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I SO BADLY want Once Upon a Time in Wonderland to come out on Bluray. Or at least on DVD.

OUATIW was honestly, especially in its last five episodes, the best TV I’ve ever seen. It was such an underrated and under-appreciated gem, and to this day I’m saddened by how much it’s been swept under the rug.

All of its main characters were great, and despite the show only running for 13 episodes, each character got an astounding amount of depth and development. Anastasia, in particular, was an amazingly deep character that I couldn’t help but love and root for, and her relationship with Will is one of the more realistic and touching television relationships out there. As Will puts it, true love is messy sometimes, you argue and you hate each other sometimes and you wonder if it’s even worth it, but it is worth it and you always end up forgiving each other.

And Jafar… dear god, Jafar. What a perfect freaking villain. He had tragic beginnings and you can’t help but feel sorry for him, yes, but that tragic past in NO way excuses his actions or redeems him. So many things lately - including OUAT proper - have this nasty habit of making their villains these misunderstood loners who have good intentions despite their questionable ways. Not Jafar. He’s an asshole, he’s a sociopath, and he’s not apologizing for anything. His tragic past informs the monster he became, but it doesn’t excuse it. And that’s definitely the best kind of villain, and as a huge fan of the Disney animated film Aladdin, I love how true they stayed to his character despite the alterations to his backstory. As a lifelong fan of Jafar, I wouldn’t have had his character any other way. Truly.

I’m not even sure why I’m typing this. Everyone reading this either doesn’t give a shit about OUATIW, or they’re huge fans of OUATIW like me who are all like “Yep, we know all this already”. But here I am, typing it anyway. Because OUATIW is so ignored and so unappreciated that someone needs to be saying these things publicly. Someone needs to at least try to get ABC’s attention and make them realize how badly some of us need our favorite show on Bluray/DVD.

The show didn’t get a lot of live views… but that does not mean it was a bad show. ABC put it on Thursday nights, in the same time slot as some of the biggest and most popular shows on television. A super competitive time slot that almost guaranteed the death of any show you threw in there. And because of that mistake, the greatest show I’ve seen in a long time is getting thrown aside and ignored and that really is a shame.

I would love to see more of Jafar, Anastasia, the Jabberwocky, even Alice and Cyrus on OUAT… but given how the writers handled Will’s return in season 4, and given how big-name actors like Naveen Andrews unfortunately probably want nothing to do with their characters anymore, I highly doubt we ever will see more of them.

I miss you, OUATIW. </3

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I will…
• never get over this scene (or any Peter Pan scenes)
• never get over this line (or any Peter Pan lines)
• never get over this outfit (or any Peter Pan outfits)
• never get over this gif (or any Peter Pan gifs)
• never get over Peter Pan