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can u do an imagine where pan cheats on reader with wendy and the reader ‘brings out her wrath’ on peter coz shes dangerous or something, pan has never seen her like that before so he finds it sexy, and tries everything to get reader back? sorry if its confusing xxxx

Anonymous said:

Heeeeeeyyyy! I was wondering if you could write a pan imagine based off Beyoncé’s “hold up”? I love love love your blog!

I decided to make one imagine for this two requests cause why not. 

Warning/s: swearing, cheating


What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy?
Jealous or crazy?
Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately
I’d rather be crazy

Y/N watched as Peter talked to Wendy from a distance. This has been going on lately but Y/N didn’t think any of it because she trusted Peter.

“Y/N!” Peter called.

Y/N smiled and walked over to the two

“Yes?” Y/N asked, excited because this is the first time in weeks Peter acknowledged her.

“Why don’t you lend Wendy some of your clothes?” He ordered more than asked.

Y/N’s shoulders slumped and just nodded.

“Sure. Come with me” Y/N faked a smile to Wendy.

“Here” Y/N said as she handed Wendy the clothes.

Wendy made a disgusted face.

“Bloody hell? What’s this piece of trash? Don’t you have something better?” Wendy complained.

Y/N sighed and walked over to her closet, looking for a better one.

“What about this one?” Wendy took Y/N’s dress which was given to her by her mother before she died.

“But that-“ Y/N was cut off when Wendy already walked out the room, wearing the dress.

“was from my mother.” Y/N sighed and walked out to see everyone gushing over Wendy’s new dress. Y/N walked over to a log and sat down, watching everyone admire Wendy. Peter was also admiring Wendy. Y/N thought that it was nothing bad. She trusted her boyfriend. Maybe Peter was just being a nice friend to Wendy.

I don’t wanna lose my pride, but I'mma fuck me up a bitch
Know that I kept it sexy, and know I kept it fun
There’s something that I’m missing, maybe my head for one

 Y/N saw Peter go to his tree house with Wendy. Now this alerted Y/N. Should I go after them? What are they doing? No. If you truly love Peter, you should trust him. Trust keeps relationships strong. 

But so is loyalty.

‘Fuck it’ Y/N thought and stood up to follow Peter and Wendy. She was behind the door, eavesdropping. She didn’t hear anything so she sighed to herself.

‘This was a stupid idea. I’m just being paranoid.’ Y/N said to herself. She was about to go back down when she heard someone moan.

Can’t you see there’s no other man above you?
What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you

Y/N stopped dead in her tracks. Her heart was beating fast. Is it what she think it is? She nervously walked back and slowly peeked through the door. When she saw the dress that her mother gave her on the floor, she burst opened the door revealing Peter and Wendy. The both of them were only wearing underwear and Peter was hovering over Wendy.

“Oh wow! Wow! This is.. just wow!” Y/N exclaimed, walking over to pick the dress up.

“Sorry to interrupt your session but this dress is important to me. I’m sure you don’t need to wear anything considering you were about to fuck. So I’m just gonna take this and” Y/N walked back to the door.

“Goodbye.” Y/N smiled and slammed the door shut. Y/N walked to the river to wash her dress. The dress was supposed to remind her of her mom but now, it will also remind her of her boyfriend’s infidelity. Y/N was stomping around, trying to calm herself. She needed to calm down or all hell will break loose. 

“Y/N” Peter called, emerging from the woods.

“Fuck off” Y/N spat. Peter was shocked to hear this from Y/N. Y/N was a nice girl. She’s always thinking about others’ safety before hers. And she always sees the good in everything.

“Y/N. I’m sorry I-” 

“I swear to god, Pan. Stay away from me. I don’t need your bullshit right now.” Y/N growled. Peter was hurt not because Y/N was pushing him away, but because she called him ‘Pan’. Y/N always calls him Peter and other sweet nicknames. Now she called him ‘Pan’ and it was filled with so much hatred.

“But-” He was cut of again when the water from the river started floating his way. He turned to look at Y/N who was holding her hands up. It looks like Y/N was the one doing this.

What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy?
Jealous or crazy?
Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately
I’d rather be crazy

“Maybe you need  water? You were so thirsty back there.” Y/N made a sinister smirk and waved her hands towards Peter, making the water go towards Peter’s direction. Peter almost drowned if it wasn’t for his magic that saved him. The water disappeared making Peter smirk. He somehow finds Y/N’s aggressiveness sexy. 

