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Once Upon A Time ♔ second generation

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.

Things that are fucking me up rn: The untouched burger and fries at the table like he’d been sitting there drinking for hours, and Granny at some point had unceremoniously dropped the plate onto the table with a pointed quirk of her eyebrows and a even more pointed “Soak it up, Captain.”

And you know he would look up at her and do that quick, tight smile he does in thanks (fooling no one), and she’d narrow her eyes in response (not fooled). And she’d sigh and head back behind the counter keeping an eye on him as he gently moved the plate to the side and stared into the bottom of another glass.

anonymous asked:

Hi, i noticed with your comment on one of the OUAT articles that the Hook and Emma stuff was a relief for fans asking? how was the atmosphere on the whole at D23 on the show, season 7 and Emma/Hook?

The atmosphere for the panel was… interesting.  There were people who were very excited to be there and find out what would be happening in season 7 and then there were people there who didn’t seem to really care one way or another. The D23 expo is filled with Disney fanatics but only a small majority of those are fans of OUAT and an even smaller set are fanatics of the show (like I am).

At the beginning of the panel they played the Final Supper scene and Henry’s daughter, Lucy, finding him scene and there were a surprising amount of people who voiced their confusion and shock at what those scenes suggested.  Basically there were people in the panel that hadn’t watched the season finale or hadn’t kept up with the show at all.  At one point the moderator mentioned how big the crowd was but I had been to another panel in that same space the night before and there had been a lot more people at that one.  There were still a bunch of empty seats around where I was sitting and I was only four rows back from the right front side of the stage.

The crowd clapped with some cheers for Adam and Eddy and there were bigger cheers for Colin but that was the highest the excitement levels got.  When they gave their vague answers for what was to come in season 7 the mood in the room was almost underwhelming.  People seemed confused (more of the audience this time) and frustrated with the whole different books but the same characters with different lives aspect.  Adam and Eddy playing it coy and mysterious definitely did nothing to drum up excitement for the next season and the direction the show seems to be heading.  Even Colin couldn’t answer anything about Hook except for the fact that he’s definitely in the next season.

As for Hook and Emma the moderator was the one who brought it up, obviously knowing that a good chunk of the audience was there for Colin and his character’s happiness.  Eddy tried to make a joke about Hook moving on but it fell completely flat and was met with some booing (guilty but not the only one).  They had to quickly reassure us that the show is about hope and that Emma is Hook’s soulmate and that there’s no one else for him.  Ever.  That was greeted with some cheers (also guilty) but still nothing overwhelming.

The highlight of the whole panel was obviously Colin singing Revenge is Gonna Be Mine.  I know a lot of people didn’t realize how very lucky we were and how amazing it was that we got to see that.  I’ve watched a lot of videos of cons and interviews he’s done where he will very, very reluctantly sing a few lines or play the guitar a little.  I’m sure they planned it beforehand but he was still somewhat reluctant and a bit embarrassed to be called on to perform like that.  He had nothing to worry about because it was stellar.

Overall I think Adam and Eddy are going to have to do a lot of fancy footwork to keep the show afloat.  The loss of practically the entire cast, the move to Friday nights, and the continual decline in ratings are all working against them.  The D23 Expo was a chance for them to reassure their existing audience that things will be great and lure new viewers in with new, exciting teases to jump into the show with.  They did neither.  Hopefully they can get something better together for SDCC this weekend.

Re: the musical screening

Katie and I talked it over and we have decided that we WILL be posting spoilers on Storybrooke Mirror. If you need to mute or unfollow us temporarily to avoid the spoilers, feel free to do so.

Every post regarding the musical episode will be under a cut and carefully screened before being posted/reblogged. Hopefully this will prevent any issues on mobile. Everything will also be tagged (as usual) #ouat spoilers AND newly added, #ouat musical spoilers.

Hopefully this all goes well and everyone who wants to be unspoiled will remain happily unaware and everyone else who doesn’t care has fun~ (If you go on Twitter or Instagram though, you’re on your own.)

- kelly & katie

The Principles of Design by @shipsxahoy

Summary: Emma Swan is a painting major with no business being in a Graphic Design class. Good thing her TA, Killian Jones is here to help her out.

Fanfics that deserve to be movies [22/?] [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16,17,18, 19, 20, 21, 23]

note: Happy Birthday Bianca! your edit work is marvellous, especially the lyric themed gifsets, so writing about creating art is a success too. You blend effortlessly two contrasing techniques, both of which are difficult to master, Photoshop more so, with banter, flirting and you show your own talent in the process. We’re happy to have you in the fandom


Seriously? You’re going to pretend everyone doesn’t see the  y e a r n i n g  l o o k s  and  d o e y  e y e s ?

It’s bad enough I’m stuck with you and Captain Guyliner  m a k i n g  e y e s  at eachother

bingewatchingmylifegoby  asked:

I'm so excited that you're adding OUAT to your fandom list! May I request headcanons for being Rumplestiltskin's daughter, please? Congrats on this huge milestone!!!

Ah me too! I’m still on season four but I’m getting there. So if anything is wrong with these headcanons it’s because I haven’t seen all of Rumple’s development yet. Thank you so much - I’m actually 120 away, not 20, but oh well, it’s still close! 

Again, I haven’t yet finished OUAT so details may be wrong. Please let me know how I do, I’m nervous!

- Growing up knowing the secrets of everyone in Storybrooke.

- No one would ever be good enough for you. Male, female, non-binary, a green-skinned purple-eyed alien with seven legs… Doesn’t matter, they’re not good enough for you and he dislikes them on principle, especially if they’ve made a deal with him in the past.

- Helping out in the shop as you get older. It can get crowded working there with Henry too, but you all make it work.

- It takes almost a year before you get promoted from floor sweeping to actual managerial tasks, but it’s worth it to see Rumple’s small proud smile on his face.

- He would be very protective of you. After he abandoned Neal as a child, he’s determined not to repeat those mistakes with you and makes sure that you know how much you mean to him.

- Losing him to the darkness more than once.

- Nearly losing him to death several times.

- Finding it hard to make friends once people know who your dad is, but you show them that you’re not entirely your father’s daughter even though his blood runs through your veins.

- Calling him ‘papa’.

- Calling him ‘father’ when you need him to know you’re mad at him.

- He nearly cries when you start calling him ‘papa’ again.

- Sometimes he gets that gleam in his eyes when he’s up to something that is self-serving and not at all good.

- Always getting a bit teary-eyed when you hug him.

- Whispering that he loves you each time you hug.

- He knows you better than you know yourself.

- Being the main target for new villains in the town because of who your father is. 

- Because of this, you’re often used as leverage for people to get what they want from your papa.

- Rumple hugging you so tightly when at last, you’re free.

- Rumple sometimes has to make deals he doesn’t want to, to guarantee your safety and freedom.

- Being called ‘dearie’, ‘my dear’, or ‘my dear Y/N’.

- Your full name is reserved for when you’re in trouble.

- Seeing the good in him, even when he’s the Dark One.

- Having control of the dagger, which is stored in a place both of you know about because Rumple is Rumple, and this shared trust has only strengthened your bond.

- He makes a mean fry-up! 

- Magic helps but shush ;)

- Getting perks in the town like free ice-cream because of who your Papa is.

How did I do?

Also, I’m only accepting HEADCANONS for ouat at this time!