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28 Days of Sugar Art Challenge

Hey everyone! Join me for the month of February for a month full of shippy goodness. This includes both OCs and your favorite ships! Hoping you all get a good head start! I can’t wait to see what to see what you come up with! Fanfictions are okay too! And dont forget to tag it as #28DS 😘


1) Holding Hands
2) Sleeping
3) Hand kisses
4) In Kigurumis
5) Genderbent
6) Obliviousness
7) Size
8) Doing each others hair
9) Casual Clothes
10) Caught Fantasizing/Staring
11) In Costume/Cosplay
12) In a different art style
13) Changes
14) AU
15) Sick Day
16) Different decade
17) Selfie
18) Flowers and/or Chocolate
19) Oh sh*t im in love with that piece of trash sh*t
20) Failed Pick Up Lines
21) Make Out
22) I Almost Lost You
23) Date Night
24) Get Smutty or Get Fluffed
25) I See London…
26) Dominance
27) Wedding
28) Ship babies ship babies everywhere

Have fun!

Labor of Love


To rescue a lost soul, a princess must summon the courage to confront the guardian of the underworld.”




It's time to have a little chat again.

The topic of the day is acting your own age.

This has been bothering me for awhile now. It comes from all sides of the fandom. Not one side is less hateful than the other. “We’re not going to watch this episode because it doesn’t have any Rumbelle.” “We’re not going to watch this episode because Regina and Robin Hood, ew, gross.” “We’re going to boycott this episode because Neal dies.” “We’re going to rally in the numbers for this episode because Neal dies and we all want the writer’s to know how happy we are about this.” “We’re going to boycott this episode because stupid Captain Swan fanservice and it’s Hook centric.”

Like, do y'all realize how dumb this is? Do you realize there’s far better things you can rally against in real life than wasting your time and effort on a show? It’s a show, for goodness sakes! I don’t give a rip who your favorite and least favorite character is, they are a part of the show. So, by showing your distaste by not watching the show, you’re also punishing the show you love in the process. Your boycotts, if continued and actually made a difference in ratings, wouldn’t do anything better than get the show cancelled.

If I wrote a book and people wrote me letters upon letters requesting I kill someone off or add more of someone else to appease them or else they’d stop buying my books, I wouldn’t give in to them. Why? Because I’m telling my story. And as much as I love feedback and good constructive criticism, I’m still going to continue to tell the story I’ve always wanted. If I lose fans in the process, fine. Their choice.

Laughing at people because a character they love had a centric episode and it didn’t fare well in the ratings is, in actuality, a really mean thing to do. Laughing at people because their character died and the episode got great ratings is also a really mean thing to do. We’re not two year olds fighting over the same toy – we’re rational adults. And you know what? We all share something in common from all sides of the spectrum – we love the same show. We may not agree about favorite characters or who should end up with who – but we do love the show. And we shouldn’t punish it for following a clear story that the creators want to tell. Don’t like it, stop watching the show. Maybe write some constructive criticism, but don’t send hate because something you wanted to happen isn’t happening at the moment.

Basically, act like a decent human being. ;)

“Neal was absolutely Emma’s first love and if he was still alive in the world of ONCE UPON A TIME, he could potentially be her true love. All I said was that It would have been hard for her to find a happy ending with Neal. I said hard not impossible. Some of the most wonderful things in life come from difficult situations. I was referencing what happened on the show. What happened on a show that I do not write. I show up and I do my job the best I possibly can. I cannot change the truth of what has happened on the show. Neal let Emma go to prison. Emma could forgive that because he had good reasons for that in the end, but he did know that she broke the curse and he did not come to find her. I was referencing that as a betrayal because it made her doubt the depth of his feelings. I think it is only human that she felt he should have come after her once he knew that she broke the curse. All that being said, I wish Neal was still alive. I love working with Micheal Raymond James, and I believe that he is such a special part of ONCE UPON A TIME. It was a huge loss for me personally and for Emma when his character died.” -Jennifer Morrison


(Btw, I’m kinda pissed Jen even had to take the time out of her day to write this to appease the haters. Y’all should be ashamed of yourself. It was okay to be upset, I totally get that, but the hate I saw was UNCALLED for.)

going home | once upon a time

“I told you, Swan, I shan’t be joining the Queens of Darkness, I don’t need a tiara—”

“Hold still or I’m asking Regina for a loan of that corset.”

“I still maintain that would look far better on you…”

… in which ex-villain Killian Jones is invited to join the Queens of Darkness, and Emma takes the title a bit too literally for his liking. [insp.] This is the silliest thing I’ve drawn yet bye.

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I just saw someone comment on an article saying they had come over from Facebook to read the article. They were shocked by the harsh and mean comments from fans towards other fans there and how there was never that hostility on Facebook. They were not happy with their first impression of the people beyond Facebook. I think that should be a nice cue to everyone to calm down on the hate, it’s unnecessary. It is also painting us all in a bad light.