“You never told me you could do that” Peter walked over to Y/N.

“Leave me alone.” Y/N said quietly, trying to make herself calm again.

When Peter didn’t move an inch, Y/N broke down.

“LEAVE! For god’s sake Peter! Fucking leave me alone! I don’t want you near me anymore! Just fuck off!” Y/N fell to the ground, mopping her eyes out.

Peter stood there in shock.

“I totally fucked up this time, haven’t I?” Peter walked over to Y/N. He crouched down to Y/n’s figure.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I truly am. I’ll do anything to make it up to you. Just please. Forgive me.” Peter said, almost crying.

Y/N chuckled between her sobs.

“Pan apologizing and begging? That’s rich.” Peter smiled sadly.

“Please Y/N. Tell me. What should I do to make you forgive me?” Peter asked.

“You took me for granted, Peter. That’s fucked up.” Y/N sighed.

“I’d be crazy if I ever forgive you.”

Peter looked down in sadness.

Y/N chuckled.

“But it’s a good thing I’m crazy right?”

OLA OLA OLA.  i hoped you liked this one guys. 

Requests are still open. please request stuff yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

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That didn't quite go the way I thought it would. I want to be happy, but it feels a little tainted honestly. How are you feeling?

Let me start off by saying that if they were determined to do the proposal with Emma still in the dark about Robert’s death this was the ONLY way they could do it without dinging the characters or the storyline.

Emma HAD to back him into a corner, shock him off his intended path and leave him in a position where he didn’t really have time to think.

They actually did a nice job setting it up with him taking quite literally ALL DAY to work up the courage to tell her and then having a mere matter of seconds to decide how to handle the fact that she found the ring.

Had he chosen to propose to her on his own without telling her, that would have been a deal breaker for me. But that’s not how it played out.

So while it may not have been my preferred way for the storyline to go I’m willing to give it a little time and see what comes next. 

Right after last week’s ep I answered an ask about a possible proposal and said never underestimate a showrunner’s love of the cliffhanger so the issue may well carry over from the end of one ep to the start of the next. So I’m not exactly surprised we’re where we are.

The question now becomes how long elapses between the moment of the proposal and the moment he comes clean. The proposal, because of the circumstances, doesn’t ding him in my eyes but it starts the clock.

As long as he comes clean relatively quickly I’ll be ok with it. 

I don’t understand why Belle not wanting to be with Rumple is so wrong. Especially from her point of view.

They’ve been in love for years, yet they’ve always had secrets, a lack of communication, and control issues (since the day they met). Neither are willing to give up what they want to be for the other… And if couples can’t compromise, they break up.

Rumple and Belle want different things, they have different values and beliefs in how they feel the need to live their lives. On that basic factor alone neither one should be consider bad for wanting the best for themselves.

And having a baby isn’t an excuse to put off what’s bound to happen. Especially since that baby has already expressed their own opinion on the matter.

It sucks, but I honestly think that True Love not being immune to the natural pitfalls of real love lives is a good thing. It must be worked at, both people have to try or it will break. If Belle doesn’t want to carry the weight of Rumple’s darkness and his need for magic on her shoulders she shouldn’t have to. And if the baby doesn’t want that then it shouldn’t have to either. Just like Bae, the new baby doesn’t want that dark magic forced upon him and he shouldn’t have to carry that burden just because his father is addicted and can’t give it up.

After being manipulated and lied to for years Belle shouldn’t have to listen to anything Rumple says. And if he tells her he’s not going to change and he intends to continue down this path of controlling, power-hungry, lying, only-out-for-himself, deal-making ways she has the right to walk away and protect herself and their child from his past that continually comes back to hurt HER.

He can’t protect her from his past, especially when he refuses to tell her the shitty things he’s done to literally everyone one way or another. So far she gotten kidnapped, beaten, locked in an asylum, lost her memories, became a whole other person and almost died a whole other person, threatened in SB by Pan, feared her unborn child would be taken from her (a fear he put on other future mother’s minds), and almost killed because he trapped her on the Jolly Roger.

After all that, plus his own dishonesty, manipulation, disrespect, assault, rape (throughout the past 6 seasons), and his threats to her (since 5B)… Why should she go back to him?

