General Relationship Headcanons: Allies


  • hooo boy does this man love to make you laugh.
  • 110% here for morning cuddles.
  • do you like surprise dates and gifts? cause it’s a guaranteed deal with him.
  • he’s the type of boyfriend to cry and eat ice cream with you.


  • oml he would so treat his s/o like royalty.
  • whenever you and him aren’t busy you two are either sitting in his garden and drinking tea or cuddled up on the couch watching telly.
  • i feel like he’d really love taking trips and traveling with his s/o.
  • loves it when you two cook together and you attempt to teach him.


  • would probably buy you roses every week.
  • on valentine’s day and your birthday expect a hella nice date and to be smothered in affection and love.
  • imagine slow dancing with him in the kitchen as you two cook together be still my beating heart.
  • there will never be a moment in your relationship that you didn’t feel loved because he would make sure of that.


  • what wouldn’t he do to make you happy aw.
  • not a fan of a whole lot of pda but boy howdy does this man love to snuggle up to you at home.
  • he loves being out in the snow with is s/o.
  • one of his favorite things to do is to tell you russian folklore stories while you’re in bed at night.


  • i feel like he’d like taking you out on dates where you both just wander around the city and stop and markets and sightsee. 
  • please ask this man to tell you about his history he loves telling you.
  • would love to see you in a cheongsam/changshan.
  • likes it when you play with his hair.
Pocket Petshop for the Mukami

Continuation of my other post.

All pocket!Yuma have an innate love for gardening. It is vital for them to get time outside, or they become destructive. Pocket!Yuma(s) like to keep their hands busy, and if you show a genuine interest in their hobbies, they may give you some of the tiny vegetables they grow, and teach you their ways. They’re remarkably talented with a green thumb, able to grow crops 10x their size. However, god forbid if you accidentally step on their crops, they will never forget it and it will be hard to win back their trust. The best way is to apologize and offer to help them build a year-round solar greenhouse (sorry we don’t sell those). 

  • Cagemates: Pocket!Yuma(s) do fine with pocket!Azusa and pocket!Ruki, but they will butt heads with pocket!Kou(s), so it’s best to house the two separately in joining cages. Pocket!Shu(s) are 50/50, because pocket!Yuma will complain and try to put him to work with varying success (but it’s good for pocket!Shu).

Pocket!Kou(s) are cute, but owners shouldn’t let their guard down. They get bored easily because they pick things up fast. All pocket!Kou are born with insatiable desire for vongole bianco; combine with their tech savvy know-how and you will never allow browsers to memorize your credentials on amazon again. But it’s hard to stay mad at them because they can easily win you over. They can sing and do little magic shows if you give them treats. Be aware that they can also be moody. They always want the best and newest stuff. For that reason, we recommend that you give them a monthly allowance. If they see you buy expensive stuff for yourself, they will try to steal your credit card.     

  • Because of pocket!Kou’s impish nature, it’s recommended that you buy pocket!Ruki because he can keep the little bugger in line when you’re not around. Or you can try pocket!Subaru, but it may not end so well for the walls. If you put pocket!Laito with pocket!Kou, you’re probably going to have the police show up at your door (sry, you’re on your own).  

If you want a decent beginner pocket pet that is active but not too hyper, then Pocket!Azusa is best. They are docile, and they bond very deeply with their handlers. They will want to be around you all the time. They will follow you everywhere. If they are left on their own for too long, they become unsure of what do. They may start troublesome behaviors like plucking out their hair. It’s not unusual to find patches of thin spots on their head. But they grow back. They are fascinated by sharp objects, so make sure you stock up on pocket sized Coban wraps. They also like spicy foods, so keep some shichimi around. We sell pocket sized salt shakers just for them.  

  • We strongly recommend that you buy another pocket vampire pet if you purchase pocket!Azusa. The ideal cagemate is a pocket!Yui. She’ll wrap him in blankets and play games with him. You can also buy pocket!Yuma or pocket!Ruki (they can find things for him to do so he doesn’t harm himself). NEVER keep pocket!Kanato in the same cage as pocket!Azusa.

Pocket!Ruki(s) hold themselves to the highest standard like pocket!Reiji(s), but they are not quite as finicky. They tend to be standoffish until you can earn their trust. But once they open up, you will be surprised at how much knowledge and wisdom they carry around. They are surprisingly open to discuss a wide range of subjects, even controversial topics that you would be hard pressed to discuss with anyone else. That’s the secret joy that all pocket!Ruki owners know; Pocket!Ruki(s) make very stimulating conversation partners, but only if you can prove that you know your stuff and can challenge them back. In return, you will have a partner that you can talk about anything with and they would never judge you for expressing your opinions.     

  • Due to their cerebral nature, pocket!Reiji(s) make the best cagemates for pocket!Ruki(s). Both get to hone their debate skills and mutually benefit from sharing their observations and comparing notes. You must keep a library of pocket-sized books available. We have a small library where you can check out books for them. 

The rest + pocket!Yui I will write later.