Parent/Friend/SO/Literally anyone: whatcha working on?

Me: *is reading fanfiction*

Me: *is watching sneak peeks and interviews*

Me: *is writing fanfiction*

Me: *is on tumblr*

Me: *is making fake identities to vote for my show over and over again*

Me: *is rewatching episodes and crying*

Me: *is writing in depth analysis and theories about character arcs and plot lines*

Me: *is writing the contract that will sell my soul for my ship*

Me: *doing literally anything but homework*

Me: I’m working on homework. Geez I have so much to do! FiNals are cOming uP!! CANT I JUST WORK IN PEACE?!?


Today is the 26th of Ruby’s favorite OUAT BTS pics! Look at some adorable mini me’s for your Saturday! Hats off the the OUAT casting department (for the most part)!


I don’t know a cuter, more precious couple.