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OHAIYOUSORO! Have you seen the Shuka and Anchan pic where they are super close and almost kissing? I saw it and my heart wasn't ready for it.

Ahahaha, are you talking about this picture?

Either you’re already aware of the origins of this picture or I’m going to destroy your dreams. Under a cut (:D)| ̄|_

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so uh besides getting ultimately HUGE positive feedback over That-One-Shipping-Problem i got some criticism from anons throwing hate right in my face, not as post on their blogs, that spoil tag searching, but as disappointing pieces of my askbox and messages
of course non of them would leak being deleted forever but one of them caught my eye so now i’ll speak other language
basically i was asked if i was a youngster would it be okay for me to fall in relationships with an adult and why the hell do i need to force characters in my weenie vanilla poop
AND THAT was a twist YOU DON’T KNOW ME and i will let you know that YES OKAY i support healthy underage relationships BECAUSE when i was 15 i was highly encouraged by my adult mate who literally changed me in a better course and i trusted her fully and that is MY EXPERIENCE which should be considered as worthy as yours
i really just want people to have fun, to self-insert and find kins and soulmates and themselves in fictional characters because it’s an important part of stress relief, accepting a personality by itself, surrounding by comfort in hard times
i mean have you ever heard of tulpa? try googling it
this is a nature of making favorite characters lgbtkia+ and it’s incredible that people create art being inspired and i’m excited to be the part of this, feeling it so deeply, trying to express myself, making chars happy the way they deserve and the way I would be happy myself cause that’s the way i know
i can’t say it’s hard to talk to op who think that characters i consider made for each other are doomed as a pair bc i have pals who dislike my ships and i can’t relate their we either not talk about them or we try to communicate and share so we can tolerate and accept things
but uh god help those outcasts that spit out poisoning acid and get full pleasure from tormenting and triggering others wishing them to die for what they like please this hellsite and this life just need a chill out

Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Eight):
  • "What are you gonna do? Kill me?"
  • "Don't do this, fight it!"
  • "Oh, but he can't help it, can he?"
  • "Just putting the seeds on the ground."
  • "Give me your tickets right now, or I'm gonna kick your meek little sheep butt!"
  • "Ow! Cut it out!"
  • "Catch me if ya' can, cottontail!"
  • "I got dibs!"
  • "I am in pursuit!"
  • "You wasted the day on purpose!"
  • "I have a fake badge. I would never impede your pretend investigation."
  • "They should've gotten a real cop to find him."
  • "No no no, shh! There are traffic cameras everywhere."
  • "So fluffy!"
  • "Sheep never let me get this close."
  • "We cannot let fear divide us."
  • "The new mayor wants to see us."
  • "It would seem you've arrived."
  • "We found out what's happening."
  • "I'll go ahead and take that case now."
  • "I got you. Okay, just relax."
  • "I put a few snacks in there."
  • "This is fox deterrent."
  • "Yeah, that's safe to have."
  • "Tomorrow's another day..."
  • "But it might be worse!"
  • "My tax dollars pay your salary!"
  • "No. He attacked."
  • "He went crazy—ripped up the car, scared my driver half to death, and disappeared into the night."
  • "But he's a sweet little otter."
  • "Speak of the devil. Right on time."
  • "We work with him now."
  • "He's our partner, and we never would have considered it had you not opened our minds."
  • "Just... We'll think of something."
  • "Think of the headlines!"
  • "We all have limitations, we all make mistakes, which means—hey, glass half full!—we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try."

i drew my favorite raccoon boy. im also lying to myself if i dont say i did it for @connrcarricks.

Get ready for our second dub cast announcement for Free! -Eternal Summer-! Today’s unveil is the cute, hilarious, definitely-not-a-thug Nagisa Hazuki! Who’s playing the Iwatobi Swim Club founder and resident troublemaking penguin-lover?

Nagisa (played by Tsubasa Yonaga in the Japanese version) is played by Greg Ayres! You might recognize Greg from such roles as Ouran High School Host Club’s Kaoru Hitachiin, Hetalia’s Denmark, and No. 6’s Shion. A lot of people also guessed this one right too! (‐^▽^‐)
We asked Greg a few questions pertaining to the role!
Question: Can you swim? If so, what’s your best stroke?
Greg: I have been a little water bug since I was a kid. While I mostly swim for fun, I guess my best stroke would be the freestyle stroke. I also love the sidestroke too.

Question: What’s your favorite marine animal?
Greg: My favorite marine animal without a doubt would be the otter!! Their playfulness totally speaks to the big kid in me. They make swimming look fun, and easy, and super cute all in one stroke.

Question: When you were in high school, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Greg: I had always hoped I would be an actor when I grew up. Now that I’ve made it to the “acting” part, I guess I need to work on the “growing up” part. :)

Check back tomorrow for our next announcement! We’re announcing new dub cast members every day this week until November 16!
The announcements hit first on the Free! -Eternal Summer- Tumblr and Facebook page, so make sure you’re following them for the most up-to-date news! For more updates about Free! - Eternal Summer - be sure to also sign up for our newsletter here 

Cast so far:
Rei Ryugazaki
J Michael Tatum
Nagisa Hazuki
Greg Ayres
(As a reminder, if you’re curious about the status of the Free! season 1 home video release and haven’t heard yet, be sure to check out this blog entry for the full explanation. We currently have no newer updates at this time.)


“I lived among otters once for a month. Well I sulked - River and I, we had this big fight…”

This definitely happened. River and Eleven go at it because they can’t agree on where/when to the land the Tardis for their anniversary and, aside from not being able to decide on how long they have actually been together for they collide with the freshly built Empire State building three times in a row (because of the dimensional shift) and then River calls Eleven a puppy, or something of that sort and he doesn’t find that funny and she gives him a spanking and leaves him at some intergalactic sandwich bar and he hitchhikes to some God-forsaken planet that is basically ruled by otters and he learns to speak otter (so he says) and he doesn’t shower or anything and lets them wear his bow tie while he reads Jane Eyre and eats onion grass and then one day River shows up with the Tardis and Eleven doesn’t want to leave and River lets him keep a pair of otters and the four of them fly away into the time vortex.