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Trivia Time!

It’s trivia time again! Here are this fortnights five questions for you. You have 1 hour to answer them. Starting NOW! Once you have all of your answers, send them in here. The winner will be contacted shortly after this closes and will earn a spot in the hall of fame, be entered in to the christmas prize draw and get money off an item of their choice from my store. 

Good luck everyone!

1) What colour does the name Zelena correlate to?

2) What is the name of the spell used to find Anna in Season 4?

3) From which episode is this still taken? (Name and Number please)

4) What other name does the Blue Fairy go by in the Enchanted Forest? (not mother superior)

5) Who says this line? “Deny it all you want, i know love when I see it.”


1. As a resident of Storybrooke, Henry was affected by the Dark Curse. It clouded his perception until Mary Margaret gave him the story book

2. A close look at Henry’s bedroom reveals he has, in total, 18 clocks.

3. Enjoys hot chocolate with cinnamon, like his birth mother and maternal grandmother.

4. He was the only one who can leave Storybrooke while the curse is in effect due to being born in the land without magic.

5. Henry’s necklace has the same symbol as Anita’s gravestone; a moon with a dot in the middle.

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Contest Blitz Extra: Trivia!

[Edit] Congratulations to jaredscottgilmore who was the first to answer correctly: A Boy. :)

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If the necklace that Ruth gave Snow to predict the sex of your child swings north and south, what gender will the baby be?

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