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OMG. This is exciting and not at all what I expected. OKAY LET’S DO THIS. (Also for Maggie, who asked for this as well.)

  • when or if I started shipping it.
    Um tough call. I was a bit of a multi-shipper in Grey’s fandom when I first started playing, and I definitely did not ship Derek/Addison at all, so there’s that. Tl;dr - Mark and Addison always intrigued me, since we knew from the get go that they had had this affair, that given what we knew about Addison’s character seemed… out of place. And contextualising that was always interesting to me. But I absolutely fell in love with them in Yesterday. And after that the rest is history.
  • my thoughts:
    Well. Keyboard smashing obviously. But in all seriousness, I love how they were so obviously always at cross purposes. I love that they had and have history. I love that whenever they get together they either have sex or talk about their lives. I think … I don’t know. I think they’re both completely right and terribly wrong for each other and that duality is endlessly interesting to me. And I kind of love that they missed each other in this big way: that they both want the same things now, and I think they did love each other, but at the time they weren’t able to make anything lasting from it.
  • What makes me happy about them:
    Their friendship. And also how well they make out. And also, just how much they know each other. It’s really subtle (read: I have shipper goggles on), but we know they’ve been in each others’ lives for so long and that translates into how they interact. Sob. And also: how Mark was willing to lie about sleeping with someone else so Addison could be happy without him without having to feel guilty. True love.
  • What makes me sad about them:
    That they just … keep missing each other. And that canon ignores them now? It bothers me that Private Practice is all about Addison and her past and how it informs her present, and basically how Shonda keeps hammering home the I cheated on Derek with Mark I am horrible point, but for Derek and Mark, it’s like Addison never existed. The amount of screen time spent on what Addison’s past relationships mean to her is ridiculous given that there is literally ten minutes of the same for Mark or Derek on Grey’s. Basically, it annoyed me that for Mark, Addison hardly seemed to matter after she left even though letting go of that was clearly difficult for him, that him making that sacrifice so she could go to LA without strings was a big deal and yet, a season later, not a word was said. In fact, the only time their relationship is even referenced is in the crossover episodes with Private Practice. I don’t ship Mark and Lexie, but I’m not blinded by that when I say that I think the writers have downplayed Mark’s relationship with Addison in order to push his relationship with Lexie. Ugh. Why does TV feel the need to do that all the time?
  • things done in fanfic that annoy me:
    Hmmm. I think we have a tendency to be overly romantic when we write about them (I say we because fuck am I guilty of this). I just think that part of what makes them so great is they have this edge to them, this insecurity kind of? Even if they did manage to work it out and be together, I don’t think either of them would ever really adjust to the idea completely. I think they’d both always have doubts, they’d both always worry that they might not really be happy. That’s what I love about them. They’re complicated. I think sometimes fic makes them simpler.
  • things I look for in fanfic:
    Really. Like you don’t already know. Sex. Anything that dissects them as characters, together and apart. I like reading things about how and why it came about and how and why it ended the way it did. 
  • My kinks:
    I’m … flexible. It’s a pretty established trope with these two that they keep having sex they shouldn’t be having and let’s be clear: I am 100% into that. The post-crossover spanking stuff has also been highly appreciated in this corner of the internet.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 
    I’d really like Addison to end up with the child that she wants. I would be more than okay for her to end up as a single mother surrounded by strong female friends/the practice family. I’m not opposed to her ending up with almost anyone else, as long as the relationship was healthy and free of violence and borderline emotional abuse. (See: Sam.) I actually liked her and Pete, when they were raising Lucas sans Violet and Sam. But like I said, anyone who is good for her. By this I obviously mean, Amelia.
    As for Mark, as much as I do not ship Mark and Lexie at all, I’d begrudgingly accept it. Same goes: anything that makes Mark happy is fine.

    My condition on this is: Mark and Addison still have to be friends. I want Sofia to play with Addison’s kid okay. I want them to bro out at the park while their children play on the swings and nudge each other’s shoulders and reminisce. 
  • My happily ever after for them:
    Well see above. BUT. Actually I’d really like to see Amelia move back to Seattle to be closer to Derek and Addison to come to visit her with the baby she is raising alone as a kick ass single mother. And for Mark to be playing with Sofia and for the two of them to just… know. I don’t think they’d get together right away - they’d reconnect slowly, send each other funny things from the Internet and then progress to conversations about their kids and then themselves and then politics and then the meaning of life. And then they’d run into each other and a mutual acquaintance’s second wedding and sleep together while a little bit drunk. And then it’d raise questions. And then they’d run into each other again at Amelia’s wedding/Meredith and Derek’s second child’s christening etc. And then the same thing would happen. And then they’d meet at a funeral and it would be sad and they’d hold hands and Addison would cry and they wouldn’t sleep together. And then they’d say goodbye and catch separate planes but then Mark would show up in LA and it would be raining and he’d be like: come on this is stupid and Addison would be like: yes it is. And then they would kiss and go inside to ~dry off. And Mark would play with her kid while she put the takeout on plates and they would have a conversation about how impossible it will be to be together and then they will do it anyway. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:
    I don’t see them as the spooning kind - I think they’d be more lean on my shoulder and I’ll tuck you under my arm people - but when they do spoon I think it’d be both of them. And I think they’d mostly do it because they’d had a fight in bed and one of them had rolled away and the other was like no, let’s talk about it or at the very least, have angry sex about it.
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

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What's your favorite physical trait of Lin's? Favorite personality trait?

“ I-ah- I suppose…”

“ Her hands. I’ve always liked her hands. And…”

“ How spirit-damned stubborn she is, and how damned optimistic she always has been when it comes to me and my…. problems. I used to hate it, but… I doubt I’d be here if it wasn’t for her stubborn as a elphant-bull attitude."