Not okay.

Hellooo. You guys have literally like stopped talking to me. But it’s okay. Fine! I am mad at you all. Btw the drama queen Harry is still not coming to my country. Let me die now bitch!

As I am much hurt right now, i present you some drama. Enjoy!

Not everyone in this world gets a chance to work with Harry styles, but you being a lucky one did. You worked with Harry as a songwriter, even though Harry didn’t require one but he still wanted a helping hand. And here you were working with the most passionate and dedicated you’ve ever met. 

No doubt Harry was such a sweet heart and respectful when it came to ladies. But with you he was kinda different, not in a bad way though. He sill respected you a lot but he was more like pf a buddy with you. Like pals. And you loved it. Loved the fact that this Harry was only yours. The frank, open and chill out Harry unlike the one with Kendall or other of his lady friends. And deep inside you knew that beside that fact you started falling for him too.

Roaming around with arms around each other’s shoulder was such a usual thing for you guys. Talking without full stop, slapping each others butts, roasting each other on friend gatherings etc, all was just a common things for you guys. You enjoyed the friendly gestures.

It was just another day in London and you were doing your laundry when your phone buzzed. You wiped your hands and checked your phone, it was a message from Mitch.

M: Hey there pretty face! wanna join us for few drinks? H is gonna be there too ;)

Y: Shush!!!! And sure! I’ll be there in 20.

Mitch knew about your feelings. One random night it just slipped from your mouth when Mitch asked you about Harry and since then he never let the opportunity of teasing you go. You smiled to yourself with the though of seeing harry and got ready.

It wasn’t hard for you to fall for Harry. Every girl dreams for that perfect boy and Harry without any doubt touched those expectations. He was kind, gentle, funny and he was loving. He loved without any limitations. Everyone was aware of that. The love he has for his music reflected how much he’s gonna love his girl. 

-At his house-

You knocked on the wooden door wiping your shoes on the doormat. You looked up when you saw the door opening and a long hair-slickly man coming in your view.

“There you are!!!” Mitch said pulling you in a hug. Being the youngest among the team harry worked with, you were adored by everyone there.

“hello to you Mi” you said giggling hugging him back. You pulled away and saw Mitch smirking.

“what?’ you said.

“H’s in there” he said pointing to the room behind him with his thumb. You laughed and punched his shoulder playfully before making your way to the room as Mitch left to have a chat with his other friends. Before you could open the door, loud girly giggles filled your ears. And the next thing you heard was your name popping up in the convo.

“so you and y/n have something  going on?” You heard Kendall's’ voice.You didn’t had anything bad for kendall but the thought of Harry being alone in a room with her made you blood boil.

“Wha’?! Are yeh crazy ken? She and I? This bette’ be a joke!” Harry exclaimed and laughed. The answer punched you straight into your guts bringing you to tears and you there you prepared yourself for the coming words.

“Why? I thought you liked her. The way you guys talk and touch makes it prominent” Kendall said with a sassy tone and you could sense her rolling her eyes with the statement she made.

“no no no. She isn’t my type. She’s just a songwriter t’me nothing more. I mean she’s so clingy and gets so annoying sometimes. I do that stuff so tha’ she could feel tha’ i’m okay with it. Don’ wan’ her to leave. She writes amazing plus don’ wanna hurt her either” Harry said making sipping noise, probably drinking his beer. Hurt her? bravo you already were about to break into pieces.

“She’s nice tho H” Kendall said. So sweet of her right? No! She was trying to get Harry let it out what he feels for you and you too wanted to hear that.

“I know she is bu’ ugh cmon ken. I thou’ you’d be knowing meh by now. Do you see her?? she’s so irritating and if she was something like yeh, i would think abou’ her for a sec but she’s no’. I jus’ wish that’ this writing contract with her ends soon, besides i’ve go’ you as my crush huh?’ Harry finished making kendall laugh with ‘oh Harry”. 

