originally my fan trolls were just fan trolls, but then i incorporated them into my au idea for hopestuck. Basically eridan didn’t hopesplode the matriorb and with what was left of the trolls (karkat,terezi,sollux,feferi,eridan,kanaya,gamzee (not including the ones gamzee kills because that’s seperate)) they start new and these two are part of the first batch of new trolls. I imagine it takes the mother grub a long time to grow to full breeding abilities, so the first few groups are years after she’s hatched, and very small groups.

Oturis is technically kanaya and eridans grub, but everyone raises them so him and the other grubs call them all their parents. Kanaya is the most motherly so she reigns title as Mom. Oturis does have traits of kanaya (mostly physical) and is very self aware and a bit pompous like eridan, plus he has the hair streaks. One thing though is he has a bit of a temper like karkat, mostly because all trolls are pretty disgruntled but karkats ranting was pretty impressionable

so when he gets mad watch out, words are gonna fly.

oriunn is tecnically gamzee and feferis grub. He’s very lax and lazy like gamzee, a bit ditzy and out of it. He’s a sea troll like feferi but has the indigo blood color. He’s very easy going and happy but is prone to rage bouts like gamzee. Don’t piss him off.