Multiamory March Prompts & Resources Post

What is Multiamory March?

There are not enough poly stories out there, in mainstream media and in fanwork! Following in the footsteps of Femslash February, Multiamory March is a prompt to create more fanworks or original work featuring polyamorous/nonmonogamous characters.

(Please note that I am not the first person to think of this–I’m just hoping to give it a nudge!)

What is polyamory? (via the Marvel Poly Fic Fest)

It is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.  It can be three people who all are in love, a person with two romantic partners who are not in love, or any combination of the above with any number of partners.

What it is not is cheating.  The knowledge and consent of all partners concerned is what makes polyamory polyamory.

Prompts! (I have not seen anything MultiMarch-specific, so this is just a collection of prompts that will work.)

ot3_100 prompt table (one-word prompts)

Imagine your otp #ot3 friendly / Imagine your otp/ot3

the #imagine your ot3 tag

when thinking about your ot3/ot4, consider…

domesticity meme

dialogue prompts: happy/light-hearted

dialogue prompts: sad/angsty

poly soulmate au prompt/thinking

fanart ideas that are always adorable #casually changes OTP to OTSeveral

mundane bingo prompts list (a truly massive list of everyday stuff, compiled by community effort, so it’s not just US/UK and Christian-centric)

femtropebingo had a fabulous list of trope prompts this year

feed the bunny, for all your au/general prompting needs (human-generated scenarios served up randomly, with the option to sort by category.) (by scarletalphabet, who is open to prompt contributions)

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A typical portrait of a student after a week of subsisting on nothing but OTX and insomnia.

At least I’m finished with half of my work load.

OTX (OverTime eXtreme) V1: Gatorade, Cobra (energy drink), Red Bull

  OTX (OverTime eXtreme) V2:  Gatorade, Cobra, Red Bull, Cobra Smart (energy drink with ginseng)

 OTX (OverTime eXtreme) V3:   Gatorade, Cobra, Red Bull, Lipovitan

A chat log from 0tx.org (A factions pvp server)
  • TrueGamerz105:where can i enchant?
  • TrueGamerz105:where can i enchant?
  • joeyd902:over here
  • Dallas1117:*In excessively bolded and colorful text* SELLING NOTCHIES 28.5 K!
  • Harryup:*With more excessively bolded and colorful text* SELLING OBBY 999
  • Harryup:*With more excessively bolded and colorful text* SELLING OBBY 999
  • Harryup:*With more excessively bolded and colorful text* SELLING OBBY 999
  • Harryup:*With more excessively bolded and colorful text* SELLING OBBY 999
  • Harryup:*With more excessively bolded and colorful text* SELLING OBBY 999
  • eric111eric:[stupid faction name here] is open!
  • eric111eric:[stupid faction name here] is open!
  • eric111eric:[stupid faction name here] is open!
  • eric111eric:[stupid faction name here] is open!
  • Inivican:You all suck
Open Transactions

The Open-Transactions project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, fully-featured, free-software toolkit implementing theOTX protocol as well as a full-strength financial cryptography library, API, CLI, and prototype server. The project is managed by a worldwide community of volunteers that use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop the Open-Transactions toolkit and its related documentation.

Seeing is believing.

• A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)
Let’s see, I don’t want to list ALL 4058 of them so I stick with the most recent…
UHM, recently fell back into McShep and it’s destroying me.
Hannigram is up there because of the new season.
Sparrington and spacedogs…yes I realize the trash that I am. I have a problem.
Y’all know my hbowar ones already…
Only one…Stetopher…I live for this fucking shit…what is my life?

• C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will (be nice)

Arthur/Gwen or Merlin/Morgana from Merlin. Merthur 4 lyfe.

• G - Do you remember your first OTP, if so who was in it?
My first OTP was that I like really shipped and got into was probably Destiel but the more I watch/rewatch older stuff I realize I’ve been subconsciously getting OTPs since like seventh grade. I knew I was trash but I didn’t realize I’ve been trash for this long.

