the wonder of middle-grade fiction

In which I talk about some of my favorite middle-grade books that would be awesome to read for summer.

Series Of Unfortunate Events
Mysterious Benedict Society
Chasing Vermeer
The Last Dragon Chronicles
Every Soul A Star


Synesthete Problems

In which I say a bunch of shit about being a Synesthete.



In which I discuss a pretty cool neurological condition I have.

Scishow video on Synesthesia
bigthink video on Synesthesia


Math Jokes Against Humanity

In which math, card games, and cologne. That pretty much sums it up.


Life As A Teenage Writer

In which I discuss the wonderful and terrible parts of being a writer.


Beautiful Mathematics - A Time Lapse Drawing

In which I doodle a cool geometric thing, inspired by Vihart.

Vihart’s channel
Referenced video

The song is Yellow Bridges by El Ten Eleven. They are really great and I do not own this song. 


If That’s Not Beautiful - A Poem

In which I perform a poem defending math as an art form at my writing camp. Typed-up poem can be found here


Tales of a Virginian and a New Yorker

In which Vincient, my boyfriend, comes to New York to visit and we answer questions and have a jolly ol’ time.

The poem video


Post-It Note Magic

In which I show you how to fit yourself inside the average post-it note!

Song is thanks to the wonderful Josh Woodward


Some Sincerity - A Poem

In which I recite a poem of mine that could potentially be considered a slam poem.

Writing blog where more of my poetry can be found

This video looks best in 1080p, as per usual. I apologize for the weird lighting. I am 100% in focus AND the lighting is good next video, worry not. I hope you enjoyed this poem! 


My Favorite Books

In which it takes me fifteen and a half minutes to talk about only some of my favorite books.

This video looks best in 480p, as always.Sorry for the length. I promise I will not make a video nearly this long in the near future.

Full list of my favorite books


Understanding Yourself the Myers-Briggs Way 

In which I talk about the awesomeness of the personality type system, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. And also being an INTJ.

Tests woo!

Information woo!


I Never Asked For This

In which I talk about my relatively pathetic and quickly increasing obsession with the cast of Newsies

Newsies sideblog

Andrew Keenan-Bolger’s Youtube Channel


Welcome to the next stop in the adventures of Nicole on the interwebs.

Yes, today, I begin vlogging.

I apologize for the rather terrible jumpcuts. Windows Live Movie Maker can only do so much…


My Family Will Never Be Normal

In which I tell stories of family and singing and oddities. And I fangirl over math.

Youtube has decided to be a butt and change the layout, which is not the greatest. Thus, many of my subscribers not see this video. So if you could share this on Twitter or Tumblr or something, that would be amazing. :)


on OCD

In which I talk about my obsessive tendencies and the careless usages of the term OCD.

Megan’s social anxiety video


Futility, Immortality, and A Poem

In which I speak my thoughts on the meaning of human existence.

Song is “Under The Stairs” by Josh Woodward

Link to the typed poem