#can we just take a second to consider that Emma’s wish that started the series #was to not be alone #and that Regina #when presented with the opportunity to wish for ANYTHING #wished to be with Emma #and it was Emma’s birthday both times


CS AU: The knights of Misthaven finally catch the infamous Captain Hook and bring him to your majesties, Queen Snow and King David and her royal highness, Princess Emma, so he can pay for his crimes. But what if he’d met the young princess before? What if they fell in love?

My issue was that things made no sense to me.

  1. The daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who both are brave bad-asses in their own right, who both at this point are skilled in archery and swordfighting, their daughter had literally no fight or bravery or self defense in her whatsoever. Forget about the savior spiel for a moment. If Emma had shown even the tiniest bit of bravery or standing up for herself instead of falling straight to her knees for mercy or crying out to her mother and father to help her, I could have bought it - but the fact she didn’t just makes no sense to me. Heck, even Aurora, one of the most princessiest princesses on this show had more guts when facing Cora.

  2. I get that Henry was there. I get that they have to show Neal as his father… but firstly, how was Neal there in the first place, at that age, and why would Rumple have needed/wanted the dark curse if Bae was there already? It makes no sense to me.

  3. Killian Jones, the man who was ready to tear Storybrooke apart when Emma was taken by darkness, the man who left 12 missed cals on Emma’s phone in half a day when as far as he knew she was fine, the man who tried to break through the thickest ice cave with just his hook, the man who has taken on the Dark one and Hades, all to try and save Emma…. that same man hung around twiddling his thumbs, reassuring Jasmine that David is never late, while Emma was in a completely different realm in who knows what kind of predicament. Now I know some believe that he was maintaining a level head because David was losing his and I can get behind that… but even if that was the case, he seemed way too chilled out given the circumstances in my personal opinion. It made no sense to me.

  4. Henry was being knighted. Emma was proud of him becoming a knight. But the thought of Henry becoming a a murderer apparently was the thing to make Emma break out of her curse… because she didn’t want to see him become a killer? But that’s what knights do. They kill. To protect the kingdom. Henry was protecting his mother… so why would that be the catalyst? It made no sense to me.

I’m happy for those that enjoyed the episode - I truly am. I’m glad that they found enjoyment and entertainment in it and I respect them. Everyone has their different opinions and this is just mine.

I just personally found the whole episode 42 minutes of ‘what the fuck’. It felt like they purposely made Emma the weakest version of herself just to have her thank Regina for the life she has. Sorry, that’s just how I see it. 

I think Regina going to find her made sense - I actually think that was a smart move on her behalf. But that’s where the smart ended for me. She was dead set on proving that this world wasn’t real and was able to carelessly kill Snow and Charming without batting an eyelid because they weren’t real… but seeing Robin suddenly changed things?? Lost love, I get it. I just find it terribly convenient that she could so carelessly kill Snow and Charming; people that are now ‘family’ and people she ‘cares for’ yet refuses to harm Henry or Robin - but they’re not real, right?

Either way, yes I will be back watching in March no matter how fucked up I found this episode, purely because i’m not ashamed to say this show still owns my ass and this episode aside, I do still love and enjoy it. And I also need to find out who the fuck is holding that ring!!!!

ChestHair out.