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Once Upon a Time: Sean Maguire returning as Robin Hood — exclusive

Once Upon a Time

Posted September 27 2016 — 12:00 PM EDT

Fans asked, Once Upon a Time answered: Sean Maguire is returning to the ABC fairy tale drama in season 6, EW has learned exclusively.

Though Robin Hood met a grim fate at the close of season 5, Maguire will appear in multiple episodes this season. However, the character isnot coming back from the dead. The powers that be are keeping how he’s returning — whether it’s via flashback or some other means — under wraps.

“We’re thrilled to have Sean back for this story arc and are excited for the audience to see what we have planned, which in the wake of his character’s heartbreaking demise, is something we hope is unexpected and surprising,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis tell EW.

Last season, Hades (Greg Germann) planned to use the Olympian crystal to kill Regina (Lana Parrilla), which he claimed meant no underworld and no afterlife for the person afflicted. However, in the season 6 premiere, Henry (Jared Gilmore) gave Regina hope that Hades was lying and that Robin’s soul did move on after his death.

It’s an idea Horowitz and Kitsis first teased at Comic-Con, explaining that some of the characters would question whether Hades was telling the truth, but that didn’t mean they were bringing Robin Hood back to life. Pressed further at a recent press screening about whether the show would “pull a Hook” — referring to the group going to the Underworld to resurrect Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) — Kitsis said, “ ‘I don’t see that happening,’ would be the respectful answer to our fans.”

“We see those tweets every day — all 3,000 of them, every two seconds,” Kitsis said said of the fan fervor over Robin Hood’s death. “We’ve had loss on this show, we’ve had people come back. We’re not going to the Underworld this year, so I can tell you that a lot of this year is about Regina dealing with loss and moving on, because I think Regina has the most unfair luck of anybody, but that’s what makes her Regina.”

“By moving on, we don’t mean falling in love with someone right away,” Horowitz added. “That’s not realistic to us. This was someone she did love, who she did lose. We hope that we deal with that grief and its aftermath in a real way.”

Outside of Once Upon a Time, Maguire will also appear on NBC’s new fall drama Timeless as James Bond author Ian Fleming. Get the details here.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

What I can remember from Supanova Part 1. Sean.
  • Made jokes throughout the whole panel - so funny
  • At the start asked why everyone was so far back in the dark and the front rows were empty people should come forward then the attendant guy got kinda serious (because a few people started moving) and explained they were for the VIP’s and Sean was like “oh okay well we don’t want to upset the rich people”
  • His favourite episode is 4.18 because you learn all about Robin, how he became who he is and he got to have scenes with lots of different characters
  • He knows we have been spoiled about a lot of things but there is also lots of stuff that will shock us that we have no idea about
  • He can neither confirm for deny a Regina pregnancy but he can confirm that his wife Tanya has a bun in the oven!
  • Was answering a question about having two love interests and momentarily forgot Christie’s name - blamed it on his jetlag
  • Loves working with Lana, they get along really well
  • Thinks Rafael will be an amazing child actor, thinks he’s adorable and even did a bit of an impression which was so funny. Said he’s so polite and well spoken especially considering he’s only 7. 
  • He explodes peoples ovaries with his face - G then imitated ovaries exploding
  • Attempted a New Zealand accent and said it really annoys his wife but he can’t stop because it’s addictive
  • Didn’t think he’d get the role of Robin Hood but Tanya thought he had a shot so made him go to the audition, he went begrudgingly and got the call a few hours later saying he got the job
  • Favourite fairytale/disney movies when he was younger were Aladdin (Robin Williams is an amazing genie), The Jungle Book and Aristocats
  • If Robin was under the shattered sight curse he would start returning all the things he’d stolen
  • On his love interest being the Evil Queen: Shows how she’s evolved from being a murderer
  • He suggested if one of your relatives is ever frozen, give them a good hard kiss don’t put them next to a heater - then him and George rambled on for a bit describing how hard/long the kiss should be.

Part 2 (Georgina) (few of my photos)