“Bird Board” by LA KE  $200

Custom designed and painted Blind Skate deck by Charlotte for LA KE

Have an old board and live in the Toronto area? LA KE can make it new! Send us a shout at to order a custom and #getoutside for spring season.. or hang it up on your wall :) + Visit the LA KE society6 store!!

“LA KE- the Index of Toronto creatives being inspired every day by nature”

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hey look mom, I’m a total douchebag. eugh my hair was great and then I ruined it. WHERE DID I EVEN FIND THOSE GLASSES? WHY DO I HAVE TWO PAIRS? This is officially a personal blog. NO doubt abooot it. A year later: Still, posting work and still getting away with crap like this.



The site I chose for my thesis was the 89-109 Niagara Street building(s). They are absolutely beautiful, not to mention tall, heritage buildings and after meticulously picking at the pros and cons of the new proposal and staff report for the site (two tall condominiums to perfectly match every other new building being erected in all directions around Fort York) I have determined that my solution to the space is better suited for the site, can prove to be very economic, build community in an area that has much but may quickly lose it to the rapid introduction of high-rise living, and maintain the amazing culture that resides in these buildings that used to be Toronto’s Coffin Factory :) Now that I have done my selling, I’ll sit down and admire these photos I took of the site in early September because it truly is a fantastic neighbourhood with Stanley Park, pretty row houses, mixed businesses, tons of restaurants and a middle aged, working & city living demographic that I’m super jealous of because they are cool and I am not. 




DATE: December 31, 2009 FEATURING: Christine, Nathalie, Ksenia HAIR & MAKEUP: Charlotte Rauchberger STYLING: Charlotte Rauchberger 

SHOT WITH: Sony Cyber-shot DSC H50

“Knots”, features portraits of my complicated & beautiful best friends. I photographed these in 2009 but they are even more beautiful and far more significant now. I see our innocence, our awkwardness, shyness. It’s nostalgic :)

Charlotte Rauchberger ©



DATE: January 3, 2011 FEATURING: Chelsea-Sarah, Christine, Nathalie, Samantha HAIR & MAKEUP: Tamara Coutinho, Charlotte Rauchberger STYLING: Tamara Coutinho, Charlotte Rauchberger

SHOT WITH: Sony Cyber-shot DSC H50

This shoot still remains my favourite. It was a destination, an excuse to put on strange make-up and justification to play in the snow and a reason to explore the farm and a creative way to ask my friends to simply hang out.