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CSers can be happy all they want but I’m not impressed at all. Like at all. They keep screaming about how they waited “years” and it’s finally happening, but Emma and Hook’s relationship is built on vanity, absolute vanity. Kissing, and cuddling, happy glances and saying “I love you” over and over and it’s not…

Remember when Snow had to lie to Charming? Or when they said “I will always find you?” for the first time after Snow got her memory back. How she said, “you found me,” after the curse broke? Meeting up to read books?

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How Neal and Emma stole a freakin car and joked about it, wanted to find Tallahassee? How he wanted her to be happy regardless? Him giving her that charm?

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Belle flirting with Rumple in the castle, talking with him, hugging him…flirting with him but in a way where Rumple was a little nerd about it? Sassing each other? Him getting her a library, teaching her about ketchup?

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Red and Frankenstein having that heart to heart about being monsters? Or more recently Red calling Dorothy “Kansas” as a nickname?

Grumpy and Nova wanting to give up everything to be together? But not in a desperate way? 

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It seems like….every other couple on this show, hasn’t had to prove their love. Not Emma and Neal, not Regina and Daniel, not Rumple and Belle (she may have told him it was true love when she first kissed him, but she wanted to know if he loved HER) not Emma and Regina, not Grumpy and Nova, not Snow and David. And I know I’m leaving out plenty of other couples, but my point is NO other couple has been pushed as hard as Captain Swan, and no other couples have had to prove to THEMSELVES that they were true love. Loving each other was enough. They didn’t have to prove it by kissing every episode, they didn’t have to prove it by staring at each other, they didn’t have to prove it by constantly shoving their love in everyone’s faces, they just were. I didn’t have to be told, “yeah they’re true love alright” 

It seems cheap, like cheating. 

I don’t care if they plaster “Emma and Hook have True Love” on my TV screen every week, you haven’t shown me love. You’ve shown me googly eyes, and kisses, and desperation. 

I’m not gonna believe their true love, cause they’re really not, just because Adam and Eddy want me to believe they are.

She’s holding his hook !!!

I’m available if y’all want to cry of happiness together !

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I think the only reset I’d be completely down with would be the original curse finally being broken, SB disappearing, and everyone returning to the EF (and if JMO’s not returning for another season, then I need her, her husband (!), and her kid to stay on in the LWM to explain away their absence in s7).

(I’m going to be such a sad little creature if the show continues on without JMO.)

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Kara was made to rationalize Mon El' s behavior, shocking I know. Then, they had him save her with a ouat esque tlk to bring her back. Thus proving his undying love for her and our poor sweet shell of a hero forgave him.

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Did I just write CS speculative reunion fluff? Yes, yes I did. @daxx04 thank you very kindly for giving me Killian’s opening line. I hope you like it! 

The rain splattered on Emma’s umbrella as she stood somberly at Killian’s grave. The dwarves had carved him a good headstone. It was less grand than the one he had in the Underworld but Killian would have been touched that Leroy and the rest had gone to such trouble for him. There were flowers on the still fresh looking soil–probably Granny or Tinkerbelle had been by recently. Emma wished she had brought something to leave too but she wasn’t here to mourn, wasn’t allowed to let her grief swallow her whole, not yet.

She had thought their goodbye was forever and she almost wished this magic ale didn’t exist because Emma knew that seeing him, talking to him, would bring as much pain as pleasure. In order to defeat Hades they needed answers, answers that Emma hoped Killian could find for them in the Underworld.

She gripped the flask tightly and took a deep breath. Merida said the more you poured the longer the conversation would last. Emma wanted to dump the whole thing and talk to him as long as possible but knew that they would need it for later. Carefully she tipped the flask and the ale came pouring out.

“Bloody waste of rum that.”

Emma started, dropping the flask, and turned around.

“Killian.” Her face broke into a smile despite the circumstances

He was there, only steps away. He grinned wide, sunshine in the midst of the rain. A missing piece of her heart slid back into place and for the first time since the Underworld she felt whole and she could breath without it’s jagged edges piercing her soul.

He looked so real, so alive. She needed to touch him. She stepped forward. He was dressed differently then when she had last seen him; a peacoat instead of a leather jacket and no vest over his black dress shirt. With a shudder she realized it was the clothes he died in and she stopped. Her heart stuttered and the piece came loose again. Tears pricked her eyes and she blinked them back.

