otto zehm

Dear #BlackLivesMatter Movement,

Where were the riots and cries for justice when Otto Zehm was being beaten to death in a convenience store? I guess the lives of the mentally handicapped don’t matter to you.

Where was your outrage at the man who shot his girlfriend? She’s alive, yes, but she’s black. Do the lives of only black men matter?

What about the two cops who got killed? So Hispanic and Asian lives don’t matter?

The message I seem to keep getting from your movement is “Only black lives matter,” because you don’t care about anyone else but yourselves. You get really offended when anyone insists that All Lives Matter, and you really seem true to that message - black lives and only black lives are important. White Lives, Hispanic Lives, Asian Lives, Women’s Lives and Disabled Lives don’t matter. ONLY black.

Where is the justice? I don’t think any of you know what justice is. And I personally think that it is far too big a concept for you to get. This isn’t justice.