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Regina Mills Appreciation Week
↳ Day 4: Favorite Happy Scene
3x19 | Regina breaks the curse with True Love Kiss

CSers can be happy all they want but I’m not impressed at all. Like at all. They keep screaming about how they waited “years” and it’s finally happening, but Emma and Hook’s relationship is built on vanity, absolute vanity. Kissing, and cuddling, happy glances and saying “I love you” over and over and it’s not…

Remember when Snow had to lie to Charming? Or when they said “I will always find you?” for the first time after Snow got her memory back. How she said, “you found me,” after the curse broke? Meeting up to read books?

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How Neal and Emma stole a freakin car and joked about it, wanted to find Tallahassee? How he wanted her to be happy regardless? Him giving her that charm?

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Belle flirting with Rumple in the castle, talking with him, hugging him…flirting with him but in a way where Rumple was a little nerd about it? Sassing each other? Him getting her a library, teaching her about ketchup?

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Red and Frankenstein having that heart to heart about being monsters? Or more recently Red calling Dorothy “Kansas” as a nickname?

Grumpy and Nova wanting to give up everything to be together? But not in a desperate way? 

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It seems like….every other couple on this show, hasn’t had to prove their love. Not Emma and Neal, not Regina and Daniel, not Rumple and Belle (she may have told him it was true love when she first kissed him, but she wanted to know if he loved HER) not Emma and Regina, not Grumpy and Nova, not Snow and David. And I know I’m leaving out plenty of other couples, but my point is NO other couple has been pushed as hard as Captain Swan, and no other couples have had to prove to THEMSELVES that they were true love. Loving each other was enough. They didn’t have to prove it by kissing every episode, they didn’t have to prove it by staring at each other, they didn’t have to prove it by constantly shoving their love in everyone’s faces, they just were. I didn’t have to be told, “yeah they’re true love alright” 

It seems cheap, like cheating. 

I don’t care if they plaster “Emma and Hook have True Love” on my TV screen every week, you haven’t shown me love. You’ve shown me googly eyes, and kisses, and desperation. 

I’m not gonna believe their true love, cause they’re really not, just because Adam and Eddy want me to believe they are.

idk about anyone else on this hell-site, but I for one still demand a fucking rainbow kiss. I also demand a honeymoon unlike any other honeymoon that has come before. This is very much a hand-waving bit of fluffy nonsense that ignores the obvious adventuring that will occur between now and next Sunday evening, but, ya know what, they deserve. And we, yes, we deserve. Happy Wedding, y’all. This includes some very minor spec. for the finale. @captainwiley @the-reason-to-sail-home @abbadons-little-witch @thejollypirate @dassala @laurnorder @mahstatins @katie-dub

+ The curse breaks with a goddamn kiss, because of course it does. And aside from the portal jumping… and the one-handed pirate debacle… and the musical singing thing and whatever else she’s endured these last few years, she’s managed to feel rather proud of her tumultuous love affair with Captain freaking Hook. They have, despite all odds, indulged in a relationship of almost profound normalcy.

“Oh, mom.”

“Can it, kid.”

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Iris and Mon-El being able to go into the Musical world and save Barry and Kara because their love is strong enough, with a kiss, is the equivalent of TRUE LOVE’S KISS on OUAT.

And honestly if the OUAT musical half as good as this one has been I’ll be thoroughly impressed.

It was all a way to make them learn their lesson and get back together omg!




Not gonna lie though, when Emma kissed Killian I was full on thinking it was gonna be a TLK and that was how Snowing was gonna wake up.  I mean, the music was swelling, they’d (once again) just proclaimed their undying love for each other, they were reengaged.  It would have been the perfect moment.  I was sitting there like “Where is it?  Where’s the swoosh??  Why wasn’t there a magical rainbow swoosh??”  Guess I can’t have everything.

I still wish that as Killian was falling off the bean stalk he used the bean to save himself and bring him to Emma and then as Emma was driving over the town line she almost hits him and she finds him in Storybrooke the same place she found him the first time and then they have a tlk to break the curse after an amazing conversation to get her to believe in him and Henry and her family. 

Distance Part 2

“It would be wrong of me to make you believe that I could ever love you the way you want me to.”

Killian’s words ring in Emma’s ears as the minutes tick by and her feet pound hard against the empty sidewalks throughout Storybrooke. 

How could he say that to her? How could he after all they’d been through? The Enchanted Forest, their first meeting, him coming back to help save the town, Neverland, their first kiss… 

She can still feel the leather of his jacket gripped tightly in her fists, the way his hand held the back of her head, their foreheads pressing together.  Her lips actually ache for another kiss, for just one more moment of just being together. Living. 

“I’m sorry.”

Killian’s words send her emotions and thoughts swirling again. 


Why is he saying this? Doing this to her?

Was it just the thrill of the chase for him? The challenge of tearing her walls down brick by brick and finally getting her to fall for him, finally get her to admit that she was just a little bit in love with him? 

“He wouldn’t,” Emma whispers to remind herself. He isn’t like the others. Killian wouldn’t take the last fragment of her broken heart, the last little shriveled up piece she has to offer, and run with it. 

He’s not them.

She twists around corners, winding around the empty streets, idly searching for him. She doesn’t know why she’s going after him. It’s not at all in her nature. But there’s this pang in her chest. A searing, burning pain as if she’s being ripped in half, and she know’s she needs to find him. Know’s that that little voice screaming at her in a panic to find him find him find him isn’t just a coincidence. 