And if Rumple so badly wants his power and magic (because he can’t be without it) why should she hold him back from that? He said he doesn’t want to change and won’t, she wants something else from him… Why should he have to deny himself what he wants? If he truly wanted to be better he would be now, or he’d be much closer. If he wanted to be better in Bae’s memory he would now. If he wanted to be there for his child, he would now. But he’s not. He’s made his choices as well, and they’re not the choices to be most proud of, but his decisions are his and Belle shouldn’t be faulted for letting him be who he wants to be without her.

Sorry, long rant…I just feel horrible for Belle right now and don’t understand why she’s supposedly the bad/wrong one. Being Just and Good is…GoOoOoD. She believes in his redemption, but he’s yet to have one and told her he doesn’t want one, so if that’s what she wants she should leave. So she left. He gave her a choice, she made it, and now he plans to ‘make’ her love him with the shears of fate…but she’s the bad one?

Snuggles - Part 2 of “Too Late”

I didn’t know if I should just put pictures/gifs but I think I’ll put a bit of lines sooo yeah

Warning/s: fluffy fluff fluff fluff


After your ‘family’ left, Peter saw your sad expression so he took you somewhere.

The both of you were lying on the ground, stargazing. Watching the stars made you smile and forget about what happened earlier.

You felt Peter looking at you from the side. When you turned to look at him, he turned back to look at the stars making the both of you laugh.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that” Peter apologized. 

You shook your head and smiled.

“Just forget it. It’s all in the past now.”

Peter smiled and pointed at one particular star. The second star to the right.

“That’s where you came from” Peter smiled at the memory of the shadow bringing you to Neverland.

“I remembered how scared I was.” You laughed.

“Well. Are you scared until now?” he asked.

You shook you head

“No” you smiled and cuddled closer to Peter.

The two of you stayed in that position until Peter noticed that you’re already sleeping.

He kissed your forehead and hugged you closer. Closing his eyes and soon falling asleep himself.


I did this request ‘cause it was easier than the others. Don’t think that i’m ignoring the other requests just because im still not posting it. I’m still working on it ye? Enjoy this one for now! :))


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Killian Jones Imagine- Pirates Life for Me

When Killian asked you to marry him, never in a million years would you imagine yourself on the Jolly Roger sailing the oceans in search of the fountain of youth. As much as you didn’t want to go, Killian didn’t want to go either. He wants to keep you as far away from the pirate lifestyle for as long as he could but when he was commissioned to do this job, he couldn’t refuse such an offer. Being just married you begged to tag along, a honeymoon of sorts you complied. 

“Captain, we have eyes on another ship.” one of the crew members calls up. 

You and Killian are standing on the top deck overlooking the entire crew. Mostly consisting of young men whose lives are indentured to servitude, your crew is attentive. Killian extends his telescope and looks at the other ship which is gaining ground. 

“We wait ‘till nightfall. Savvy?” he answers his crew. 

Turning to you, he looks intently at you trying to decipher what your thought are. He knew at first that the prate life wasn’t to your liking, but little did he know that it was growing on you. You love the fancy costumes and the constant adventure. It isn’t every day that you get to order around a whole crew of people and search for a hidden treasure. As every day passes he feels more guilty for dragging you out here. 

“What do you think?” 

“You made the right call. From the looks of it they are heading southwest and we want to be going,” you pull out the compass that is chained to your leather jacket  “ Northwest.” 

“Aye.” his jaw clenches. 

Returning back to the open waters as the sky starts to diffuse into radiant colors, you walk down the steps towards the slovenly members of the crew. Whenever you approach on of them they straighten up and refuse to look you in the eye, in fear of upsetting the captain. 

“Boys get some rest, we move at sun down. Higgins please keep an eye out for me. “ you order. 

Turning on the heel of your leather thigh high boots you grin as you trail back up the stairs. Upon entering the wooden doors of the captain’s quarters you sigh and close the doors tightly behind you. When you peer up you see your husband slouched in a chair, swirling a glass of rum with his hand and a distraught expression evident. 

“What’s the matter dear?” you walk over to him and lightly sit on his knee. 

“We have been out here for so long. I never wanted it to be this way.” His pours the liquid down his throat. 

The candles flicker softly as the boat rocks back and fourth on the uneven waters. You could tell that he is tense and worried, nothing that was out of the ordinary. Delicately you snake one of your hands on his shoulder and gently begin to knead the tension away. 

