otter who

how has no one else noticed??

flashback to “Hey, Who Want’s Pizza?” and the iconic Jonah Giving Cyrus the Jersey™

cue Jonah saying “we got you this instead” and showing Cyrus’ amazing new Space Otters jersey

when he shows it for the first time, its facing FRONT

we are being shown the FRONT of the jersey

now, cue them showing Cyrus’ face

i’ve studied this many, many times.

Jonah doesn’t change the jersey’s position

Jonah’s hands barely move at all

now cue Jonah’s face being shown once more

what side of the jersey is being seen now, you ask?

the BACK

we are seeing “vest friend”

which is written on the BACK

(i noticed this like 2 ½ months ago and keep forgetting to point it out whoops)

(tumblr won’t let me post the video so if you want proof i personally recommed youtube!!)

Furry, feisty, paw-erful—Otter Girl! For Sea Otter Awareness Week, let’s meet Abby! Rescued as a newborn in July ‘07 by the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Rescue Center, Abby was raised at SeaWorld Sand Diego. In June '12, she joined our sea otter program, and became a surrogate mother to her first pup, Sina, in January 2013!

To spot Abby, look for the all-brown otter who loves to stick out her tongue—she also likes playing with artificial kelp, taking ice baths and eating frozen clam pops. 

Thanks for all of your dedicated work for sea otters in the wild, Abby! 

Hi I lost 30 pounds and I feel good abt it and I don’t usually feel good bout things relating to my physical form so I’m just gunna ride the body positivity wave for now while I got it


Otters love peanuts! Who knew? (x)