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i noticed that meanie isn't in ur top seventeen ships yet ur writing a reaaaaallly long meanie fic so i'm wondering?? why?? like why didn't you choose some other pairing? just wondering

just because meanie isn’t my fave ship ever doesn’t mean i dislike the pairing, or that i won’t write it. when i was first creating rwy, i just immediately felt like meanie’s dynamics were perfect for the main characters in question, and that was that. sure, wonhui’s dynamics might work out the same way, and so could jicheol or gyuhao (if i really tweaked it), but meanie works great for the story and that’s really all that matters to me. i write my fics for the story, not necessarily for the ship itself.

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I was wondering if anyone has asked u how u thought of the title of RWY or the meaning behind it?

i was trying to find a title for the fic and one night i was listening to some songs when reckless wild youth by daughter came on. as i listened the lyrics i immediately went “THAT’S IT” and, well, yup. that’s basically it lol

Reunited with you | Cassren

Cassie hadn’t really spoken to or seen Lauren since their break up. Ever since then, Cassie did her best to try to get over her, or move on from her, but she couldn’t do it. No matter what she was doing, her mind wandered back to Lauren. Biting at her lower lip, she sat on her bed and had a blank message opened that had Lauren at the top. After deciding what to type, she texted her and waited for Lauren to text back. When she did, she was happy to see that Lauren wanted to see her too. Cassie headed over to the girl’s room, the room she hadn’t been to in awhile. When she got there, she knocked on the door and waited. 


My current theory is that Adam’s semblance is a charged attack that can cut through anything, including an aura. So far from what we’ve seen, auras are invincible. As long as your aura is still there, you cannot be harmed, period. But Yang’s aura was still there, as far as we know. The only way she could have been hurt is if he somehow can cut through as aura. That would also explain how the remains of her arm seemed to be glowing. Her aura was adjusting to fit.