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thoughts about ouat: post s6 finale

Okay. I gave my thoughts pre-finale. Now I guess it’s time to give my thoughts post-finale. Beware of spoilers in this post, of course; that should go without saying. 

Needless to say, other than the last, oh… 20-30 seconds of the second part, this would have worked as a nice series finale, and a part of me wonders why ABC didn’t just decide to do that. With so many of the core cast leaving (a fact that still makes sad), it makes me wonder–how do you continue? How does the show go on in a way that can please the fans who have followed the stories of Snow and Charming, of Emma and Henry, for six seasons? While there will be the few core members who remain, I’m left to wonder, how they’re going to work, how their stories are going to be, without those connections. 

How is Rumple’s story going to be without Belle and his son? How is Killian’s story going to be without those he’s made into his family–Emma, Henry, Snow and Charming? How is Regina’s story going to continue without (young) Henry? (Because I am curious how this massive time jump affects them.) 

Had ONCE ended with this finale, I would have been… sad, I think, but overall, I would have also been pleased. They had a storybook ending–a happily ever after moment, actually–for the characters. I would have been sad to see the show go, of course, but I would have accepted it as an ending. It worked that way, I think. 

This time jump, while a nice little call-back to the pilot, I admit, confused me. And raised a lot of questions. How is Henry–the truest believer and the author–living in Seattle like that? And with a daughter he doesn’t know about? Don’t tell me you’re going back to a curse again! How is his family in trouble? Why is his family in trouble? 

My emotions are still all over the place, but the feeling of anxiousness, of almost literal nausea, that I had before the finale have lessened because, overall, I feel like, regardless of season 7′s events, I can always claim that the show ‘ended’ in season 6. While I will more than likely tune in still out of curiosity, like I said in the other post, I don’t know what to expect. 

I felt a lot of things during these episodes, during this finale. I was almost afraid, for a moment, that they would undo all of Emma’s journey, all of her progress. Having her go back on believing? Having her leaving and running again? It wasn’t something that I was fond of. But in the end, I was happy with it. (Dear A&E, please don’t ruin her story in the future, no matter what happens in the next season.) 

All in all, I think I’m still in that “wait and see” mode. I was happy with the finale, I was happy with the way things ‘ended’ for characters; I just… I have questions on how–or even why–they’re continuing in other cases. 

Or, I’ll just think about Captain Swan having a nice, long honeymoon, a peaceful vacation, and relaxing together and I’ll ignore everything else that goes against such a happy narrative. Because in the end… that’s all that matters, right? ;) 

Meanwhile, at ABC
  • Eddy: Damn we did it. Our seventh season! Can you imagine?
  • Adam: Let's look at all our scripts again.
  • Eddy: Wait, these don't look like the episodes we wrote..... Milah comes back from the Underworld and takes charge of a ship in the Enchanted Forest?
  • Adam: Look, someone changes the title of the show to "Pirate Queen"
  • Eddy: What? We never thought of doing a Milah spinoff
  • Rachel Shelley: *comes in* Hey guys! Thanks so much for calling me back! And the scripts are fantastic! I mean a main role on an ABC show? I'm so excited.
  • Adam: Did you call her?
  • Eddy: No, did you?
  • Adam: What is happening? Who replaced the Once Upon A Time reboot with a show called Pirate Queen.
  • Me: (appears in the corner, sipping a Capri Sun) You'll thank me later.

anonymous asked:

Any advice how to stay on tumblr and avoid anything related to the ouat spinoff?

The beautiful thing about Tumblr is that you can tailor your experience. I know things are tougher on mobile, but here’s what I’ve done:

Blocked ‘ouat spoilers’

Blocked ‘ouat s7′

Blocked ‘ouat speculation’

I haven’t unfollowed anyone yet, but I will if people who are still watching don’t properly tag their stuff. If a post does sneak through, I usually just scroll past. I don’t want to give the new season any space in my brain. I can’t. I’m tired. I have spent 5 of the last 6 years agonizing over this show. Allowing it to affect my sleep patterns, my anxiety levels, my enjoyment of life. I can’t do that anymore because the writers clearly don’t give a shit. They haven’t had an original thought in three years. I’m done.

I’m sticking to my fanfiction, where I control what happens. I still want to tell stories with these characters. That makes me happy. So while I will forever be grateful for Emma and Killian for existing in the OUAT canon, I can’t follow whatever fuckery is in store for them. I don’t trust A&E as far as I can throw them.

anonymous asked:

Despite the issues I have with A&E, I know I'd check out any OUAT spinoff they'd release in the future, so I'm okay with giving season 7 a shot. But I agree, they are literally losing ALL of their relationships except for like 2 generally antagonistic ones. It doesn't make sense. Maybe it never will. But since the canon universe has to go on, I'll just cross my fingers for the best.

Exactly. I’ll give it a chance because I love this show and it’s characters, but I am incredibly apprehensive about all of the relationships that are going to be lost. It’s not just about CS for me. I could watch without it, but to lose Captain Charming, Swan Believer, the Mills Sisters, etc is going to hurt.

OUAT Spinoff Idea:

Season 1 is exactly the same, but then after 1x22, everyone goes to Archie for some much needed therapy. Even though he got his PhD from a curse. The show takes on a format like The Office and everyone works through the inherent problems that arise from spending 28 years under a curse, and whatever others they have besides.

I would love a Nealfire Spinoff..

Going back to when he first gets free of Neverland and ends up in our world. Trying to make it in our world. Everything is hopeless. He’s an outcast. But he learns. And he thinks he’s free of magic… but he runs into characters from books once in awhile, similarly lost or banished in this world and he either helps them find their way home, or learns to avoid them. 

And then Emma… and he keeps getting warnings that she will be his undoing… but he doesn’t care, she’s worth it. She deserves better… until August shows up… saying that Neal is not WORTH intervening in Emma’s life… for she has an incredible fate in store and Neal will only ruin it. That is what drives the peg home.

He let’s go… hardened, always one step behind Emma to make sure she is all right, but also trying to live a normal life. He even gets the courage to face her, against August’s warnings… but sees her with a man (that married man she has alluded to)… and he sees how happy she looks… and veers away. He can’t. 

He bounces around, continuing to help other outcasts… until Tamara. His few friends tell him there’s something off about her… but he wants so bad to not feel pain anymore.

The show would last 4 seasons, leading up to that fateful day that he receives the message “Broken” on a post card.

I would watch the crap outta that…