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OQ week 3 - Day 3 - Lost together in Greece (AU)

It’s a chilly, but rather pleasant, December morning in the city of Thessaloniki.

Regina’s half Greek best friend is getting married and Regina has traveled with her to Greece, because she doesn’t want to miss the wedding. Her friend is constantly busy with the wedding preparations and Regina sneaks away for a few hours in order to explore the city.

Robin has decided to spend some time as a volunteer with the forester department. He has been in Thessaloniki for a week, clearing and maintaining trails in the nearby forest. He hasn’t really seen the city yet, so in his day off he begins his attempt to sightseeing.

Regina and Robin meet beside the Trigonion Tower which dates back to the late 15th - early 16th century and is attached to the Byzantine walls of the city. Regina is the only person there when Robin arrives. She has her back turned away from him and she’s gazing at the city; the place where they’re standing resembles a balcony with a spectacular view to the sea, the historic city center, the modern city and the Old Town. They can even make out the outline of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, across the sea.

Robin approaches Regina and confidently starts talking to her, only to find out that they actually live in the same neighborhood back home, in Maine. They’re here today for the same purpose, so they decide to begin their tour together. Robin insists that he can find his way with the help of his map, but ends up getting them lost in the city. Regina is slightly annoyed, but she realizes that she enjoys teasing him about it. She ends up leading them through the quaint streets of the Old Town, finding some of the most remarkable old churches and noticing the outstanding and diverse architecture. Robin is impressed by Regina’s ability to find her way instinctively and her craving to explore, to see more.

In the afternoon, after hours of walking and discovering monuments from several eras, from the 2nd century to relatively recently, they’re strolling along the seaside, bickering about explorations in the city they live in. They exchange phone numbers before taking their separate ways.