Decolonize the Pipelines: Otterburne, Manitoba

“I thought there was a fire, but the way it lit the sky, it was like the sun coming up.” - Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion Sends Giant Fireball into the Sky

Pipelines are reliable. Pipelines are safe. Pipelines are necessary. There will be no spills. There will be no damages. There’s nothing to worry about. Right?

And the company responsible for the explosion? TransCanada.

Yes, the very same energy giant that has hired former AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine to do its dirty work of convincing Indigenous communities that this kind of world is a dystopian future we should be striving for.  

Time to #WarriorUp.


‘After Chevy Chase’ (The Battle of Otterburn, 1388)
by Herbert Thomas Dicksee

Date painted: 1894
Oil on canvas, 172.5 x 241.5 cm
Collection: National Trust

The Ballad of Chevy Chase

The events of the ballads center around the Battle of Otterburn (1388), a border skirmish between Sir Henry “Hotspur” Percy (English) and James, Earl of Douglas (Scottish). The Scottish won the day, but the battle cost Douglas his life. This famous ballad probably originated in the early 15th century.3

THE PERCY out of Northumberland,
   An avow to God made he  
That he would hunt in the mountains  
   Of Cheviot within days three,  
In the maugre of doughty Douglas, 
   And all that e’er with him be.

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