otto the octopus


Spider-Man Unlimited #3

No but don’t you see how clever this is?

Doc Ock basically became a bad guy because he had a warped version of Aunt May.

Aunt May molly coddled Peter but Mary Octavius downright smothered her son.

Aunt May gave Peter love and encouragement but Mary instilled within Otto that he was honestly better than everybody else because of his intelligence.

Aunt May was sickly but selfless woman who didn’t want to be a burden on Peter, and tried to ensure her son’s happiness but setting him up with a potential future partner. Mary Octavius was selfish and hypocritical who demanded her son give up his chance of a future filled with romantic/emotional fulfillment for her sake. 

And the biggest irony is that Peter lived his life terrified he’d kill Aunt May by a heart attack and accidentally this is exactly what Otto did to his mother.

This is Tom DeFalco scoring slam dunks and further developing the dark reinfections between Peter and Otto.

And he does it a shitton better than Superior did.