter stops everything and sits back. My pussy clenches around nothing and I glare at him.

He chuckles, “I told you love, this is apart of your punishment.” I whimper just wanting him to touch me again.

He waves his hand, a vibrating dildo appears and a bullet vibrator.

He turns them on and rams the vibrator into me, making me scream. Then he puts the bullet vibrator against my clit. I moan and wine knowing he won’t let me cum, but it feels to good to not enjoy it.

That familiar feeling rises again and of course before I could cum, peter pulls the vibrator out and takes the bullet vibrator away from my clit.

I wine and buck my hips, trying to reach him.

“Come on, you knew it was coming.” He laughs.

I just roll my eyes.

“now for your last edge, I thought I’d try something different. I’ve seen people do this sometimes on my trips to find more lost boys.” He’s says pulling out a feather.

I look at him confused, was he going to tickle me? Where?

My question was answered when he glided the feather up my pussy, I squeaked, not realizing I was ticklish down there.

He grins, and spreads my lips with two of his fingers. The feather explores all over my pussy, my laughing was muffled by the gag.

Once the feather moved to my clit I lost it, it tickled so bad but felt amazing to. I moaned and giggled over and over.

The feather went from circling my clit to going back and forth over it. I was close and peter could tell, he made the feather go faster but stopped when my climax was just about to happed.

“Now I’ll be back in 20 minutes.” And just like that, he was gone.

*20 minutes later*

It felt more like an hour since I was so frusterated. But when peter came back all I wanted was to cum.

“now you have a choice, how do you want me to Make you come?” For the first time that night he removed my gag.

“I want you to eat my pussy.” I panted

“as you wish.” He smirked and didn’t waste anytime wrapping his mouth around my pussy. His tounge licked all over, paying extra attention to my clit.

I moaned and arched my Back. “fuck peter, dont stop!”

Peter put three fingers into my pussy, pushing them in and out and licked my clit over and over.

“peter, I’m I’m-” Before I could finish, peter moaned against my clit and finally that pushed me over the edge. I screamed his name and he helped me ride it out.

Once I calmed down, peter waved his hand and I was untied and tucked under the covers.

Peter kissed my forehead. “you alright?”

I yawned, “yeah, just tired, I’m sorry for running.”

He smiled, “its fine, sorry I was so harsh earlier, I shouldn’t have forced you to choose who to kill, I was just so mad that you tried to leave and send for your father.”

“I forgive you.”

Peter smiled and walked towards the door, “I’ll come back to check on you in a little while.”

“Peter wait!” I called

He stopes and turns ariund, “yeah?”

“why didn’t you just make me have sex with you? Why just give me pleasure?” I asked

“rape is unspeakable, I will only have sex with you if you wish it.”

Peter Pan Imagine - “How’d You Like Your First Taste Of Darkness?”

Peter Pan gets you to darken your heart against your will.

- Peter Pan x Reader

- Fandom: Once Upon A Time

- Warnings: violence, light cussing, intimacy


“Pan, don’t,” I pleaded, grabbing his arm as he attempted to walk away.

“(Y/n), don’t even try,” Pan snapped. “I hate all these dirty pirates coming to my island thinking they own the place. They need to be taught a lesson.” He freed his arm of my grasp. “And one day you’ll understand that.”

“No, I won’t,” I contradicted. “I will never understand your senseless violence. How you think fighting others is fun. How you kill for sport!”

Pan only shrugged. “Then you don’t have to participate. Stay here if you want. Be the girl that you are, afraid to get even a little bit of blood on your hands. But mark my words, (y/n). Living on Neverland, living with me, your heart won’t stay pure and red forever.”

“Can’t you at least give them a warning first?” I tried desperately.

“Where’s the fun in that? Besides, pirates don’t listen to warnings,” Pan scoffed. “You should know that by now.” He backed away, yanking his knife from its sheath. “Lost Boys! Let’s go have some fun!”

