Decolonize the Pipelines: Otterburne, Manitoba

“I thought there was a fire, but the way it lit the sky, it was like the sun coming up.” - Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion Sends Giant Fireball into the Sky

Pipelines are reliable. Pipelines are safe. Pipelines are necessary. There will be no spills. There will be no damages. There’s nothing to worry about. Right?

And the company responsible for the explosion? TransCanada.

Yes, the very same energy giant that has hired former AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine to do its dirty work of convincing Indigenous communities that this kind of world is a dystopian future we should be striving for.  

Time to #WarriorUp.


The Ballad of Chevy Chase

The events of the ballads center around the Battle of Otterburn (1388), a border skirmish between Sir Henry “Hotspur” Percy (English) and James, Earl of Douglas (Scottish). The Scottish won the day, but the battle cost Douglas his life. This famous ballad probably originated in the early 15th century.3

THE PERCY out of Northumberland,
   An avow to God made he  
That he would hunt in the mountains  
   Of Cheviot within days three,  
In the maugre of doughty Douglas, 
   And all that e’er with him be.

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Ghostly RAF Pilot Filmed in Belsay?

While driving down a dark road in Belsay, Northumberland, England at around 11:30 p.m., two radio presenters of ‘Gateshead Radio’ believe they may have captured video of a ghostly RAF pilot. Rob Davies and Chris Felton were driving back from Whickham after gathering information for a segment about the anniversary of the medieval Battle of Otterburn. 

During their drive back, the two saw a mysterious figure off to the side of the road dressed in beige RAF clothing. “He was sticking his arm out for a lift,” Rob said when speaking with the Chronicle. “but we could not stop in time due to being at 60 mph. Chris, who was driving, decided to turn around for him but we both agreed that he looked a bit odd.

We said we would pick him up if he was real and just make sure he was dropped at the nearest village, and joked he might be a phantom hitchhiker. I started filming on my iPhone as it seemed a bit odd.

Rob also noted that the figure appeared to be holding something under it’s arm, which looked like either a bag or a helmet. When the two turned back around, the figure had disappeared. “We cannot explain it - the only explanation is that he walked off into the darkness.” Rob said.

Rob and Chris later did some investigating on the history of the area where they saw the figure. They discovered there was an RAF crash in 1943 during a training exercise. The crashed occurred in the fields at Middleton Farm, which are behind where the figure was standing.

Many have expressed skepticism over this footage. The most popular theory suggests the figure was simply a person. Others, however, believe there’s still a chance that this was a real ghost.

Personally, I’m not sure what to think. The video isn’t very clear and it’s hard to make out any discernible features on this supposed spirit. Given the history of the area, is certainly possible a spirit became attached to the land. That being said, I’m still not fully convinced this was a being from the other side. What do you think? Does this footage show a genuine ghost? Or was it simply a person?


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