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Vastayan Tree feat. References.

// For those that haven’t read the new lore, have a small Vastaya tree, that pretty much shows the species or “clans” of each character.

All of these are referenced in the lore as part of their own clan, excepting for the Ottrani (That I assume is a pun on the word Otter) and Nidalee, who is the only shapeshifter in the game I can think of.

So if you ever wanted to know Rengar’s or Wukong’s clan. Here you go.

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Do you know the other otter who wears a toothless outfit? I can't remember his name. But I do see his sona getting it up the butt a lot.

*rolls around the floor laughing*

yeah! Yeah thats


Never really thought of him as “that otter in the dragon suit that likes taking it in the butt” before, but i guess that does somewhat narrow it down xP

@cordyceps-sapiens the most shocking thing is that in two weeks, you are literally the only person to point out/remember the Giant River otter who cried eating watermelon, which was how I learned about the species in the first place.

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Anti always seems to be a bit faster than you on things. Is it just because you're busy or is it because you're just too slow to compete against?

There was a tapping sound, sharp and short, that seemed to come from an unknown source. It echoed into the silence, before all was still again. But then it arrived in that same short fashion, crisp and riveting like it was pumping against the wood. It became apparent after the third tap, that a pencil in Dark’s grip was being snapped against the desk-top, and with such force, it was beginning to splinter the wood of the pencil. His face, however, was remarkably unchanging.

“That is dependent on what you are referring to. If you are attempting to insult me based on my physical speed, well you have failed. Because yes, you are correct, Anti is faster than me when it comes to battles. He’s that slippery little otter in the river, who dashes about and squeaks and squawks. He’s that slimy little eel you attempt to grab but they wiggle away and cackle in their bubbly abyss. But that is all he is. Fast. Compared to me, he is a flea biting on my skin. He may deliver more blows than I, yes, but that is because it takes more blows to take me down. You see, I am strong. Very strong. Very… veRy stROnG. One proper swing and I could, quite literally, pop Anti’s poor green head straight from his vertebrae. One little squeeze and I could snap the length of his spine. The strength of my jaw could crush through the width of his wrist. But as you say, he is indeed fast. He can dodge, he can glitch, he can wriggle around and slice here and there. And his taunting tends to get rather distracting. So we are evenly matched, believe it or not, and I am not one to fight anyway.”

He inhaled and took a slow and rather calming breath.

“If you are referring to the fact that it takes me a longer amount of time to reply to my lovelies, yes that is also true. But you see, when you have such a larger amount of followers, one tends to get a little busier.”