ouat gif set

Would you be able to make one where on the set of OUAT the main cast is jokingly flirting w you and Robbie gets jelly? Idk know if you do smut but if you do 😏😏 plz

“Damn girl that corset really makes your chest pop.” Parker laughed. “Thanks bud.” I joked. I saw Robbie from the corner glaring. “Nice ass Y/N.” Another “lost boy” joked. I winked at him and I swear if looks could kill Robbie would be Pan. I was called on so I did my scene and we all called it a day. I changed into my regular clothing and walked out. “Y/N!” I spun around to see Robbie, my secret boyfriend running over. “Hi Robbie.” I smiled. “Oh don’t hi Robbie me.” I looked at him confused. “Is there something wrong?” I asked concerned. He look at me with a heated glare. “Oh don’t play angel you know what you did.” I bit my lip while thinking back. I gave up and sighed. “No I really don’t.” “You where totally flirting with those guys today.” He said hotly. “Oh you’re mad about that?” “Obviously how would you like it if I started flirting with over girls in front of you?!” He was extremely pissed, anyone could tell. I had never seen Robbie that mad ever. I slowly walked closer, afraid of an explosion, and wrapped my arms around his waist. I buried my head in his chest. “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t know it made you so mad. I don’t even find them attractive and I guess I was totally flirting with them and I promise never to ever again.” Robbie sighed and wrapped his arms around me. “I just don’t like other guys talking to you like that.” I nodded, looked up and kissed him. He quickly pulled away. “Y/N what are you doing someone could see us!” Robbie said. “Let them. Everyone can know I’m yours.” I whispered before placing my lips back on his. He kissed back earning some whistles from the other side of the parking lot and a lot of “you own me ten bucks.” And “I called it.”


hush little baby, don’t say a word
and never mind that noise you heard
it’s just the beasts under your bed
in your closet, in your head