10 years ago today...

I got married. A very young me and my even younger soon-to-be groom flew to Las Vegas and booked a chapel. It was Halloween, so the lady that did the ceremony was dressed up as a witch. We walked up the aisle to an Elvis impersonator singing “Fools Rush In”. It was the best wedding anyone could ever have.

10 years on and I don’t regret it for one second. It was the best stupid rash decision anyone has ever made and I have the greatest husband ever. So there. More pictures of my awesome wedding after the jump.

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ottomaton replied to your post: Why don’t you have MORE Tim and Eric stuff on your blog? You don’t seem like a devoted enough fan.

Liz is the devotedest! She damn near died when we went to that screening of The Comedy and was in touching distance of Tim! Damn. Near. Died.

It’s true, I can’t deny it. Almost DED.

Sorry I thought you sent this, old buddy old pal. I even made a tumblrdore joke I was so certain!

Now I’m totally intrigued.