otterfaces replied to your post: aaaw yeah great start for the second season …

this season is going to be amazing. @colberican and i are going nuts

The second book is my favorite so I am going crazy over this new season! I only ended up reading halfway through the third book though and didn’t end up reading the whole series like I wanted to though…

Daenerys and Cersei are my favorite awesome ladies and I really enjoy watching Joffrey too because he’s such an annoying little twit and it’s kind of hilarious yet scary at the same time.

My cat is actually named Melissa Johnson the Cat (not to be confused with Melissa Johnson the Fish)

What I call her:
-plika plika
-binja binja
-purr purr baby
-princess plika plika prettiest of all the binka babies, mistress of all she surveys
-chicken butt
-fur nugget
-bestest of binkas
-hey you