At that they all took off into the forest hooting and hollering, weapons raised, rushing past Pan, who stood there grinning like a proud father. “See?” he said. “Look how excited they are. Look how wild they are. Here on Neverland, it’s kill or be killed. The pirates will learn that soon enough.” He chuckled lightly, before his expression darkened. “And you will too. Sooner than later.” (gif)

“I will never—” I cut myself off as Pan suddenly disappeared into thin air. Gone, just like that. Stupid magic. I wanted to scream in frustration, but just loudly groaned instead. The sounds of my campmates cheering and whooping their excitement faded into the distance the farther they ran. I stood there, alone in Pan’s now empty camp, helpless to stop the many deaths that would happen today on the hands of the Lost Boys, justified by Pan’s way of thinking that shedding blood was fun.

A few days later, I was by a stream, getting a refreshing drink with cupped hands. I splashed some water on my arms and behind my neck to help cool off from the sticky humidity of the jungle we called home.

Suddenly, someone screaming “help!” erupted close by. I shot up, alarmed, and quickly pulled my dagger from its sheath. What in the world…?

“Help!” This time he sounded more panicked.

I rushed towards the sound without a second thought, knowing one of us Lost Boys was in trouble. I raced through the thick undergrowth, swerving trees and taking many thorns whipping across my legs. The commotion grew closer. The boy continued shouting for help as I burst into a small clearing and saw Devin struggling with a large, ragged, beefy man—a pirate! I could tell by the looks of him. Devin was holding up the pirate’s wrist above his head, in which a knife was gripped in the man’s hand. If Devin faltered, this pirate’s knife would sink into his head.

“(Y/n)!” Devin yelled desperately as he saw me. “(Y/n)!”

With no hesitation, I lunged forward and barreled into the pirate, thrusting him away from Devin. The pirate’s knife slashed me across the shoulder and I gasped at the pain, before stabbing my dagger into his side.

He let out a shriek and stumbled backwards with it still in his body. He twisted the handle then pulled it out—I grimaced at the pain I know it must’ve caused, before realization came over me. Shit! Now he had two weapons and I had none.

I took the few steps backwards that brought me to Devin’s side, relieved that he at least had a spear. The pirate rushed at us, bellowing, and Devin and I both ran opposite directions. The pirate went after me, either because I’m the one who stabbed him, or because I had nothing to defend myself with. I took off blindly into the trees, panic surging through me.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me; adrenaline giving me extra speed. I made the split-second decision to head towards camp. There, the pirate would be way outnumbered and we could easily take him down.

I ran through the thick trees like an expert compared to the blundering man behind me, and the distance between us grew bigger with each step I took. I was used to the forest, he obviously wasn’t, and that gave me the advantage.

Very abruptly and very unexpectedly, my legs were whipped out from under me by literally nothing and I slammed into the ground. The surprise and impact of the fall knocked the wind out of my chest and left me dazed for a moment.

Just as I flipped myself onto my back, the pirate was on top of me. I screamed as the knife sliced down my collarbone and I writhed beneath him, vainly trying to free myself. Our struggle consisted of me trying my best to knee him and get up while also holding his arms away from me so I wasn’t cut with the knives. But this man was big and heavy and strong, he was on top of me, he had the weapons, and it was no doubt he now had the advantage.

I don’t know how but I managed to knock one of the knives out of his hands. Now all he had was my dagger, in which he raised high above his head to plunge into my neck. I ferociously grabbed his wrists just as he brought them down, straining to keep them up. The tip of the blade was just a millimeter above my throat.

The pirate bared all his weight forward to try and push the dagger into my neck. My arms trembled with the effort to hold the blade up, and I knew within moments my arms would collapse and I’d be a goner. I cried out for help, my heart pounding and my arms burning.

“This is for my crew!” he roared, spit flying from his mouth. “My crew! You slaughtered them all! And now it’s my turn to show no mercy!”

“That wasn’t me!” I gasped, almost on the verge of tears as I barely kept my own dagger from ending my life. “I had nothing to do with that!” My arms began to shake with the effort to hold his up; three more seconds and they’d give out.

Abruptly, the pirate was shoved off me, toppled over by another person, and they both crashed to the ground. Devin!

I gasped for breath, laying there in shock and exhaustion for only a second, but I didn’t give myself time to regain my strength. I scrambled to my feet to see the pirate and Devin wrestling for dominance, crushing foliage in their wake. I spotted my dagger lying in the grass—the pirate must’ve accidentally let it go when Devin smashed into him, just my luck.

