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Did you know that Randy Cunningham’s art director Otto Tang made a short film at Titmouse?  Check out the behind the scenes of “The Forest of Two Trees” featuring Motorcity animators Jeremy Polgar and Ben Li.


OTTO TANG / 公共巴士/ 公共廁所 (public bus/public washroom) / 2:03


By The Stream by Otto Tang

i really love these 5second day videos…

Check this out!!! Now that most of RC9GN Season 1 has aired, I can share this chart I compiled of all the background characters based on members of our crew! I’m sure Season 2 will have a lot more of us to look out for, but for now, here we go!

Top row, left to right:
Scott Thomas (creator/writer), Jed Elinoff (creator/writer), Shaun Cashman (executive director), Joshua Taback (director), Mike Milo (S1 director), Otto Tang (art director), Junpei Takayama (S1 character designer), Jenava Hudek (S1 production coordinator), Jackie Buscarino (S1 producer), Jadyn Ngo (color stylist)

Middle row, left to right:
Jeremy Polgar (S1 animator), Matt Taylor (S1 model designer), Noel Belknap (S1 animator), Melissa Levengood (S1 model designer), Pam Tilikete (S1 background painter), Jack Cusumano (background painter), Arthur Pielli (writer, assistant), Nico Colaleo (yours truly / animatic editor), Kim Arndt (storyboard artist), Bob Fuentes (storyboard artist)

Bottom row, left to right:
Dan O'Connor (S1 storyboard artist), Alex Almaguer (S1 storyboard artist), Rishon Wagner (designer, props, clean-up), Hugh Webber (writer), David Shayne (writer), Madison Bateman (S1 production coordinator), Matt Brailey (S1 animatic editor), Jim Martin (writer)


Seeing that we are getting closer to Halloween, I should post some of the background Layouts for Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja Halloween special!  Here are a few layouts and paintings I did. The paintings are a little different from what was aired but “Let the wonk One In” was really A fun episode to work on and our awesome art director Otto Tang, gave us a lot of creative freedom. For the forbidden basement, we pulled heavily from Stanly Kubrick “The Shinning” as one of my favorite horror films. 

You might have missed it but etched on the clock, there’s a “Dead by dawn” etching ….aslo inspired by my another classic horror film “Evil Dead”…..annnd many more hidden gags.