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candlenite replied to yourpost: my two favorite fics from yuletide 2016 were…

Do u mind saying which ones?

Not at all! I’m not quite done reading through the whole yuletide 2016 archive, but I especially loved “Why Is Josh’s Friend’s Uncle Talking to Me About Vampires?” which is a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/Buffy the Vampire Slayer fusion by etothepii, who wrote some of my favorite Sherlock fics back in the day.

The other is “Conquest” a delicious Caesar/Marc Antony fic by the incomparable astolat, whose Drarry fic has been a standard in the HP fandom for a long while now.

New favorite authors: 

Beatrice_Otter, who did an extremely well-thought out fusion of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with genuine French history—a great read in “From Castle to Palace

kmo, who wrote an unexpected and yet very tender American Gods fic, where Samantha Black Crow meets Athena (yes, that one) in the UW Madison library, “under god’s power she flourishes

The Yentl fandom fucking brought it this year, and I loved both “Mechaye Hametim” and “Begin With Love” as explorations of Hadass’ point of view, and her relationship with Anshel/Yentl.

house of leaves” for Over the Garden Wall has such good writing, both in delivering on the fairytale and surrealism of the canon, and hitting on that particular awkward adolescence that is behind so many fairytales.

We Arrive in the Dark” is the Andy/Miranda Devil Wears Prada fic I always wanted, where the evil step-mother and cinderella negotiate the relationship between them, with fairytale overtures made explicit.

My favorite new show of 2016 was The Good Place, and “Heaven Is (A Place Doug Forcett Got 92% Right)” delivers on all I love about the show, the zany amusement and heart of it all.

Also, “The Kerkylas Society”, which is an extremely charming fic featuring Mac and Phryne Fisher and the “ladies club” that Mac belongs to. It’s a little casefic, but with a thoughtful and interesting twist of history and exploration, and I enjoyed it a lot.

The Place You Need to Reach” is a great Librarians fic, about Librarians past and ‘Jenkins’. I loved reading this snapshot of how the library managed, in the high middle ages, and its oc is terribly charming.

There are a lot of other fics I adored—shout out to redbells, who wrote one of three Enslaved fics I will actually read; and BlackEyedGirl whose Deirdre Robespierre/Jacqueline Voohrees is just as deliciously fucked up as you would want, and incandescent (lmeden) who managed to actually deliver on the psychologically twisted Crimson Peak fic I’ve been longing for; plus everyone who wrote for Galavant and Selfie, because I had such fun paging through that section of the archive.

I love yultide, I have for literal years, and everyone should go fucking nuts in the 2016 offerings, because its authors deserve nothing less!

Patronus - Otter

Those who are kin with the otter may come off as solitary, shy, and maybe even unfriendly to those outside of their close friends and family. Otters wish for everything to be orderly, and are afraid to venture far from their limits. However, if you experience the pleasure of becoming close to them, they will be sure to care for you and cleanse you of any unhappiness you might be hiding.



1. Smiley eyes

2. Unpretentious laughter

3. Hard working

4. Talented (His voice is golden! He writes songs too. ARS!!!)


5. He looks like an otter!

WHO EDITED THIS???!!! You have some skills. LOL! 


7. Nich-In -V

8. He’s brighter than the SUNSHINE


10.  He’s a precious little cinnamon bun that we need to protect 

11. He defines EXCITEMENT

12. He’s crazy sometimes

13. His another form of happiness is HITTING Jackson

14. He has his own world

15. His love for dogs COCO

15. ENGLISH TIME His english~~

16. GAMER 

17. He becomes more SAVAGE nowadays

18. He’s CUTE without even trying

19. He deserve all the love in the world

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Do you think Liam will be the first to release music this year? When exactly do you think he will release? March?


I think Loammy Jean’s def. releasing a single before the end of Q1, so end of March the latest. As much as this gives me Sea Otter Who Hates Watermelon but Eats it Anyway face to say this, I think his music will be released in tandem with that Cherliam goat rodeo, so mayhaps the same time as Cheryl’s Glamour Shots™ Nuddy Pants ad that Cheryl  a source told The Sun was coming out “in a few weeks”. 

Considering that Zayn is also supposed to be releasing music on a similar time table, its hard to say which of my two favorite hoes will release their music first. If I had to channel my thinking boob powers, I’d say Zayn, because the tie in makes sense due to the VersacexZayn fashion show on Feb. 18 and the campaign release this month. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful girlfriend Sara. I love you so much. Your the best person to come into my life and I hope you never leave. Thanks for always making me smile and never not showing me you love me. I dreamt about you for as long as I can remember and baby your more beautiful, kind, funny, sweet, caring, genuinely the nicest person I know. Your perfect for me in every way. I love you so much baby.

Larry loves you too!

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Liam needs a solid fanbase that can promote his music and help push it in radio and spread it to other audiences So if a great part of them feel turned off by this baby shit, he will be in a bit of trouble and that's why I do think this young dad image can affect his career.

I don’t know that its a great part of them that feels turned off by the baby shit. I would say its a minority portion of his fandom that is, but I also don’t have access to the social listening tools they have, so. 

From the fandom reading I get, this stunt seems to horrify some on Liam’s behalf, others are as just like “this is cancelled due to lack of interest”. Some have walked away from Liam entirely just because they don’t wanna deal, but I don’t know that its a large amount of fans. 

I’ll be honest with you - after reading all the plans they had  to monetize that baby today, I was appropriately sea otter who hates watermelon but eats it anyway. I knew Cheryl would, but seeing it was like when you go to the movie theater sometimes and you see someone left a booger on a chair, and you’re like “ew”? So in that sense, if Liam released music right this moment, I’d be a bespoke garment made of meh, and this is coming from someone that is a fan of Loammy’s and lobes him. 

Marvel’s cinematic universe gets vaster by the week, yet it still doesn’t contain as many semi-aquatic mammals as it should. Until now, that is…