I rushed for the dagger but tripped back onto the ground in my haste and exhaustion. Scrabbling onto my feet again, I grabbed my dagger and whipped around. To my horror, the pirate was now on top of Devin, choking the life out of him. Devin uselessly clawed at the man’s hands, making terrible choking noises while his face turned blue with suffocation.

“No!” Screaming a battle cry, I brought my dagger down into the pirate’s back, right into his heart. He immediately released his hold on Devin, who loudly sucked in air. The pirate’s eyes widened in shock, his face contorting in agony. I twisted the blade, then wrenched it free. His mouth gaped and he fell onto his side with a thump. His body stilled, never to move again.

Devin pulled himself away from the now dead man, heaving and coughing for breath. I flopped onto the ground, stunned, my vision blurring for a second. I really just killed someone. I just killed a person!

“Thank you,” Devin spluttered, rubbing his neck.

I shook my head, unable to process what just happened. I became aware of my wounds; a cut on my shoulder and a cut on my collarbone, both trickling blood that stained my shirt red and stung like fire.

“He just came out of no where and attacked me,” Devin continued.

“I can’t believe I did that.” I finally said. “I-I killed him.”

“He would’ve killed us if he had the chance,” Devin pointed out hoarsely.

“I just murdered someone,” I breathed, as if I hadn’t just heard Devin’s good reasoning.


Devin and I both jumped at the new voice; I turned my head to see Pan standing there, casually leaned against a tree with his arms crossed. A smirked dangled on his lips, his godly eyebrows arched with relish. “How’d you like your first taste of darkness?”

What?” I wheezed, rising to my feet. “How long have you been there?”

“I saw it all.” Pan grinned. (gif) “You fought well, (y/n). I knew you would.”

Anger boiled in my chest. “Why didn’t you help?” I demanded. “He almost killed me! The dagger almost plunged into my throat!”

“But it didn’t,” Pan said.

“And what do you mean ‘I knew you would?’“ I spat, my mind reeling as the unbelievable dawned on me. “Did you…did you set this up?”

“So what if I did?” he walked forward. “Anyways, I asked you a question,” he went on. “How did you like your first taste of darkness, (y/n)?”

“You set this up,” I snarled. Emotions coursed through me: hurt, betrayal, rage. “When I fell…that was you, wasn’t it? You made me fall with your damned magic so he could catch up to me, didn’t you?”

Pan’s reply was a smug grin, which in other words, meant ‘damn right’. That was enough to make anger take over my actions. I shoved him against a tree with my dagger to his throat. “How could you?”

He only smiled and laughed. “There it is! Your fire. I like your fire.” (gif)

“(Y/n), back off him,” Devin warned.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Pan still smiled widely. “I like where this is going.”

“How can you defend him?” I looked at Devin like he had two heads. “You could’ve been killed too!”

“But I wasn’t,” Devin reminded me.

“How are you not even the slightest bit angry?” I asked, bewildered. I took my gaze off him and returned it to Pan, who was watching me like a hawk would watch a mouse.

“I’m alive, aren’t I?” Devin said. “If Pan set this up, who am I to judge? What’s done is done.”

There was no point in trying to argue some sense into Devin. He and the other Lost Boys basically worshiped the ground Pan walked on. So it was no wonder Devin isn’t upset about this like I am. I held Pan’s stare a moment longer—my expression was fiery, hurt, his was amused. He was enjoying every second of this, even with my dagger at his throat. Disgusted, I yanked it away from his neck and backed off him.

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” I seethed, unable to bring myself to look at the dead pirate lying just a few feet from us. This would haunt me forever.

“I know exactly what I’ve done,” Pan assured. “And it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to, too.”

“You’re a monster.” My hand trembled as I slipped my dagger back into its sheath. “You made me end someone’s life. That’s not okay! This isn’t just some game, Peter!” I only called him Peter when I was really angry, and he knew it.

“You’re not getting it, are you?” he growled. (gif)

“What is there to get?” I glared at him furiously. “You’re a fucking asshole. This..this is like the biggest sin of all sins…this is murder. Oh god, I-I’m a murderer now…”

Pan looked at Devin, waving his hand in dismissal. As Devin left, Pan grabbed my arm and before I could pull myself away we were engulfed by thick green smoke. When it cleared, we were in a completely different part of the jungle, across the island from where we were standing just moments ago.

“What the hell, Peter?” I took a step away from him, looking around in dismay.

