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“(…) And he looked at the slain, recalling their names. Then suddenly he beheld his sister Éowyn as she lay, and he knew her. He stood a moment as a man who is pierced in the midst of a cry by an arrow through the heart; and then his face went deathly white, and a cold fury rose in him, so that all speech failed him for a while. A fey mood took him.
«Éowyn, Éowyn!» he cried at last. «Éowyn, how come you here? What madness or devilry is this? Death, death, death! Death take us all!».”

- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings.

Eomer & Eowyn Headcanons

Eomer and Eowyn have got to be my favorite sibling pairing, so imagine:

  • Sixteen year old Eomer and twelve year old Eowyn have a tendency to try and get at the other with pranks. But it was obvious who had won the game, when Eomer was trying to scare his sister by putting a bunch of frogs in her bed. The tables were turned though, when he woke up in the middle of the night with the frogs crawling all over him. Let’s just say that the palace was filled with screams that could be mistaken as a woman’s. 
  • Eowyn storming into the main hall with frustrated tears in her eyes; Eomer instantly knowing that she got into an argument with one of the local children. Although he knew, he still asked her what was wrong. Bursting out into angry ranting, she explains that she was told, by another child, that she couldn’t be a shieldmaiden because of her status. Eomer smiles warmly at her sister, and telling her that next time someone says that to her again, to go right ahead and give them a good beating. 
  • She took her brother’s word for granted, and next thing he knew, he was being scolded by Theoden, who’s words were: “You just can’t tell your sister to hit anybody that she disagrees with.” 
  • Eomer teaching his sister how to ride. She would just be eight years old, the proper learning age, and she exclaims that she’d rather be on a bigger horse than a pony.
  • Eomer and Eowyn racing each other to the palace from the farthest field out there. Whoever lost had to not only clean out their horses stall, but all the stalls too. 
  • Eowyn running to Eomer’s room during a thunderstorm, in which her brother although groggy, would scoot over to make room for his sister. By morning, he’d find himself nearly hanging off the bed while his sister was taking up half the room. 
  • The two giving each other their sibling a horse on their eighteenth birthday. Eowyn giving Firefoot to Eomer; Eomer giving Windfola to Eowyn.
  • Eomer talking to a girl, and later coming home to have his sister mocking the words that were exchanged. When asked if she was there, she’d just run, and her brother would be chasing behind her all over the main hall. 
  • They’d attend each other’s wedding. Although matured, and have mostly grown out of their childish ways, that didn’t stop them from pulling the original prank to one another; putting frogs in their siblings bed. So later that night, when they were about to go to bed with their spouse, they’d pull back the covers to see their sheets completely covered in frogs. That prank continued on till the end of their time.