gif request meme: once upon a time + favourite platonic relationship (requested by @couragedetoiles + @faithandfearcollide)

red snow: “I think you need to do what makes you happy.” “Really?” “You are my friend. What else could I possibly want for you? It doesn’t mean I’m not gonna miss you.” “Not as much as I’ll miss you.”


Here’s a lil something as there’s still 23 days before 100th episode airs! ENJOY :):)

anonymous asked:

did you jump ship with swan queen for clexa?

I jumped ship on OUAT awhile ago. I couldn’t stand Once Upon A Hook and refused to watch my two favorite characters have all of their character development destroyed for the sake of two fuckboys. 

I didn’t jump ship on swan queen though. I still ship it. However, I need a break from them. Mainly because of the ridiculous fandom drama that is constantly happening, and the hate that sqers get from csers. It’s too much.

Clexa is canon. Their character development, both as individuals and a couple, has been quite good. Ups and downs included. I love Lexa on her own, I think she is an incredibly strong character, and it’s refreshing to see that kind of strength. The same goes for Clarke. Also, the actresses are very supportive of the ship, as well as the writers.

So, it’s nice to not be attacked by the actors or writers for shipping something.

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