• F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?
I’ve been in the spn fandom for ten years…ten long…quality dwindling years…but I will always love it and it has been and always will be a part of my life.
I’m still going to count being in the hbowar/band of brothers fandom for ten years as well because I first watched/fell in love with Band of Brothers in 2005 so…I was my in my own fandom because I watched it every holiday after that because it was always on.

• D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t (again: be nice)
Will/Riley from sense8. I love them, as I do all my children, but I just don’t feel like they had romantic chemistry?? Like they’re cute and the very definition of heart eyes but I just can’t see them together.

• K -Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms
winterssides – Mols. You’re one of my best friends, the winters to my nix, and you are perfect.

gingerwerk - Kelly! One of the greatest redheads to ever live.You’re so funny and you’re always willing to talk and you’re just a really awesome friend. I can’t wait for our real life jam session(s). It’s going to be the bee’s knees.

tquilasquared – Maïna! My beautiful and perfect hockey and cut&run and toyeluz buddy. YOUR EDITS GIVE ME LIFE. WE haven’t talked much but you’re awesome and we should talk some more (esp. about sense8!)

roncspeirs – ALEXIA! You gorgeous land mermaid. We also need to talk more about all the magic in the world (read: mckirk, c&r, etc.)

cptnwinters – MAY! You are a perf. bae and you are so nice and fun and we need to talk about les mis, teen wolf, AND our lives because we haven’t talked in a while!

leavingdean – DI! I miss you and our chats but you are seriously the nicest person and you deserve the world! You are an 11/10 and I luhhh you!


• N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice)
- More good crossovers (not really needed but i enjoy seeing what people come up with)
- More AUs (they are my life)
- More fics in general (looking at you beautiful hbowar lovelies)

• P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas)

Magic Mike!AU for Teen Wolf…I friggin’ need it.

send me letters!

carlos-thescientist-palmer asked:

Fandom meme: All vowels + Q, T, R, X, and Y

A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)
Uhh let’s see
And kind of Janice and Tamika but idk if that’s rlly a ship
E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what
I don’t think so
I - Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why
The hetalia fandom because a lot (not all I met some really rad people there) of them are annoying fangirls obsessed with their ‘yaoi’ and tbh I was only there for deValier’s fics so it didn’t really work out
(There’s also the fact that I disliked the actual show but)
O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of
Horror of Our Love by Ludo for dievin
Q - A ship you’ve abandoned and why
Hmmm I can’t think of any rn?
R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships
Tamika and Janice
T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending, about anything at all (gender identity, sexual or romantic orientation, extended family, sexual preferences like top/bottom/switch, relationship with poetry, seriously anything)
(If this is from anything then)
Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)
Steven Universe mostly (never seen it myself but it looks cute)
Thanks for the ask! c:

didyousayjuhaku asked:

randomly, a, k, and q for the fandom meme!! ^^

Gotta be the Magi Fandom for this one B)

  • A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

Current OTP: Sharryamu (It’s like my only proper OTP in the show), Alikou is one too but that’s like 50/50 OTP

OT3- Aladdin, Sphintus, Titus

Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana

Sinbad, Ja’far, Mansur

OTX- I have no idea what that means

  • K -Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms

I love seeing mon-qi‘s breakdowns to questions and analysis of moments in the shows

beamthechao is legit so nice, posts are always on point and her artwork is always so good

didyousayjuhaku my first Magi friend bless you- she’s so awesome

morgiianasexual- she’s so nice to talk to- and I probably will start Haikyuu because of her soon XD

shokiin- she’s really awesome like you make me feel involved in things (the tagging in stuff) which I rarely get put into so I’m like hell yes

kouhasbuttcheek- you’re a very cool mate- like way cooler than me and we deffo need to skype sometime again soon :)

alibwabwa- another super nice person- your fanart and doodles are so adorable I swear like I still love the Christmas Sharrkan one you did so much <3

murasakihime- another rad person to talk to about Magi and just anything in general- I know I haven’t talked to ya much lately but that’ll change soon and I hope we’ll have some more awesome discussions :)

judalsass- Simply a awesome blog to follow :)

