CS Modern AU:

They meet at Comic Con, she just starred in a movie about fairytales and he did a stunt/cameo in the latest superhero movie. He spends the entire panel flirting with her and making her laugh and afterwards he asks her to dinner. Public catches on soon enough with her going to his concerts and joint red carpet appearances and they soon become the sweethearts of both movie and music stage audiences. 

“And to think we’ll tell or children that we met at Comic Con of all places, neither of us even reads comic books!” - “Well, that box full of Batman comics that you snuck to the attic when you thought I wasn’t watching begs to differ!” - “Uh, well, never mind.”

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I always wanted to read a Swan Queen fic for this text post: "soulmate au where instead of your soulmates first words to you written on your skin it’s their last words you ever hear them say so you don’t know who your soulmate is until you lose them" so if you're up for it, I would cry a million tears and thank you forever.

Emma’s soulmate words creep up from her wrist all the way to the crook of her elbow, I’m not going to give up on you. She’s spent so many years of her life being given up on that she almost considers her soulmate words a comfort instead of a curse. Somewhere out there, someday, she’s going to matter to someone. (Sometimes she wants to scream with frustration that she’s going to lose this mysterious person, that she’ll have this gift only to lose it again.)

Regina’s soulmate words are succinct and terrible and have her trembling each time she turns her wrist to see them. I hate you. That’s what her soulmate’s last words to her will be. She can’t believe that this is how it works, that she won’t even find love with the one person destined to love her, that she can be so undesirable for forever. (”You don’t need love,” Mother says, turning her wrist so the writing burns Regina’s eyes. “You need fear.” Mother’s tattoo says Did you ever love me? and Regina wants to rail at the unfairness of Mother being loved and Regina only being hated.)

Lily draws a star on Emma’s wrist and reads the words climbing up her wrist aloud. “Don’t,” Emma says, fearful of what she might lose. Neal never says the words, but he smiles and strokes them right up until the day when he gives up on her like he’d been made for it. 

The men and women privileged enough to see the skin of Regina’s wrist read the words there and muffle snickers, and she kills every one of them. 

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>CS AU Week - Day 6<
(Thank you Zoe and nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable for your help.)

Mary Margaret was a good friend. But it had to stop. No more blind dates. The last one had been a disaster. Emma got home with a headache after listening to her date talk for hours about all types of medicinal herbs, not giving her a moment to respond. And now here she was again. Mary Margaret came down with a cold and couldn’t go there to welcome David’s friend, who was visiting from Ireland. Of course, David had to stay home and take care of Mary Margaret. In case she developed a fever, of course. “I’m gonna kill you two.”
Once inside the club she tried to find him. Mary Margaret said he was tall, with black hair and blue eyes. Emma had to laugh at how much his description was totally the opposite of the guys she usually dated. Not that she had a type, since one night stands were her thing. When you’re up only for sex you let your body take charge.
A man sitting in a corner talking with the bartender got her attention. Her breath stopped for a second when he smiled and little dimples appeared on his face. Sensing someone was staring, he turned and, in the light, she could see the bluest eyes staring at her, from the most handsome face she had ever seen. “Hey, you must be Emma. David talked about you, but he didn’t say how beautiful you are. I’m Killian.”
She was definitely in trouble.