ouat disney summary

Once Upon A Disney Crack Fic

okay so I set up a sideblog for those once upon a time posts, so if people wanted to follow me just for them but didn’t want any of my other stuff on their dashboards then this is probably the best solution

I’ll post them to the sideblog but reblog the first couple of new ones to this one because my follower count has almost tripled since I started making them and idk they would probably get better visibility if i reblog them here until the sideblog gets its own little following

I’ve been rewatching season 1 over the past week or so and there’s only 1 episode left to go, so you can expect the pilot episode to be disney crack-ified pretty soon with the rest of the season to follow.

there are some characters like kathryn and daniel that don’t really align with any actual disney characters but i guess i’ll cross that bridge when i come to it

all i can say is that i’m really looking forward to the season finale battle with the maleficent dragon because that’s gonna be fun as heck