OUaT Recap "White Out" 4x02

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I gotta hand it to the dressing department of OUAT 

and to Colin…

I find myself not missing the pirate outfit as much as I thought I would.

They left us a few crucial things we couldn’t live without. Like the fact that it’s still leather 

Plus we get to keep the chest hair

and the necklace

But now we got some new stuff also.

We get to see him taking the jacket off

or putting it back on

or giving it to Emma when she’s cold

Who would have dreamed of that???

Now we can check out his legs

and his a…

Even his walk seems more sexy to me (and I didn’t think it was possible)

So I really



enjoy this new look.

And I’m sure I’m not alone…

Colin O’Donoghue ladies and gentleman ...

So this season Colin played:

  • Killian Jones
  • Killian thinking he had a cursed hand
  • Killian without his heart
  • Killian being controlled by Rumple
  • Rumple impersonating Killian
  • Captain Hook at his most piratey
  • AU Deckhand Hook

And he was absolutely amazing at each version!


‪#‎Throwback‬ to ‪#‎OnceUponATime‬ Season 4 and the fairest bloopers of them all…

And don’t forget, Once Upon A Time Season 4 is now available on DVD. http://abc.tv/1O0yRqc