“The quiet moments” - for the lovely @emmaswanchoosesyou​ - I hope you like it, I had a lot of fun drawing this one! 

(Please no stealing - it’s bad form!)

Let's play "Guess Which Season of OUAT?"

Emma: struggles with her role as savior and considers leaving town and/or pushes her loved ones away.

Regina: struggles with the darkness, blames others for the way her life turned out and then seeks a magical means to get herself a happy ending.

Belle: has a single centric - in the flashbacks we learn how much she’s *always* wanted to be a hero. She forms a friendship with a guest character who is most likely female. She breaks up with Rumple for being evil but then takes him back when she sees how he’s really changed this time.

Hook: is distraught when some villainous deeds of his past that he’d really, really rather everyone not know about suddenly come back to haunt him. It puts a strain on his current relationships. Emma tells him he’s a hero now.

Rumple: chooses power. His evil plans are thwarted but he somehow manages to stay three steps ahead of Team Hero and *surprise* he finds a way to majorly screw everyone over… which puts a strain on his relationship with Belle.

Snow: bonds with Regina but spends no time working on her failing relationship with her actual daughter. Makes a speech about hope/family. She and Charming remind the audience that they/their family will always find one another.

Charming: honestly can’t believe he’s ended up with this family but still manages to remain a too good for this world cinnamon roll/ dad of the year/ best grandpa/ perfect husband/ and all around hero and total babe. Lol did you think I was gonna drag Charmjng? Get out - he’s basically perfect.

Henry: comes up with a cute “operation” code name for some mission - probably to save one of his moms. It will involve either saving magic or destroying it. He makes a speech about believing in Regina. At some point he goes rogue. He talks about Neal.

(I love this show but I’m really hoping they change things up a bit this season)