"Let's Make History..." OTP Challenge!

Journey through time with your OTPs as they make history together in the stunning fashions of the world throught the past!

Day 1 - Prehistoric
Day 2 - Ancient History
Day 3 - The Middle Ages
Day 4 - Edo Period
Day 5 - 1770s - 1800s
Day 6 - Industrial Revolution
Day 7 - Victorian Era
Day 8 - Rise of the West
Day 9 - Roaring 20s
Day 10 - World War II
Day 11 - Civil Rights Movement
Day 12 - 1970s
Day 13 - 1980s
Day 14 - 1990s
Day 15 - early 2000s
Day 16 - Present Day
Day 17 - Retrofuturism
Day 18 - Neo-futurism
Day 19 - Tron Future
Day 20 - Alien Invasion or Apocolyptic Future

Have fun!

Debated posting this, but Adam’s answers do answer a lot of things for those who may be curious.

[Plot Holes Post (don’t send hate, please)]

Posting “plot-holes” and Adam’s answers below the cut.

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A Joint Statement on Fandom

This post was written collaboratively and is co-signed by @brooke-to-broch​, @capitaine-odette​, @mryddinwilt​, @thejollyduckling​, & @tlynnwords

This post is co-signed by Oncers who happen to be Captain Swan shippers and fans of many other characters, and who engage with fans from all corners of the fandom. We follow and are followed by a variety of blogs from across the fandom, and try our best to put out content we love while ensuring our blogs are respectful to all fans.

Like most people, we don’t like fandom drama. We have seen reprehensible behavior from all corners in our time here and we have spoken out about those incidents. This post was spurred by the recent rise of CS shippers being targeted for mockery, but this is not a post about ships. It’s about innumerable incidents that impact all Oncers. We are tired of it, and we bet you are too.

We want to send a strong and forceful statement to all of fandom. We are angry, and we are tired of the hypocrisy and hate we see all around us. We are done responding to this behavior with either silence or pleas for unity.

We know that some think we are naive and want to all hold hands and sing kumbaya. Many characterize our desire to treat fellow fans with respect as laughable, as if civility goes out the window when people disagree. Despite their opinion, we will always advocate for respect–even when it is not reciprocated. We do it with eyes wide open and under no illusions.

For many months now, we have reached out to those who are targets of hate and made efforts to make fandom better, because we believe it’s the right thing to do. We believe this approach helps drown out the vitriol in fandom by fostering an environment of tolerance and respect. We realize it barely makes a dent, and that is largely because of a toxic environment created by louder and more influential bloggers. For the sake of this post, we will call these bloggers Anti, with a capital “A”. These Antis are distinct from bloggers who have anti views and who express themselves respectfully.

Antis spend most of their time talking about what or who they hate, often using inflammatory language. They go beyond constructive criticism and often use outright emotional manipulation to garner support and create “sides,” and then proceed with insulting, mocking, and belittling individual or entire groups of fans. They try to create anti-alliances within the fandom, and shout at cast and crew on social media to pursue their own narrow agendas. They demand others police their language; they demand others police their fellow fans; and then, hypocritically, do the exact opposite themselves.

The Antis have the free speech right to post what they want – even if it crosses the line of civility and human decency. We have the right to say that we find this approach spiteful, insensitive and destructive. We have a right to say: We do not support this approach to fandom.

No fandom is a monolith. Each group is composed of a multitude of viewpoints, and sadly the ones that tend to filter through provide a skewed image of reality. Do not condemn an entire fandom based on the words and actions of a few loud people. Don’t let the Anti voices be your sources of information about the groups you don’t belong to.

We all identify with one or two primary subsets of the fandom, but that doesn’t mean we have to fall in line behind the loudest voices. Don’t allow yourself to be fearful of expressing your views because of the way Antis will react. We have been guilty of this fear for long enough. Like what you like, dislike what you dislike, and feel what you feel. You are allowed to make mistakes and grow as a fan. There’s been so much hurt on all sides that it has been easy to get swept away in the bitterness and resentment. We are tired of things continuing to spiral downward.

We have had quiet conversations with lovely people from non-CS corners of fandom that have a growing appreciation for CS/Hook and/or who do not agree with the way Antis behave. They are too afraid to publicly step forward because they fear the retribution of the loudest Antis in their own fandoms, as well as the derision and skepticism of the loudest Antis in CS. This is both sad and ridiculous. No one should fear being labelled a traitor, or a potential imposter. This reinforces our view that Antis are not true representations of whole fandoms. Do not let Antis intimidate you.

Stop listening to those who mock and insult others. Ask yourself…How do I want to be treated in fandom? Why do mudslingers have the loudest voice?

