otto frisch

Lise Meitner (1878 - 1968)
Avusturyalı bilim insanı.

Max Planck'ın derslerini izlemek için Berlin'e gider. Kaiser Wilhelm Kimya Enstitüsü'nde kalır. 1926'da fizik profesörü olan Meitner, 1938'de Nazi yönetiminden kaçarak İsveç'e sığınır. İsveç Bilimler Akademisi'ne üye seçilir. 1939'da Otto Hahn ve kendi yeğeni Otto Robert Frisch ile birlikte nötronla bombalanan uranyumdan sonra baryumun var olmasının atom çekirdeğinin parçalandığını gösterdiğini ileri sürmekle ün kazanır.

Lise Meitner sıvı damlası denilen bir yöntemle nükleer fisyon olayını çözmüş ve bu durumu Nobel'e kadar götürmüştür. Meitner çalışmalarını bir dönem ayrı kaldıkları Otto Hahn'a gönderir, Otto Hahn teoriyi ve denklemleri kendi yazmışcasına Nobel komitesine iletir ve çalışmada ne Meitner ne de Strassman'dan (diğer bir çalışma arkadaşıdır) bahseder böylece Nobel Ödülünü tek başına alır. Bu durum Meitner'i derinden etkiler, ondan sonrada herhangi bir çalışmada bulunmamıştır.

  • The Brother: Hey. *sees Elena with cats* Oh, no.
  • Elena: Robert Oppenheimer was lonely.
  • The Brother: So you decided to get the whole Manhattan Project?
  • Elena: Yes. This is Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Edward Teller, Otto Frisch, and Zazzles.
  • The Brother: Zazzles?
  • Elena: I was going to name him Herman von Helmholtz, but he’s so zazzy.
ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Leonard: Hey. (Turns to see that Sheldon now has five cats) Oh, no.

Sheldon: Robert Oppenheimer was lonely.

Leonard: So you decided to get the whole Manhattan Project?

Sheldon: Yes. This is Enrico Fermi, Richard Feynman, Edward Teller, Otto Frisch, and Zazzles.

Leonard: Zazzles?

Sheldon: I was going to name him Herman von Helmholtz, but he’s so zazzy.

Leonard: Okay, we need to talk.

Sheldon: About what?

Leonard: Cats, Sheldon. You’re clearly upset about Amy being gone, and you’re trying to replace her with a bunch of cats.

Sheldon: Clowder.

Leonard: What?

Sheldon: A group of cats is a clowder. Or a glaring.

Leonard: Okay, yeah, fine.

Sheldon: It’s the kind of thing you ought to know now that we have one.

Leonard: Terrific. My-my point is you need to face up to what you’re feeling with this breakup.

Sheldon: It wasn’t a breakup. A breakup would imply that Amy was my girlfriend.

Leonard: Okay, I got it, I got it, she’s not your girlfriend. Now listen to me. I know about loneliness. I know about trying to replace someone with other stuff. When I broke up with Penny, I got back into my cello, I built a bunch of model rockets, I got those weightlifting gloves and that five-pound dumbbell.

Sheldon: You didn’t break up, she dumped you.

Leonard: She didn’t dump me. It was mutual!

Sheldon: I was there. She dumped you.

Leonard: Okay, fine. Live with cats. Be like my Aunt Nancy. She had dozens of them. And do you know what happened after she died? They ate her.

Sheldon: You don’t have to sell me on cats, Leonard. I’m already a fan. 

4 x 03 - The Zazzy Substitution 

pilferingapples  asked:

OOOH please talk about Lise Meitner!:D


Lise Meitner is this badass physicist:

actually my favourite photo of her is this one: (the plants! the hat! the look on her face! A+ aesthetic)

She was seriously cool.  She was born in Austria in 1878 in a Jewish family; she studied super hard (in private, because women weren’t allowed public education when she started) and eventually graduated from the University of Vienna with a Ph.D in physics in 1905 - the second woman ever to do so, woohoo! Then she went to Berlin to study some more, because science was basically her life? Like she had job offers but nah, she wanted to study more!! Even known asshole Max Planck allowed her in his classes then, which is kind of a huge deal because known asshole Max Planck didn’t usually allow women in his classes. Max Planck was kind of an asshole. But Meitner became his assistant.

So! Meitner started working at the university, doing research and stuff. She discovered so many things! which I don’t all understand yet, drunk or not. She worked with this dude called Otto Hahn. More on this dude later. But they were super close friends. She liked him a lot, almost as much as she loved physics. (Nah, not nearly as much as she loved physics.)

WWI broke out. She enrolled as a nurse on the frontlines for a while, which is so incredibly badass I can’t even. She was so horrified by what she saw that when she came back to her research, she swore that she’d work even hard to discover more stuff to help the people suffering!

She worked a lot with atoms, isotopes and stuff. Oh, and nuclear fission. Actually, she kind of discovered nuclear fission, ah. (You see where this is heading).

Eventually Meitner became professor of physics in her own right which was! another huge deal! Because this was 1926. yeah.

But then. er. Nazi Germany happened. She was a Jewish woman. Yeah. She stayed as long as she could, but eventually she had to leave. She escaped in the middle of the night, on a train, to Belgium and then Sweden. She had to leave all her books and research and friends behind and this is just horrifying and so, so scary. but she made it!

She continued working - by letters with Otto Hahn, who stayed in Germany and still had his job, his lab, etc. He was writing to her like - ‘This isn’t working! I’m getting super strange results from what you told me to do!’ and she realised ‘Dude! We did it, we’ve split the atom!’ and Hahn wrote back like ‘Dude! You’re right!’

So Otto Hahn published their results. The results of Meitner’s work, basically. He put only his name. He got a Nobel Prize for it.

(Okay, so he aknowledged Meitner’s ‘contributions’, calling her simply ‘his helpful colleague’. Which is so ??? really stupid unfair. It had been Meitner’s work for over 30 years. Yet she didn’t get any recognition for it. Booooo. She was rightfully angry at Hahn, but he never apologized or try to rectify it. Ugh.)

(She forgave him though?? ugh I can’t believe. She roasted him for staying in Germany though, she was like ‘You were kinda indirectly helping the Nazis? you ass.’ and he was like ‘… yeah. that was bad. I’m really sorry I deserve that roast’. They stayed close friends, and they died only a few months apart. Hahn died first, and his family, and Meitner’s, didn’t tell her, because they were afraid it would cause her too much pain in her last few weeks. So she didn’t know. Or maybe she did. maybe she mentally cheered. I don’t know, I’m not assuming anything.)

(She was basically the embodiement or a Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff person. gha. I love her.)

So, remember when I said she wanted to do science to help people? Yeah, well, while WWII was still going on, the Americans where like ‘Yo, we want to build a bomb with all that neat science. Would you like to join the Manhattan Project?’ She was like ‘Fuck no, I don’t want anything to do with it.’

(Her nephew Otto Frisch did, though. She worked with him a lot too, whatever.)

In later life she lived in Sweden (became a Swedish citizen), and in the UK, and travelled and taught a lot, and died in 1968.

the end!