Emma get’s herself good and lost. That’s a good way to find someone. Everyone gets a little lost every once and a while. 

“Killian?” Emma calls. Her breath fogs in the freezing air around her. 

Nighttime noises are all around her, but there’s something else there. She just needs to focus and single it out. See where it’s coming from.

“I know you’re there!" 

She pauses, waiting. Listening. 

A street over, there’s a loud thwack! sound and someone cries out in surprise and pain.


Her heart screams and she bolts for him. 

Emma hears him before she see’s him. Lying face down on the ground, not moving. There’s blood on his cheek and just above his eyebrow, the one that goes up a little higher then the other when he smirks cheekily at her. 

"Hey!” Emma yells. She runs for him, boots sliding on the slushy ground. She slips, and wasting no time, begins to crawl towards him. 

I’m not worth it,” Killian murmurs. His eyes flutter once, never settling on her, never seeing her even as she grabs his arms and rolls him over onto his back. His lids close and the rise and fall of his chest slows considerably.

“Killian!” Emma shakes him. 

His head lolls to one side, but other then that he doesn’t move. 

She puts her blonde head to his chest, places her ear right above his heart. The beats are slow. Too slow. 

She’s losing him. 

“No! No, you are not leaving me, Killian Jones!” Emma screams. Her nose and eyes water and her frozen fingers dig in her back pocket of her jeans for her cell phone. 

Killian’s heart isn’t stopping, but it isn;t beating right either. It’s like he’s half dead. Sleeping. Deep sleeping. 

Emma know’s this. She know’s what’s happening here from when she broke the first curse. Henry had taken a bite of the poisoned apple turnover. 

Without even knowing it, she’s dialed David’s number. The phone rings tree time before he picks up.

“Emma?” David demands, his voice filled with concern.

And her heart breaks. She wants him there beside her. To be here with her because she can hardly look at Killian when he looks like this. She wants to be comforted by her father like a little girl does when there’s monsters under the bed. To be held in his arms and not have to carry all the burden. 

“Daddy,” Emma whimpers. 

“Where are you?” David demands. A door slams on his end of the line and a car starts. He’s coming for her. 

He’s coming to rescue her.

“It’s Killian.”


The machines beep a steady pattern. Blip… Beep… Blip… Beep

Killian’s hand is cold- ice cold- in her own. 

“It’s only going to get worse,” David say’s, squeezing Emma’s shoulders. 

They both watch Killian lying there, tubes going in and out of him. His breathing hasn’t changed, but Emma can’t remember clearly how bad it had been with Henry. 

No mother wants to remember the time her child almost died.

David clears his throat. 

“You could try it, you know,” he say’s slowly.

It?” Emma asks even though she’s certain she know’s what he’s trying to say without saying it. 

“It’s broken more curses then I can count, Em.”

“But what if it does’t work?” Emma say’s, sniffling. “What if, just this once, it doesn’t work? What am I supposed to do then? How do I fix it?”

She’s desperate for an answer because trying True Love’s Kiss isn’t what freaks her out. It’s the possibility of it not working. Of Killian not waking up. Of him being stuck like that forever or until someone decides to end his misery and pull the plug. 

They’re not going to take you, Emma thinks, fiercely. 

“You won’t know unless you try,” David say’s.

Emma turns her red-rimmed, tired eyes on him. He sighs and rubs the stubble along his jaw. 

“I’m sorry it has to be like this." 

Emma shrugs her shoulders even as he pulls her in for a tight hug and cups the back of her head with his strong head, holding her like he would have if he’d ever have gotten the chance to be her father and rock her in his arms as a baby. 

"Take a leap of faith,” David whispers. He let’s her go and leaves the room to give her a moment. 

“What do you say, love? Take a leap of faith and give it a go?" 

Emma let’s out a small choking sound. She quickly presses her hand over her mouth, her shoulders shaking as she sobs quietly. 

"I don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to lose you,” she repeats over and over to Killian’s still form. She wonders if he can hear her. Somewhere in that dream state of his. Is it possible he could hear her. 

“I love you,” Emma whispers. 

And then, before she really understands what she’s doing, she’s leaning over the side of his bed and placing the softest kiss against his lips. 

One second…



It’s not working!

Panic fills her chest and she begins to cry harder when the ground beneath her feet begins to shake. She’s jerked violently to the side, stumbling. 

It’s a magic she’s only felt once before. And this time it’s stronger. Big, huge, and powerful. 

Green mist rises up from Killian’s mouth, floating in a small green cloud. It’s magic and not her own. 


Emma’s eye’s widen as she realizes that’s why he pushed her away. To keep her safe. Her and her family and friends. Protecting them. Being the hero once again. 

But now she’s gone and kissed him and she wonders what the curse possibly could have been and if it’s somehow affected her or him now. 

She waits, but the cloud evaporates there in front of her eyes. 

“Love I hate to be pushy,” a voice suddenly rises up from the bed. Killian squints up at her through one eye.

“But I was hoping for a second kiss." 

It’s always suuuuuuuuuuuuuper amusing to see $Q Shippers who think Emma’s relationship with Hook could end with a shrugged off “didn’t work out”. Like, no, at this point the only way that relationship is ending is tragically. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating




That shit doesn’t end with shrugged off “didn’t work out”