We fully expect the Antis to mock this post with arguments that deflect responsibility and blame others while neglecting to look inward or give compassion to their fellow fans. We aren’t trying to change Antis (we said we weren’t naive). We already know what they will say:

  • Boo hoo, no one cares about your feelings
  • You think you have it bad, LOL, we are the real targets of hate
  • You are the privileged ship, so you have no right to say a word
  • Some people just can’t handle criticism/we are allowed to express our legitimate anger
  • This is just a form of tone policing and/or an attempt to bully/harass/intimidate us and/or they are trying to silence us
  • Aww isn’t that cute. These CSers think there’s an organized conspiracy against them LOL
  • You’re asking people not to generalize and yet here you are, generalizing
  • But it’s about social justice
  • Don’t listen to them they are woman-hating, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, rape-culture supporters, horny teenagers, undersexed housewives, out to destroy Lana’s career, the fandom equivalent of #alllivesmatter etc. etc.

Antis use these arguments to shield themselves from critique. So let’s address some of them.

  • Yes, truly heinous hate is directed against members of the fandom, some of the worst against Swen. We have always and will continue to condemn this behavior and reach out to the recipients of hate. Hate does not excuse more hate.
  • Yes, there are real social justice issues in this show. Lack of POC, treatment of POC, lack of LGBTQIA+, and the way they have dealt with representation has all been problematic. We care about these issues. Caring about these issues does not justify attacking fellow fans. Antis want you to believe these issues are tied to specific ships or characters. They are not.
  • If Antis want to claim the mantle of social justice, perhaps they should rethink using smears against other women, other LGBTQIA+ fans, making sweeping statements about entire groups of people, or making assumptions about individuals they don’t even know.
  • There is no denying that CS fans are exuberant about the ship they love and that can be irritating to those who aren’t getting what they want from the show. There are quite a few people in the CS fandom who are unhappy with the show’s direction too. We acknowledge and sympathize with fans who aren’t happy with episodic or season-long storylines. They are allowed to be frustrated and angry, and most of those who feel this way are respectful in the way they express themselves.
  • This post is about a pattern of vitriolic behavior, whether parts of it are organized or not is besides the point. This has nothing to do with conspiracy theories.
  • Antis are not a uniform group, and neither are those who lend them support. There are divergent views among Antis of the same ship, and there are Antis in every ship.
  • Our goal is not to silence anyone’s opinion but to express our disagreement.

Our message is this: if you are an Anti or support Antis you are contributing to the toxic environment in the OUAT fandom. We stand united against this approach. We defy the Antis by saying we can love different things and still co-exist peaceably.

You can defy them too and make our fandom better without saying a word. Stand up to them by not participating in mocking or insulting people. Let the posts float up your dash without clicking that heart, or reblog. Make tolerance, compassion, empathy, kindness and constructive discourse acts of rebellion. Support those who are respectful to others. Be respectful by practicing good tagging etiquette and not hijacking posts. Again, do not let Antis be the voices of authority on the parts of fandom that they hate. Don’t let them define you or define your fandom.

This post may provoke reactions from different parts of the fandom. It may bring anon hate and trolls. Remain respectful. Do not make generalizations about people based on ships or anything else. Every ship has Antis. This is not about ships. Do not resort to insults. Be better than that. If you want to be angry, be angry. Vent in private. Do not give ammunition to those who seek to create division. Because make no mistake, that is exactly what they want.

Choose the constructive path, the one that Snow White would fight for. Punch back and say, I want a better fandom, and I will start with me.

Okay look, if Emma had told Hook not to touch her when

  • she leaned in to kiss him (any time she did, take your pick)
  • he ran after her at Granny’s
  • he walked her home after their date
  • he said goodbye before taking Henry sailing
  • they watched her video together
  • or any other time when the context was them being intimate

and he did it anyway, that would be disrespectful and a red flag in terms of abusive behaviour. Because that would be a case of a man ignoring a woman’s wishes in order to force himself and his attentions on her.

But if she tells/were to tell him not to touch her when

  • she’s afraid of hurting him with her magic
  • she’s about to fall through a portal against her will
  • she’s in immediate physical danger
  • she’s freezing to death and can’t walk
  • or any other time where the context is him trying to help her

and he does it anyway, to save her or help her or prove that he trusts her, that’s not abusive. That’s not a case of a man forcing himself and his attentions on a woman. Just about everyone on this show has grabbed someone else in order to save them from something or prevent them from doing something, and that’s fine. Hook grabbed onto Emma to prove to her that he trusts her - actions are worth more to Emma than words, and Hook is a man of action. It’s not a sign of abuse and it’s not a red flag. There’s a difference between ignoring someone’s wishes for your benefit, and ignoring someone’s warning because you know they’re upset.

And Emma has never told Hook not to touch her unless it was in this context of trying to save or protect him. If anything, this proves that if she didn’t want him to touch her in those other, intimate contexts, she’d do so. She clearly has no problem saying these words to him when she wants to.

Something to consider, perhaps.