Happy belated Birthday Emily aka @swan-road!!!! Domestic CS! (why are there grocery’s yet to be put away? I’m going with someone wanted to take of their shoes and coats and then got distracted!) (also lets cross our fingers now we get some domestic CS this season!!) 

Special thanks to the wonderful @seethelovelyintheworld for dealing with me and helping me with critiques! 

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Once Christmas Countdown! DAY 12 (UPDATED)

That’s all folks! The 12 Days to Christmas is Complete! 

And Christmas is today/tmrw depending on what side of the globe your on! and so very soon on Christmas Day a little Short fluffy comic strip will be revealed! A little present from me to you!

Multi character countdown, because I love them all! So no hate and more Christmas cheer! 

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EDIT: Just want to said thank you for the support guys, I mean the response to this was overwhelming, but i’m glad to bring some smiles to people’s faces, and to think it started off as a little project to keep myself busy for the holidays. Also I just wanna say Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone, from my amazing followers to awesome mutuals and to everyone who sees this. You guys are the best! Stay tuned for the comic! 


Operation Mistletoe

It’s Christmas Day and Henry decided to play a little match maker! 

Here’s a present from me to you, Merry Christmas guys!

Please no hate, more Christmas cheer!

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They were supposed to be out all night, ugh, how lame.


Ahaha, I had this idea sitting around for a long time, part of a request someone left in my ask box for a young Emma/Hook in AU Enchanted Forest. You know she would have been the type of Princess to climb out her window and hang with the rebel crowd and sneak bad boys (or just boy ;D ) into her room. Poor Daddy Charming, this is one Duckling you can’t control. <3