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Twenty Minutes of Awkward Silence

Keith needs help studying for an English midterm and Pidge knows exactly who can help.

Voltron, klance/laith, 3,218 words, rated G, modern/college AU


“How likely will I get out of this exam if I throw myself off a bridge?” Keith sighed.

“If you give your professor a heads up you’re gonna attempt suicide she’ll probably give you a couple days extension.” Pidge didn’t even look up from her textbook. “I heard she’s nice.”

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Wet Dreams (L.H. Smut)

Rating: M

Words: 1,350

Pairing: Luke + Y/n

Author: Mabel

It was a rainy day, the 5sos house was filled with the sound of rain hitting the roof. There was a slight muffle of sound coming from the basement where Calum and Michael played Fifa, practically screaming at each other. Ashton was down there as well, though not participating in the game as he had never seemed to enjoy Fifa. The clock on the microwave displayed the time; 3:00, mid-afternoon. I stood behind the stove, waiting for the water inside the kettle to come to a boil. I planned on making hot cider for myself and hot chocolate for the boys. While I waited for the water to boil I opened up the assorted cookie tin and set enough cookies on a tray so each boy could have 2.

In the meantime I let my thoughts wander to ponder where Luke was. I hadn’t seen him since around 10 this morning. He looked quite pale, probably suffering from morning sickness. He couldn’t have been suffering from a hangover as all the boys had stayed home last night to watch horror movies  with me. I guess Luke might be napping because he didn’t sleep well last night- possibly quite frightened by the horror movies we had watched.

The high pitched scream of the kettle broke me away from my thoughts and I hurriedly turned the knob on the stove, silencing the kettle. I grabbed 5 cups and put them on the counter setting chocolate mix into 4/5 cups and hot cider mix into my own cup. Using a square shaped oven mitt I poured water into all the cups, the steam making the air around me slightly cloudy. I set the kettle back onto the stove and slowly mixed the liquid inside the cups. I set 2 cookies for Luke and his hot chocolate on a separate tray, leaving my own drink on the counter.

Making my way down the stairs, I used the corner of the tray to knock on the door of the basement. The sound coming from the basement stopped momentarily as the door opened, revealing Ashton, peering up the dark staircase. He then noticed me with a tray in my hands and grinned.

“I made you all hot chocolate, and there’s enough cookies for each of you to have two.” I said, passing the tray to Ashton and putting a few napkins on it. Calum and Michael stood up, walking to the door at the sound of my voice.

“Thank you y/n!” They all said in unison before setting the tray on the coffee table and shutting the door as I left. The noise continued again as I left to return to the kitchen.

I grasped the tray meant for Luke and slowly made my way up the stairs, careful not to trip. The smell of hot chocolate filled my nose, and I inhaled deeply, pausing at the top of the stairs. It was oddly dark, the cloudy sky allowing little light to seep through the windows. No lights were on as I went to the end of the hallway. I set the tray on ottoman next to the window as I moved to knock on his door. My hand was an inch away from the door until I froze in my spot as I heard a breathy groan. I stood there, wondering what I should do. Instinct took over and I found myself twisting the door knob and creaking open the door a few inches.

Luke was laid on the bed, wearing a black hoodie, his lower half under the covers. A low whine left his lips as his hips bucked slightly into the sheets. My wide eyes turned to slits as a smirk made its way onto my face. Poor little Lukey was having a wet dream. I stepped inside the room, careful to shut the door quietly behind me. The rain from outside seemed to almost barely muffle the soft and desperate noises he was making. I stood there watching him, unsure of what I should do as it seemed rude of me to wake him up. I could always come back later or ‘accidentally’ wake him up.

“y/n…” My name left his lips, shocking me. I clenched my fists at my sides, my knuckles turning white. A moment later I regained composure, the smirk returning to my face. I stepped soundlessly over to the bed, my heartbeat quickening. I stood beside his sleeping body, watching as his eyes fluttered ever so slightly. What should I do? It was now or never I decided. My hands gently pulled on the sheets, exposing his boxer clad crotch. There was an evident bulge in his boxers, practically pleading to be freed. I crept onto the bed, watching his face to see if he had awoken yet. He hadn’t as his nose scrunched up and his hips bucked up again.

“I’ll take care of you babyboy.” I whispered, positioning myself between his legs. My fingertips wrapped around the waistband of his boxers and I tugged slightly, my heart practically beating out my chest. He remained asleep, another low whine escaping his lips as I pulled down his boxers enough to free his pulsating cock. He moved slightly in his sleep, making my stomach drop out of fear of his awakening. Without further ado, I licked a long strip up the prominent vein of his cock, circling my tongue around the tip.

“Oh fuck!” Luke hissed, jerking his hips up. His eyes were wide now, staring down at me. “y-y/n? What the- what the hell are you doing?” he asked, his voice coming out strangled. His cheeks were flushed, his forehead shimmering with sweat. I circled my tongue around the tip of his dick again, my eyes locked with his. The sweet and salty taste of precum filled my mouth, getting me to suck gently. I sipped my tongue over the slit, sucking as I did so.

I paused my actions before responding. “Shhh… I’m just taking care of you babyboy.” He shuddered slightly, his cheeks turning redder. He brought his left arm over his eyes, letting out a string of curse words. Luke’s fist was clenched, knuckles white as his body jerked slightly in response to my actions. Slowly, my hand fondled his balls and I sucked on the head, listening for more reactions.

“God, fuck y/n…” He mumbled, breathing unevenly. I took more of him into my mouth, bobbing my head as I continuously took more and more. I swallowed around him gagging a little, a tear or two making their way down my cheeks. When I had finally managed to fit all of him into my mouth Luke’s breath hitched, followed by a rather loud groan. A few whimpers were heard as I brought him closer to the edge, his now twitching cock letting me know he was close. “Holy hell, y/n- y/n, I- I’m going to cum.” He says, his moans turning into high pitched sounding breaths, until I felt hot loads of cum being shot into my mouth and down my throat as he moaned my name.

When I was sure Luke finished I sat up and swallowed, a slight dribble of his cum on my chin. “Th-that was-” I cut him off by kissing him, catching him by surprise. I swiped my tongue over his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He parted his lips and I slipped my tongue in, smiling against his lips as he cringed at the taste of himself. He broke the kiss for a second, giving me a funny look. “I taste awful.” He mumbled furrowing his eyebrows. I laughed slightly at this, and gave him a quick peck on the lips before getting up to leave.

As I reached the door I paused. “I think you taste delicious.” I say, barely loud enough for him to hear before exiting his room to retreat to the hallway, before stopping and poking my head back into his room. “By the way, I made you hot chocolate.” I whisper before finally leaving.

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