“No need to be so tense Killian, I don’t mind really. I kind of like it honestly.” you place a soft kiss to his jaw. 

He removes the hat that rests crookedly on your head, his calloused fingers brushing against your cheeks bone as he moves a stray strain of hair from your face. He would never admit it but his favorite part of you is you eyes. He sees a fire in them that he has never seen in anyone else, a fire so strong that it could warm the heart of anyone you look at. You feel the cold air hit your shoulder as hook slides down your jacket. His soft lips connect with your warm skin, he gently trails up to the back of yours neck. 

“Hook.” you grin knowing that he secretly loves when you call him that. 

You spin around on your feet, taking his hand in yours. His vehement eyes stare back at you behind smudged eyeliner. He follows in your footsteps and stands up right, his gaze never breaking yours. When he kisses you its like an electric spark, all the tension is released the moment your lips lock. You hand firmly rests on his chest, your fingers curling against the trimmed hair. 

“Captain.” you whisper in his ear.

“Yes m’lady.” 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too (y/n).”

The two of you go back to your from activities. Your chest begin to rise and fell rapidly as you two kiss desperately. Not since you wedding night have you two had a moment alone, and this served as a perfect time to be alone. The floor boards creek underneath your feet as you shift your weight a little. Running over to the bed you bounce on the silk covered sheets, tucking your feet under you as you giggle. Killian dominantly strides over to you as takes another good look at you. Taking in your beauty, he finds the genuine happiness in your life together. His fingers swiftly unbutton the top three buttons of your shirt. 

“Captain!” someone pounds on the door. 

You sigh as he hangs his head in disappointment. He turns around and heads out of the cabin, strapping on his sword on the way you. Collecting yourself you  swing your coat back onto your shoulders. once you open the door you see Killian hunched over a map underneath a burning lamp. The crew awaits orders from their eager captain. Buttoning up your frilly blouse you stand next to Killian pressing your hip into his leg. 

“Where to next captain?” you read the map. 

“You tell me love.” he hands you the map. 

Looking at it you examine the delicate drawings that are printed on the map. Only a few of the details of the terrain could be made out. You rack your memory as to where this could be, that is until you recognize one of the points on the map. When you and Killian first started dating, you met in Neverland. Your first kiss was on a high cliff overlooking a cave. 

“Hook, it’s Neverland!” you gasp. 

“Off to Neverland! Hoist the colors!” he grins, places a kiss on your lips to your surprise.

The crew busies themselves with work as Killian takes his spot behind the wheel. The same fire in his eyes that you saw when you first met is now blazing as he fixes his gaze on the path to Neverland. You stand next to Killian who is steering the ship, you watch out for any other ships that would impede your trip. The stars gleam down upon you lighting up the way. 

“Welcome to Neverland boys!” you call out to the crew. 

Upon entering the island of Neverland, an eerie silence falls upon the crew, Many of them have been lost for years, you could tell by the absentminded stares which ones could hear Pan’s flute. 

“Watch out lads, Peter is bound to be near. Remember, a dead man tells no tales.” 

You stick close to Killian knowing what kind of power Peter has. You were once a lost girl, saved by Killian who is our home. Killian has proved time again that the home isn’t a place but rather a feeling. You grasp the metal hand guard on your sword tightly as you make you way through the dense forrest of Neverland. 

“You have the chalices?” you ask. 

“Higgins has them in his bag.”

“What about the mermaid’s tear captain?” a young boy asks. 

“(y/n) is an old friend of the mermaids.” Hook answers back. 

The lagoon is calm, almost too calm for the shores of Neverland. When you swam here years ago, the waves would always crash above your head. Softly singing, you place your hand into the salty water. Your melodious voice beckons the mermaids to the shore because no matter who is singing, they can’t resist the sound of music. It acts as a universal call for them. The crew quivers in the back as mermaids start to swim up to the shore. These girls ave long hair and shiny tails and scales litter their alabaster skin. 

“(y/n) what brings you to the lagoon?” your friend asks eyeing one of the sailors in the back. 

“Aqua de Vita.” 

“Say no more. “ 

The mermaid disappears back into the foamy water, the sound of the gulls echoing in the distance. The smell of salt fills your lungs as you await the arrival of your friend. You peer back at Killian with assuring eyes, and turn back to the water as you hear a splash. Your friend hands you a little vial and gives you a stern look. 