“You want to bring up sins?” he said. “Here on Neverland, the rules are different. Murdering isn’t considered a sin. It’s considered fun.” He lowered his chin, arching an eyebrow and smirking. “But sinning can be fun too.”

Pan suddenly disappeared and reappeared right behind me, his body so close to mine I could feel his body heat. My heart started to beat faster as I tried not to show how intimidated I was by how close we were. His breath was warm on my ear as he leaned forward and said quietly, “I can show you what fun really is, (y/n). I’ll show you sinning.”

He brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear then began kissing my neck.


“what are you doing here?!” Hook asked, hand on his sword.

“no need to be rude Hook, im not here to fight you.” Peter said, “im here because it doesnt snow on Neverland.” 


“and, Y/N missed Christmas.” Peter’s eyes moved to where you were grabbing a drink inside the coffee shop.

“so you brought her on a little domestic holiday?” Hook scoffed.

Peter shrugged, “call it what you will. just dont bother us. dont bother her, or i’ll have your other hand.”

Doll? {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine AU

Author: Joi A.. Wade 

Requested: Nah, but I was watching Space Jam??So I thought why not??

Warnings: Swearing, Greaser!PeterPan, Soc!Reader, kinda harsh I guess

Note: Bare with me my friends, band camp has me outside 24/7, barely get computer time anymore! MORE REQUESTS ON THE WAY!!

It was just a typical Friday night. Everyone was out of school, ready for the weekend, chilling out with their friends and whatnot. Ones in particular that were sure to have a wild night was the local street gang-greasers known as “The Lost Boys.” 

The Lost Boys were well known around town, for there multiple fights, shoplifting, smoking up a storm to where you could literally die from second hand, and some of them being just a plain drunken mess and trashing up the small town they lived in. Their leader, who is known as Peter Pan, seems to have little to no self control whatsoever. He sees a fight, he fights, he sees weed, he smokes it, sees a beer, drinks it till there is no more of it. And last but not least, he sees anything with legs and a skirt, he bangs the living shit outta them. 

You, being in a higher class than Pan, could care less about what he was about and who the hell his ‘gang’ was. All you wanted to do was have a good time with your friends at the drive-in, and enjoy yourself. But, of course that wasn’t the case. Once you and a couple of girlfriends found a spot, one of them tapped your on the shoulder, pointing in the direction of the fence behind the wide screen. 

“Take a gander at that,” Once your eyes adjusted to the darkness, you saw known other than Pan and his group climbing and crawling the fence, sneaking into the film. With a role of your eyes, you take long sip from your coke.

“Dumb hood,” You muttered, your other friend on your left bumping your shoulder with hers. 

“You know you like him, Y/n. You have since the damn near second grade.” 

“Yeah, when he had common sense, and didn’t care about some stupid gang, and sex and drugs. He keep living like this he won’t last age 19.” You glared while shaking your head as he started lighting a weed. He seemed to have felt your stare as he looked up and made eye contact with you. He winked at you slyly, making you practically gag in your mouth. 

“I don’t know, he seems to take a liking to you, sweetheart. Remember that time he-”

“No, and I don’t want to remember. Can we just sit quietly, watch the movie, and forget about the stupid Lost Boys?” You snapped, both of your friends’ eyes widening for a moment, until they smirked playfully, but doing what you asked. 

Sighing in contentment, you brought your attention back to the blank screen, waiting for the movie to start, not really in tune with your surroundings. Which probably would have been the best idea, for the face the so called ‘Dumb Hood’ made himself comfortable right behind you and your friends. Once that strong whiff of smoke passed through your nostrils, your once wide open eyes turned narrow as a groan escaped past your lips. You heard the seat creaking from behind you, as you tried with all your might not to roll your eyes so far to the back of your head, you were sure they would stay like that. 

You felt a warm breath fan over your ear slightly, as you just waited for him to say a word to you. You practically dared him in your head.  

“Well, what do we have here, boys? A few broads all by their lonesome, in the dark and scary night?” He rasped, his boys laughing obnoxiously at his unfunny remark. “How’ve you been, Y/n?”

“Get lost, hood,” You snapped, shrugging off the hand that played in your hair, making the boy chuckle at how quickly you became irritated. 

