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Once Upon A Time ♔ second generation

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.


One Song One Picture[set]
       > > > “Monsters” by Timeflies x

I got a heart made of fool’s gold / Got me feeling so cold / But you chipping away / All the promises that I told / Felt like I was on those / But keep slipping away / I want nobody else / But it’s hard to get to know me / When I don’t know myself / And it helps ‘cause I felt / I was down, I was out / Then you looked at me now / And said


this was probably the longest secret revelation scene ever made on tv

Snuggles - Part 2 of “Too Late”

I didn’t know if I should just put pictures/gifs but I think I’ll put a bit of lines sooo yeah

Warning/s: fluffy fluff fluff fluff


After your ‘family’ left, Peter saw your sad expression so he took you somewhere.

The both of you were lying on the ground, stargazing. Watching the stars made you smile and forget about what happened earlier.

You felt Peter looking at you from the side. When you turned to look at him, he turned back to look at the stars making the both of you laugh.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that” Peter apologized. 

You shook your head and smiled.

“Just forget it. It’s all in the past now.”

Peter smiled and pointed at one particular star. The second star to the right.

“That’s where you came from” Peter smiled at the memory of the shadow bringing you to Neverland.

“I remembered how scared I was.” You laughed.

“Well. Are you scared until now?” he asked.

You shook you head

“No” you smiled and cuddled closer to Peter.

The two of you stayed in that position until Peter noticed that you’re already sleeping.

He kissed your forehead and hugged you closer. Closing his eyes and soon falling asleep himself.


I did this request ‘cause it was easier than the others. Don’t think that i’m ignoring the other requests just because im still not posting it. I’m still working on it ye? Enjoy this one for now! :))


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