“Don’t waste it.” she flips back into the water and swims away. 

Returning the vial back to your hopeful husband, he smiles looking at the cloudy liquid. He signals for the rest of the crew to head forward but then stops as he hears muffled whispers from behind the tall palm trees. 


“Everyone quiet.” he calls out drawing his sword from his belt. 

You also draw your sword from the inside of your jacket and told your hat back so you have a better view. Everything is silent for a few seconds before Peter emerges out of the brush. He has his eyebrow raised paired with a cocky expression plastered on his face. 

“Greetings. Hook what a surprise. (y/n) always a pleasure to see you love.” he walks past you. “So what brings you to my island?”

“Can’t a man enjoy an island with a few of his friends?” he jokes. 

Out of the corner of your eye you see one of lost boys inching up to you, a knife tucked away in his hand. Trying to to make any sudden movement, you move your sword toward him signaling him to back off. When he doesn’t get the memo you step closer to Killian who now is clued in to what is happening. 

“Back off the lass would ya!” he points a finger toward the boy. 

After that all hell breaks loose as the sounds of swords hitting each other fill the air. You are faced with your long time foe Felix, and to your back is Killian dueling Peter Pan. 

“1″ you call out.

“2″ he answers.

“3″ you both say as you switch places.

You swipe you sword at Peter nicking his side which causing his to grab the wound. 

“I don’t fight invalids.” Killian sighs shaking his head at the lost boy. 

Hitting his with the butt of the sword he knocks the boy down to his feet and concentrates back to Peter Pan. 

“(y/n)!” she says, concern laced in his voice. 

“Yes?” you huff ducking from a sword that was song above your head. 

He grabs your hand and pulls you into his body, colliding his lips with yours. 

“What was that for?” 

“Good luck.” 

Peter limps off back into the brush leaving your crew mostly unharmed and intact. You open your compass and it points toward Killian, exactly what your heart is looking for. 

“Forward boys!” 

[Author’s note: Hey guys! I thought I would write one that is a little bit longer. I hope you like it! I might do a part two I haven’t decided. Let me know what you think!]

Better Than Wonderland

Warning/s: Drug use, Swearing, Rebellion, And Parents being an asswhole

This is my first imagine. Not requested ‘cause no one wants to lol

It was 3:30 in the morning. Y/N sat at a park bench, clearly knackered. She was giggling softly to herself. Probably caused by the pot she smoked and the drugs she took. She has been partying all night with her drug addicted “friends”.

Y/N is not one of the druggies. No. Actually, everyone loves her. Everyone sees her as an innocent teenager. That’s because her parents are control freaks who controls her life. They make her act like a perfect daughter who gets high grades and never gets herself in trouble. They act like they’re the perfect family that everyone envies but when they’re all on their own, all hell breaks loose. Her father is a drunk while her mother is a slut. Broken glasses on the floor and smoke fill the air. That’s the time when Y/N sneaks out to go partying with her so called friends. Y/N rebels by being the opposite daughter her parents wants her to be.

Y/N took a pill that was in her pocket. It was given by one of her druggy friends. She started feeling everything around her spin and started seeing colorful auras. She stood up and stumbled while walking on the pathway to her house.

“What’s up with you?” a voice spoke up from behind her.

She clumsily turned around and saw a boy who was wearing a very odd looking outfit.

“Hmm?” Y/N slurred.

“Aren’t you too young to get drunk?” the mystery boy asked.

“And who the fuck are you?” Y/N growled, not liking the controlling tone of the boy.

“Feisty one eh?” the boy raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Y/N ignored him and began stumbling back to her house.

The boy walked up to her and leaned on her shoulder and whispered.

“I’ll be back.” And with that, the boy disappeared.  




Y/N rolled her eyes as she heard her parents shouting at each other. She opened her window and climbed up to the roof. She sat down looking down at the neighborhood. She sighed and took out a plastic bag filled with the drugs that her friends gave her. She was getting stressed with her parents controlling her life in the morning and neglecting her in the evening.

She took one pill and put it under her tongue, waiting for it to dissolve.

“What’s that?” the guy from yesterday appeared beside her.

Y/N jumped and looked at the boy. She raised an eyebrow.

“So it wasn’t a dream. You were real.” She told no one in particular.

