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I’ve successfully sat down to write SIXTY days in a row! Slowly but surely writing my novel. The Scrivener App on my iPad makes such a difference, and the word tracker is both helpful and aesthetically pleasing. 


Announcing that my store will be back open tomorrow @ 12pm est with these new goodies and more!

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Mikasa Ackerman. Jean Kirschtein. 

Modern AU.

Sunday Mornings. Impromptu Plans. Socks. Otters. 

550 words.

When Mikasa knocked on his door, she got a response faster than she had expected to.

Promptly, the door flung open and a familiar pair of hazel eyes came into her view.

Jean looked as placid as a person could ever be in their own home. However, the second Jean looked and realized it was her, a sense of alertness rushed into his eyes.


He looked embarrassed to be seen by her. Quickly, he pushed the door until it was only partially open, leaving only a narrow gap between it and its frame.

At first, Mikasa wondered why her presence left him flustered. But immediately, she recalled seeing the bare skin of his shoulders and chest. Clearly, there was only one person properly dressed for the occasion and it was not him.

Peeping out at her through the narrow crack, Jean tried to keep his expression composed, “Hey, did I buzz you in? How’d you get here?” 

“One of your neighbours let me in,” Mikasa answered. “He was very tall and he had a dog with him.” She could recall a rather tall fellow holding open the apartment complex’s door for her. He seemed nice and rather unsuspecting to what Mikasa was intending to do on a Sunday morning.

Jean’s brow furrowed, “Oh, Mr. Zacharius?”

“I guess,” Mikasa replied. She looked what she could see of Jean up and down. The plausible ideas regarding his current state of dress swirled in her head. “Is this a bad time?”

Jean shook his head, “No, it’s just kinda… awkward.”

“Are you wearing anything right now?” Mikasa asked.

“I got trunks on,” Jean answered. He stuck out his leg from the crack in the door to reveal his foot, which had a rather gaudy-looking sock on it. “And these bad boys.”

Mikasa was not sure what to think of Jean’s choice in clothing. She could have never guessed that Jean had a fondness for wearing socks with otters printed on them. She thought that she would have felt more comfortable with Jean if he wasn’t wearing them at all.

“May I ask why you answered the door while barely dressed?” Mikasa wondered.

“I thought you were my landlord or something,” Jean answered. He rolled his eyes, seemingly humoured by his own assumptions. “I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s caught me like this.”

“I could leave,” Mikasa offered quickly. “Come back when you’re more dressed.”

Jean shook his head, “Nah, don’t worry about it. What do you need?”

Mikasa took in a breath and spoke, “Do you want to come for brunch?”

Jean raised an eyebrow. Clearly, it seemed that he was expecting something else to be asked of him. “Brunch? You could’ve just texted me.”

“Yeah, I could have,” Mikasa agreed. She looked at the edge of the door itself, focusing on Jean’s calloused hand pressed against it. “I guess I’m old school then.”

Shrugging, Jean saw no point in refusing, “I could do brunch. Can I get dressed first? Most places have a no shirt, no shoes, no service thing going on.”

“Please,” Mikasa agreed. “I’d prefer it if you had a shirt on.”

Jean’s smirked, clearly amused by her choice in words. “Oh really? I thought you liked it the other way.”

Mikasa raised an eyebrow, “Hm?”

“Nevermind, I’ll get changed.”