“Ooh, I got a fiery one, boys! I like fire,” He whispered into your ear, you getting a faint smell of alcohol from his breath. Scrunching up your face, you turned to your friend on your right, only to see her flirting it up with Felix. Then on your left to your other friend, only to see her giggling like a deranged lunatic at another one of his boys. Sighing loudly, you practically pushed Pan in the face, turning to give him your full attention. 

“Listen, I don’t know what you want for me, but ya ain’t gettin’ it! So I suggest you leave me and my friends the hell alone, understood? Now why don’t you make yourself useful and go drop dead in a hole, would ya hun?” 

By now you had everyone’s attention, as most of Pan’s lost boys hooped and hollered at your sharp tongue, Pan grinning with that famous eyebrow raised. Taking a long drag from his weed, he blew the smoke in your face. Coughing while fanning the smoke away, you didn’t have time to even register that he was now all in your face, his grin deepening.

“I know you’re crazy about me, Y/n. So let’s cut to the chase, and let me take you to my place for some real fun, huh doll?” 

The next thing he knew, their was cold liquid on his face and in his eyes. A loud groan escaped past his lips, as he fell back into the wooden seat, repeatedly groaning and cursing. You had thrown your drink in his face, standing above him as his lost boys quickly tried to clear his face of the soda. With a slight glare, you spat in his direction.

“Don’t ever call me doll, you filthy trash. The only fun you can have tonight is you and your right hand getting familiar with each other again. You know, like you do every Friday night when your lanky ass can’t get tail?” You grabbed your bag and left your seat, not caring if your friends followed or not. They were right behind you in a second, not really wanting to stick around after Pan got the soda off of him. They couldn’t believe you just did that!

While you walked away, Pan had finally gotten the soda clear from his eyes, as he wiped the rest of the sticky substance on his leather jacket. He watched you leave, his jaw locked as if he were angry; but his smirk and lust-filled eyes told a whole other story as he purred to his gang. 

Fuck, I love her.” 

The Only Marks You Need.

could you do a Peter Pan one where Felix gets mad at [yn] and slaps her bruising her cheek and Peter finds out and fluffy smut after? thanks xoxo

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TRIGGER WARNING: The following imagine will contain physical abuse/ assault.

WARNING: The following imagine will contain minor graphic sexual material. 

[yn] = your name

It was supposed to be full on smut, but I’m not completely comfortable writing smut yet… Sorry, I know everyone wants it, I want it too! But I’m not there yet. :)


I wiped the tear that slide down my face as I stood over the steaming pot. I flinched when I touched my cheek. It hurt and it felt like it wouldn’t stop hurting for a while. “[yn]!” Felix’s voice shouted as I chopped up some carrots. I turned around to look at Felix. “What is it?” I asked confused, his face was red and his nostrils were flared. “One of the lost boys said they saw you take some bread.” he sneered as he stepped closer and I scrunched my face. “I took bread for-” I started but was cut short by the slap of Felix’s hand. The impact made me stumble and I was too in shock to say or do anything. Felix grabbed my shoulders and got in my face. “If I hear you're taking any more food, it’ll be more than a slap” he hissed and pushed me to the ground. 

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He’s mad.

When Peter got mad, he got mad.
All of Neverland knew, for he was part of it, and it was part of him.
The wind would be so loud it would be as if someone was screaming in your ear.
The animals would run away and go hide in the deepest darkest holes of Neverland, but even that wouldn’t not save them.
The lost boys would panic and duck down and hide their faces, nobody dared to look him into the eyes.
The sky turned into hell, storms and lightening could be seen, it would be as if it was the end of the world, the sky would turn orange, red, and dark purple all at once, his emotions were all out for everyone to see.
And then, there was you.
You dared to stare at him, you looked him in the eye, you grabbed his hand, and rubbed his face gently, he flinched back but then eased up to you, his eyebrows were still knitted together and he still huff and puffed , not wanting to let go of his anger.
He raised his hand, signaling to stop , but you didn’t, you came even closer, you grabbed his face gently with your hand, and ran your fingers through his hair with your other, his eyebrows un knitted, and his breathing became smoother, you smiled and bring his face to yours, and with that, you kissed him.
Like magic, the storm stops, the thunder, the rain, the clouds, clear up, the animals come out, the lost boys look up, and Neverland is Neverland again.
Only you could conquer Pan.