Preference #19- First date

Harry- A romantic stroll on the beach

Ron- A campfire at the burrow

Draco- A beautiful dinner outside 

Neville- A sweet night filled with cuddles, forts, and old movies 

Fred- The muggle carnival in Ottery St. Catchpole

George- Simply looking at the stars on the Hogwarts Grounds

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Who are your tumblr friends?

I’ve been letting this sit in my ask for a bit, here’s somewhat of a full list of everyone I communicate with/talk to irl if I’ve missed you I’m sorry!! this isn’t a follow forever/a list of mutuals, just people I talk to regularly, on tumblr or outside of <3

my best friend, tickedy-boo

my bae, pavlikovsky

the john watson to my sherlock holmes, firstruleofthediogenesclub

the ottery fam thexth ofcowardiceandkings

in no particular order: goldfishandumbrellawsswatson, drfurter, dry, aconissa, kevinspacay, thecumbercollective, mcfoily, officialjonathanaris, getlestrade, brolinized, unicornssilverblood, bennyslegs, hislastbough, martinfreeman, graceebooks, kumbricwitch, kinklock, thetarmacscene, ironmanvevo, skygosh, nonbinaryjohn, nondeducible, johnwatsonandhismachine, johnwatso, thealogie, pininglou, syupon, rutobuka2, gaysherlockholmes, kanisza, greglestrade, tonysbadlanguage, detectivelyd, alurkingcat, cametha, whybenedict, scarves-and-jumpers, fordeisbored, thegaylibbers, frougpepe, miladyholmes, painlock, yslhoe, imrisah, johnthreecontinents and if i’ve forgotten u imagine that’s u on this place!!! 


Sooo my PMBC Came back

The prompt was funky colored leopard spots and I left the color as artist choice.  I also asked for the little stuffed animal to be a different color but left that up to the artist what they wanted to do with it.   WHO ARE YOU ARTIST!  LET ME HUG YOU AND SQUISH YOU AND GIVE YOU COOKIES!   This came out even better than I pictured.

Oh and she will be available for breedings for free. ^_^

Stolen from Ottery.

  • Artist: Divine Comedy
  • What is your gender?: A Woman of the World.
  • Describe yourself: A Lady of a Certain Age.
  • How do you feel?: Everybody knows (Except you).
  • Describe where you currently live: Charmed Life.
  • If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: In Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Favourite mode of transportation?: Your Daddy’s Car.
  • Your best friend is: Diva Lady.
  • You and your best friends are: Becoming More Like Alfie.
  • Favourite time of day?: Sunrise.
  • If your life were a TV show it would be called: Bad Ambassador.
  • What is life to you?: A Perfect Lovesong.
  • Relationship status: Generation Sex.
  • Your fear?: Absent Friends.

This was surprisingly easy to do with Divine Comedy. I’d recommend anyone give them a listen. My favourite song is Lady of a Certain Age but that’s because it’s depressing and poetic. Bad Ambassador or National Express are more fun and lively. Also, Songs of Love is the Father Ted theme song.

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I hate to be the one to point it out but that line was from Ottery St Mary, not Helsinki. Still a great line though. :)

Actually it isn’t, funnily enough! I think this is why I hear ‘cheese’, because they’re always arguing about the cheese tray. But the specific bit with ‘toffees’ etc. was ‘Helsinki’: **.

‘Ottery St Mary’ has several of my other favourite lines, including when Arthur makes two cups of coffee because he doesn’t know how to make one until he’s made two… :)

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Home: I’ll write our characters living together.

It was odd to not find herself at the shoreline of Ottery St. Catchpole – it was her first home, it would always be her home but as she walked up the stairs of her apartment, happy to partake in the mundane task – she was content. It wasn’t that she – or they, enjoyed living in isolation but it was never in Emme’s or her own plan to live in the heart of London, they preferred something much more quiet. Something that worked with who they were and with their careers and the work they did on the side for the Order, it was best to stay out of the harsh light. They weren’t somewhere that was expected of them and that ambiguity gave them the best sense of security with the given circumstances. 

It was as if the exhaustion was finally catching up with her as she stumbled into the flat, locking the door swiftly, “Oh, Emme” she sighed, the faintest of smiles lingering at her lips as she saw the now cold dinner sitting on the counter for her, the brunette in question tucked away on the couch, it seemed that sleep had finally caught up to her. It had been a rough night, it was her only excuse for stumbling in at quarter past two. The war was rough on them all – she couldn’t say that they were still the two girls who had stumbled upon the train eager to tackled their first year, they were different. The losses, the pain – the never ending worry had made them different but as that all faded and she forced herself to wake up every morning, the only thing that she knew she would always have was, her.

Emmeline Ophelia Vance was her saving grace in many ways and as she lay curled up on the couch, she just knew that she had fallen asleep in an attempt to stay up for her. Dorcas knew she would always have her – nothing would change that. As she grasped the blanket that lay casted at the side and brought it over her, careful to ensure that it covered her completely and she was safe from falling, she knew that everything could crash and burn – she could lose far more then she had at this moment but she would live – she would survive as long as she had her. As she brushed her lips against the girl’s forehead, careful to not stir her, she just knew that Emmeline was her home. She would be able to endure anything that was thrown her way as long as she had her.