It hit you all like brick in face. All the times you laughed with him was fake. Him being different with you was fake. Everything was made up. A small cry left your mouth as your covered it and ran out of Mitch’s house. This wasn’t good. The pain was killing you. And this all wasn’t okay.

The memories of him and you blinded you. It all ache your chest making it hard to breath. You never thought this all would turn out to like this. But that’s life. You don’t always get what you want.


Feedbacks please?

anonymous asked:

hey so i'm not really into splatoon (i just really like your comic) and i was wondering what was the plot of that first comic you made? the one with the humans in it originally thank you <3

Oh hey thank you!!! And sure! 

To put briefly; Emilio is a college kid who is close to death but is stuck in a limbo state– basically a ghost? And he “haunts” Rocco for a sec. It’s a sucky explanation but it goes in depth later in the story ((there are parts in it that still refer to the splatoon comic, so i can’t reveal too much))

I sketched up somethings to kinda show how it would’ve looked!

Status: Positividade ♡

A gratidão muda tudo.

Seja a paz de alguém.

Dia bom é a gente que faz.

Ninguém é por acaso.

Seja refém de algo que te liberte.

Entrego, confio, aceito, agradeço.

Sorria, é só um mal dia não uma vida má.

Que esse tanto de coisa, vire uma coisa e tanto.

Quero ser tudo que sou capaz de me tornar.

Sua felicidade só depende de você.

Aonde você encontra a sua liberdade?

Que tudo o que fizer, seja feito com amor.

Tudo vale a pena,se não virar amor vira poema.

Tanta gente que faz sexo e é virgem de amor.

A dor é inevitável, o sofrimento é opcional.

De que vale ganhar o mundo inteiro e perder sua alma?

Me cerco de boas intenções e amigos de nobres corações.

Aqui tudo é liberdade, principalmente o amor e a natureza.

Me traga esse teu sossego, atrasa o meu relógio, acalma a minha pressa..

Não duvide do valor da vida, da paz, do amor, do prazer de viver, enfim, de tudo que faz a vida florescer.

O futuro pertence àqueles que acreditam na beleza de seus sonhos.

Seja forte não como as ondas que tudo destrói, mas sim como as rochas que tudo suportam.


Um fim de mar colore os horizontes.

Angústia e mágoa se dissolvem na água.

Quem é do mar, não enjoa.

No mar arrepiado desse teu corpo moreno naufrago feliz.

Me sentei na praia e quando dou pela coisa o mar me beijava.

Eu sem você sou só desamor, um barco sem mar, um campo sem flor.

Quero ser feliz e nas ondas do mar quero esquecer tudo.

Não adianta sou do mar, nasci pra ter na pele o seu sol.

Ter na vida algum motivo pra sonhar ter um sonho azul azul da cor do mar.

Fortaleça seu coração, para a estrada que é longa à frente.

Faz a mente na brisa quem quer, mas acho melhor dar um rolé, nossa praia é a nossa canção.

Fim de tarde entre amigos pra refletir ou pra surfar.

Só entre no mar se você sabe a força divina que ele tem, se você não polui seu azul e respeita o irmão em comum.

Leva a mãe natureza na fé, curte o Marley e o reggae no pé.

Seja como as ondas do mar que mesmo quebrando contra os obstáculos, encontram força para recomeçar.

Assim como o mar se apaixona pela lua e reflete a sua luz, meu coração reflete o brilho do seu olhar.

O mar cria ilusões, a onda as questões, o surf as respostas.

Eu só queria que você me ligasse pra dizer que o mar é feito de lágrimas de saudades suas.

Escrevi um pedido e atirei no mar. Que a semana passe rápido e a vida devagar.

Benditos os que nunca leem jornais, porque verão a Natureza e, através dela, Deus. 

KICKS Chapter Three

London was sweltering.

Now that the excitement over the sunshine was wearing off, I began to realize how entirely unprepared I was for the pulsing heat. No amount of water, ice, undress or fan could make up for the fact that I was simply unaccustomed to weather this hot. The humidity made my hair frizzy, I had sunburn on my arms and shoulders, and my patience was at an all time low.

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