“Of course I am.” The boy mockingly smiled.

“So was I just drunk or did you really disappeared into thin air?” Y/N regrets saying that after she realized how she must have sounded crazy.

The boy just chuckled at her.

“Why were you drunk?” the boy asked her, ignoring her question.

She shrugged and took another pill.

“What is that thing?” the boy asked again.

“An escape.” She replied with a smirk.

“Want one?” she offered.

The boy raised an eyebrow at her.

“What does it do?”

“Takes you to wonderland” the girl mused, the drug was taking effect now.

The boy scoffed.

“Wonderland? Please. I’ve seen better.” The boy said.

Y/N just hummed in response.

“Come with me and I’ll take you somewhere better.” The boy offered Y/N a hand.

“I don’t even know you.” Y/N reasoned out.

“I’m Peter. Peter Pan.” The boy smiled at her.

The girl shrugged and took his hand wanting to leave her parents behind.

Peter started flying up to the sky with Y/N grabbing onto his arm.

“Holy Shit!” Y/N shouted, the drug has rubbed off of her now.

“What the actual fuck!” Y/N continued cursing.

“Can you stop with the profanities?” Peter rolled his eyes.

Once the two of them landed on an island, Y/N stood up and looked around the place.

“What’s this place?” Y/N asked.

“Well, love. It’s called Neverland. And it’s way better than Wonderland.”

Requests are OPEN

Killian Jones Imagine- R.I.P to His Youth

Growing up on a ship was always an adventure as a little girl. You looked up to your father who captained the boat. You met all sort of sailors and crew men, even the occasional kid whose father was on board. Your favorite person you ever met though went by the name of Killian Jones. The two of you would run around the top deck looking out into the vast sea, waves crashing up against the side of the ship and slashing your hands. He would pretend to be the captain of the ship and you were his trusty wife who would look out for pirates. One day though he left, and you never saw him again. 

You came across this town while traveling in search for a new life. Once your father went back out to sea and only returned every ten years, you were certain it was time to move on. Your days of sailing with your father were over and now you needed something a little bit more stationary. 

“Storybrook.” you smiled as you passed the sign. 

The town was everything you were looking for, almost as if it was out of a fairytale. There was a library, a tavern, a diner, everything that you had back home. You park your car on the street and head into the tavern to grab something to drink. The night was setting down on the perfect town of Storybrook, and the though of where you are to stay racked your brain. Waving it off, you take a seat at the bar. The pungent scent of mixed alcohol fills your lungs. You blink away the sleep from your eyes as your vision adjusts to the dim lighting inside. People were chatting, drunken men trying to hit on the pretty girls sitting at their tables. 

“What will it be today miss?” the bartender asks. 

“Surprise me.” you smile at him as he turns to pour a glass. 

You grip the cup in your hand, swirling the golden liquid around the cup before taking a swig of it. You scrunch your nose as the liquid pours down your scratchy throat. Assessing your surroundings you scan the premise looking for a table to sit at. All the people of Storybrook look fairly plain, your average Joe siting at about every table. Just as you were about to give up you lock eyes with a man sitting in the corner of the room. Despite the dim lighting, you could tell whose striking eyes those were from a million miles away. You take a few timid steps closer, your gaze never breaking from the handsome man. 

“Well look if it isn’t miss (y/l/n).” he gestures for you to sit at the table with him. 

“Killian.” you breath out. 

He is no longer the kid with the round, wide, hopeful eyes that you once loved. Now he is grown, rough facial hair now litters his jawline. The look in his eyes is one of a person who has seem everything life has to offer, one of despair and experience. His fingers, which grip the hand of the mug are littered with shiny jewels. His hair which was one puled back into a pony tail is now short and luscious, swooping over those mesmerizing eyes. He has a small scar on his right cheek that wasn’t there before.

“Hook. At least that’s what they all call me ‘round here love.” he grins up at you with a devilish look, holding up his hook. 

You try your best to not react when he lifts up his arm. A hook rests on his arm where the hand you once used to hold was. Taking another swig of your drink, you bite on your lip taking in everything. 

“I see you have ditched the ribbons and frilly dresses.” he eyes scan your body from head to toe. 

“You don’t look much like yourself either.” 

“Pirates life for me.” his voice is smooth and quiet. 