That’s all off the top my head but generally the magi fandom has been pretty on point

  • Q - A ship you’ve abandoned and why

Alimor- simply because of Alibaba’s actions and reactions to Morgiana about that relationship stage- like he legit is being a fuckboy to Morgiana and any person like that in a pairing is a instant abandon. Like at the start it seemed like kind and platonic but his reaction in chapter 201 I think I was like ugh get this ship away from me now.

fitzsimmmonsy asked:

A-L-E-X :D

Let’s just do marvel for these :D

A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s): Clintasha, Tripskye, Pepperony, Stony, Stucky, Steggy, Hawksilver, Fitzsimmons, Fosterson, SteveXBuckyXSam, SteveXPeggyXBucky (i can’t think of anything else right now)

L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves (chars you’re neutral on are fair game, as are chars you dislike): Jane Foster isn’t a top fave in my Marvel ladies, but everytime she talks about science she makes me want to go back to school again with that passion and her refusal to back down

E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what: MARVEL + INAPPROPRIATE SONG LYRICS HAHAHAHA

X - top 5-10 characters who are yoUR PRECIOUS BABIES AND YOU WILL DIE DEFENDING THEM: 

  2. Tony Stark
  3. Bucky Barnes
  4. Antoine Triplett
  5. Pietro Maximoff
  6. Peggy Carter
  7. Melinda May
  8. Groot (not much to defend really)


nostalgiabreakers asked:

A through D, N, Q, S, O, aannnd Z for the fandom ask thingy.

Okie dokie.

A - Your current OTP (s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

I always say that I don’t trust anyone with only one OTP.

FitzSimmons. Numero Uno, forever and always.

I’m hesitant to say Skylin, but I just really really really like those two together. Also Romione from HP and Percabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I like a lot of stuff, guys.

B - A Pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind

I don’t really have any? Does it count if the writers changed my mind? In that case, Robin and Barney from How I Met Your Mother.

C - A Ship you have never liked and probably never will (be nice)

Okay, lots of ships that I don’t ship anymore are because of canon or true colours shining through. I even shipped SkyeWard (I mean who hasn’t really). A ship that I have never liked, though? Harry x Hermione. I’m sorry to anyone who ships them, I really am, but no. I just don’t feel it, you know?

D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t (again: be nice)

TripSkye. I adore both characters, and they were my brotp, but I just don’t see it. Man, I miss Trip. I’m sad he died.

N - Name three things you wish you saw more in your main fandom (or fandom of choice)

One, more Skylin fanfiction. Like come on guys. I’m reduced to writing my own, and no one wants to read that. I’ll probably end up killing one off or something. Two, less hate. We don’t need that in our lives. And three, more Jemma/May parallels. Again, I had to write it out myself. Just ask memorizingthedigitsofpi. They’re both freaking Atlases.

Q - A ship you’ve abandoned and why

I abandon a lot of ships because of canon. I really wish I could go against canon, I do, but I just can’t. They’re happy, you know? I don’t want to ruin that for them.

I’m very empathetic, okay?

And I abandoned SkyeWard because ew.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon.

I mean…kind of a headcanon. Okay so this is the idea of a thing I wrote for a thing. If you want to read the thing, it’s a comment in the comment section of  this fic.

May and Jemma are alike in more ways than meets the eye.

Before Bahrain, May was happy. She was optimistic, laughing, and smiling. She was even pulling pranks. Sounds like Jemma before Ward’s betrayal, doesn’t it?

Then, after Bahrain and the fall of SHIELD, each felt like they had to do it alone. Each felt like Atlas, holding up the sky.

May didn’t realise how much pain this was causing her until she let someone help her again.

Jemma knows how much it hurts, but she won’t ever let someone bear the weight with her again. Why? She didn’t want someone else to get hurt because of her.