He quirked an eyebrow at her his smile fading slightly. “Emma?”

He took a step forward his arms reaching for her but Emma put up a hand to stop him knowing if he touched her she would never be able to get this out. “No. We don’t have much time. This magic ale only lasts for a little while.”

His brow furrowed but he stayed where he was, ever willing to follow her lead.

“Hades is trying to, well it’s bad, and we need you to find those missing pages that Liam tore out. We think it’s the key to defeating him.”

He nods. “Aye, I had a similar thought. Which is why–“ he reached into his jacket and pulled out a set of pages.

Emma smiled. Of course even in the Underworld he was thinking and planning and trying to help. Her love for him swelled inside her and even though she knew it would hurt when the magic of the ale ran out she dropped her umbrella and flung herself into his arms.

He chuckled as he caught her and pulled her close. It didn’t feel like hugging a ghost. It felt like he was really there, his arms solid, his skin smelling like leather and rum, and his breath warm on her neck. She put her hand to his chest and felt the steady thrum of his heartbeat. He hadn’t had a heartbeat in the Underworld. She pulled back, shocked and confused. Had grief made her lose her mind at last?

“Killian. Are you–are you really here?”

He answered her with a kiss.

Deep and tender their lips met and moved against each other. She ran a hand through his hair and realized it was damp from the rain. His fingers brushed her cheek and she felt the familiar rough callouses. With every touch she became more sure that this wasn’t an illusion, that he wasn’t a ghost. She tasted the salt from her (their?) tears on her lips and she didn’t know when she had started crying.

They pulled away and her hand caressed his face. He was beaming at her, his smile blinding in it’s happiness. She laughed. “How?”

“It turns out that Hades’ brother wants him defeated enough to resurrect an undeserving pirate.” He shrugged, as if coming back from the dead wasn’t a miracle.

“Really he brought you back just to fight Hades?” She tried to look skeptical but she was too happy to completely hold back her smile.

“Well. He may have said something about not wanting to break-up the truest love he had ever seen.” He quirked his eyebrow. She slapped his shoulder.

“Oh, plea–”

He cut her off with another kiss. Emma blissfully sank into him. She knew it wasn’t over that they still had Hades to deal with but with Killian by her side she knew she wouldn’t fail. They would strategize later right now she was going to enjoy their quiet moment.

After beanstalks and portals, memory potions and lip curses, dairy queens and dark ones; she had earned the right to make out with her true love in the rain.

Don’t say it

A/N : After Emma comes back, Killian doesnโ€™t want to hear her say she loves him. He canโ€™t bear to even think of that night. But then an accident happens and his feelings finally come out. Captain Swan one-shot (the summary kinda sucks).ย 

Killian never lets her say it. Heโ€™s aware that she wants to say it but he canโ€™t hear it. Not these damned words. Not again.ย 

So when Emma tries to whisper those three little words throughout the day, he silences her. He changes the subject when the conversation turns a bit too deep - as it always does with them. He interrupts her in the middle of her sentence with a heated kiss when he feels them coming, making her forget everything.ย 

But she knows exactly whatโ€™s going on. Sheโ€™s been back for weeks and the words must be burning her lips but she holds back. For him. At least, thatโ€™s what he assumes. But hearing the words would be too painful.ย 

He never lets her say I love you. Ever. Because heโ€™s afraid heโ€™ll lose her one more time if the words were to ever leave her mouth again. The way they did when she became the Dark Ones months ago, believing she was giving into an irredeemable darkness. The same way these words had tumbled from Milahโ€™s lips with her dying breath.ย 

The words are burning his lips as well. Constantly there, as if waiting for the moment when heโ€™d let his guard down. But he canโ€™t. Every single person heโ€™s ever said these words to died or left him. All of them. His parents. His brother. His first love. Even Emma had - although sheโ€™d come back. As a villain, he deserves nothing more than this. He should let her go, end things right now. But he couldnโ€™t. As much of a hero as heโ€™d like to pretend to be, he was being selfish. He could live without a ship, without a roof - without food if it came down to it. He had always been a survivor. The only thing he needs to live is her. Emma. He canโ€™t make himself give her up. So heโ€™ll wait for her to grow tired of him and enjoy the last months with her as much as he can. But he would not pronounce those words - or hear her say them.ย 

And then it happens.ย 

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