He’s traded in the old sailor’s jacket for a leather tench coat with a million buttons. His khaki pants have turned into leather pants with knee high boots. His smile used to be filled with admiration and affection but now as he smiles at you, it’s a whole other feeling. Attraction. 

“Time has done you well Killian.” you peer up at him. 

“Could say the same thing for you love.” he runs his hand across his strong jawline. 

As time passes you continue to catch up with your old friend. The two of you have had several drinks, the alcohol buzzing through your veins making your senses heightened. Instead of being the timid girl you always have been, tonight you were going to be bold. 

“Let’s get out of here.” you take his hand. 

He grasps your hand tightly and eagerly leads you out the door. The moon lights a path for you from behind the whispy clouds, leading you directly to a ship on the water. Just like old times, the two of you made your way up to the captains quarters but this time your heart was pounding, cheeks flustered. Candles flicker around the room casting little shadows around the room. Red curtains cling to the dusty window and red satin sheets clad the bed. His lips fall on your neck as he pushes your hair out of the way. He pauses which causes your heart to stop. 

“I’ll be right back love.” he whispers in your ear. 

“I’ll be here.” 

He exits the room, the door creaking behind him on his way out. You start to rummage through his things. You find the usual, alcohol, jewels, gold, everything you would expect from a pirate. Next you find another leather jacket, trowing it across your shoulders, you spin around and walk over to the wooden chest that sits at the edge of his bed. A thin film of dust coats the outside. Opening it you find all of his clothes from when he was little. The telescope you used to use to watch for pirates, and the ribbon that you gave him once from in your hair as a good luck charm. Taking the small pink ribbon in-between your fingers, you smile remembering all of the good times you used to have with him. That was then though. Youth has faded and the two of you are adults, with family troubles and bitter hearts. No longer are the two of you innocent in mind and soul. 

“Miss me?” he has a bottle of whiskey in hand. 

“Look, I’m a pirate.” you twirl around displaying the oversized coat. 

“A beautiful pirate at that.” he kisses you once again. 

[Author’s Note: Sorry for this. It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to but hey it’s an imagine! Send in some requests! I would love to write some captain swan stuff!]

40+ prompts

includes both au situations and quotes 

1. “You wouldn’t happen to know who’s been eating all the cookies, would you?”
2. “I don’t mind a little danger.”
3. “Says the one who’s trapped with no where to run.”
4. “See? This is why I didn’t want to tell you!”
5. “I’m not… I don’t… Love is not for me.”
6. “Because it hurts!”
7. “No way. You…you’re afraid of me?”
8. “Now your lips are blue, too.”
9. “Care to explain why there’s flour everywhere?”
10. “It’s called a baby.”
11. “I’m sorry, alright? I’m sorry. You’re right, it’s not that funny.”
12. “Maybe a kiss would make it better.”
13. “That’s my favorite book, too.”
14. “Is that…porn?”
15. “I thought this was going to be much easier than it actually is.”
16. “Sometimes, but I try refrain from spoiling myself too much.”
17. “I think I’m ready for someone new.”
18. “Don’t look at that!”
19. “This is worse. This is…unforgivable.”
20. “So good.”
21. “Told you so.”
22. “Because you’re beautiful.”

1. you’re new in town and i decide to take you under my wing
2. i’ve been checking you out every time i see you jogging at the park and oh no what are you doing why are you coming over here??
3. it’s a summer barbeque and everything’s warm and hazy and good
4. we bump into each other and now there’s papers flying everywhere
5. we’ve snuck into the pool and nighttime fun
6. you surprise me at work/school/etc.
7. i wake up from having fallen asleep on you and it’s embarrassing bc we’re sworn enemies
8. tickle fight!!
9. autumn walk in the park and whoa secrets are revealed
10. im super stressed out and now you’re giving me a massage is this heaven?
11. you walk in on me playing an instrument
12. i’m bilingual and slip into my native tongue when im emotional. i say some things i regret when i discover you speak my language as well
13. first kiss in a parking lot
14. i read your diary and holy shit there are some things in there that i don’t know how to handle
15. i find sketches of me in your notebook
16. christmas mistletoe shenanigans
17. it’s new years and im drunk and you take me to your place so that you can tuck me in
18. my dog is in love with you and every time you come over she comes between us
19. it’s eid and i decorate your hands with henna
20. you’ve just taken a shower at my place and your towel just slipped oh god