O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of

Okay so I’m hitting shuffle in my AoS playlist.

I got Monster, by Imagine Dragons. I wrote a weird thing about this, actually. I think this song was literally made for Skye. This post will explain why.

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go

Okay so I’m making the executive decision to write four sentences of this thing as to not embarrass myself.

“I can’t believe I’m in space jail with you!” shouted Jemma, pacing back and forth in the dingy cell.

“Well, what was I supposed to do?” Fitz yelled right back, standing up to face her fury head on. “For all we know, you were dying! You could’ve been gone!”

Jemma took a deep breath, fighting to keep her voice at a normal level. “If you thought I was dead, then why the hell would you jump in after me?” 

“I couldn’t stand not knowing.”

“Couldn’t stand–” Jemma threw her hands up in frustration. “Fitz, there’s a time and a place to be hero. This was not the time nor the place. Now they’re missing the two smartest people on that base, the two people who could’ve figured this out much sooner than anyone else!”

“Not the time to be a hero, huh?” Fitz asked, running a hand through his curly hair. “Jemma, you jumped out of a plane.”

Jemma scoffed, “That was different.”

“Really? How?”

“I was trying to save the team, you know that.”

“And I’m not?”

Oops, I got carried away. #sorrynotsorry

codyknight22 asked:

A, K, V

A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

  • OTP: Seamonkeys (WHO DO YOU THINK I AM)
    Noah’s Arkos for the hilarity; Sunnybees because BLAKE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY; Seasuning because I’m fujoshi trash
  • OT4: Fried Catfish? (Yang/Blake/Sun/Neptune) I didn’t come up with that ship name, someone else did (holler if it was you!)Team SSSN (duh); Team CFVY too probably

K -Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms

The RWBY fandom is probably the most diverse, vocal, talented, hilarious, and lovely fandom I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of, and really enlightened me concerning themes and tropes I had never noticed before. :’)

V - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms

  • Strifehart (Kingdom Hearts: Cloud Strife/Squall Leonhart)
  • Synchroshipping (Yu-Gi-Oh! + 5Ds: Yami Yugi/Yusei Fudo)
  • Seamonkeys (RWBY: Sun Wukong/Neptune Vasilias)

…notice a pattern?

iloveyouandilikeyou asked:

fandom meme: A,M,B,E,R

  • A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

I am very light on the shipping, right now. Leslie/Ben and April/Andy, of course, but I’m not reading or writing fic for it right now, so…Taystee/Poussey friendship times? 

  • M - Say something genuinely nice about a ship that you don’t ship (or its shippers, or anything related to you)

I have zero interest in anything Marvel-y, but I find many people who do to be delightful!

  • B - A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind

I honestly don’t think anyone has ever changed my mind on not shipping anything. Jake/Amy is kind of canon now and that hasn’t changed my mind about it. #jakexunrequitedcrushonamy

  • E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what

Just the Brandi Maxxxx fic (later sort of canon), the choose-your-own-adventure Road Trip AU, space porn, Threat Level Midnight, and my new side gig of hand-crafted custom house sigils…

  • R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships

I have no obscure ships. I don’t think anyone else here shipped Richard/Julia on Boardwalk Empire, but I certainly don’t think I was the only one anywhere who shipped them (plus they were canon)

kahloooopal asked:

S, O, Z and A :3

A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)

HopeLight (duh)

and that’s just off the top of my head ;D

O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of

I’ve had Glass Heart Hymn on repeat for the past hour


S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon

you guys must really like my headcanon ;D

I’ll do a Clack one this time…Zack’s meticulous about doing his hair, but Cloud doesn’t bother with his that much. this is because Zack ruffles his hair out of affection so often, so Cloud just tells people he has permanent bedhead 8D

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go 

I’m already not looking forward to the Cloti/Clerith ship war rising from the ashes when we all know the answer is Clack

at least I know now not to get involved with stuff like that, whoops