otus opus


Popcult is coming and i’ll be there on the artist alley both saturday and sunday! Come and say hi!

I’ll have something new, like that owl poster and hand crafted original owl paperdolls. If you fall in love with the paperdolls, i’m going give a heads-up that they’ll be a bit more pricey because they are all originals. So the price of one is 30€. There’s also stickers from my newest owl batch, Varjokissa comic and Otus Opus comics. Oh, and i made a couple of Plätty stickers too!

First chapter of Otus Opus is on sale now. You’ll get 31 pages of comics in color and signed. Prices: Finland 11 €
Europe 12 € / $16.50
Everywhere else 12.50 € / $17.50 Prices include shipping one comic in economy class. If you want to buy more than one or want your package mailed in priority class, please contact me and i’ll calculate new postages. I’ll accept Paypal and only finnish bank transfer.

You can order Otus Opus by sending mail to myrntai at gmail.com

Otus Opus consept sketches and random owl sketches.

Tonight we were on a walk with Mikko, and i had a good flow and fleshed out next three chapters of Otus Opus. I can’t wait for the third chapter, there’s going to be so many awesome things, i’m so excited! ^____^

I am also hoping that, finally, i could make the storyboard for the whole chapter before starting to draw. First and second chapters have been for me unusually… well, in Finland we have this great idiom, “perse edellä puuhun”, which can be literally translated to climbing a tree ass first, meaning doing things in a needlessly complicated way. I prefer storyboards and clear, nice plans from point a to point b. For some reason i’ve been writing and storyboarding Otus Opus about ten pages at a time while i have some rough idea of the whole chapter, sometimes writing dialogue after drawing the pages. It’s good to see i can do comics that way too, i’m not too stuck with one way of doing them. Not planning every detail in advance gives more room to make chances, but i’m afraid i can also make short-sighted choices which will lead to dead ends or poor story flow. At this point it looks like the third chapter is going to be longer than the two earlier chapters, so i think i really need to have the script and storyboard so i can see the whole picture and know what i am doing.