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If the 104th and vets were tp become animals, what would they be?

Mikasa: Cat
Reiner: Bear
Bertholdt: Deer
Annie: Bird
Eren: Penguin
Jean: Otter
Marco: Bee
Sasha: Wolve
Connie: Goat
Historia: Horse
Ymir: Sloth
Armin: Jellyfish
Levi: bats
Erwin: Lion
Hanji: Squirrel
Nanaba: Hamster
Mike: Dog
Moblit: Frog

my thoughts on 5x18

I’m back! Sorry I didn’t do one of these last week but I was busy off having a life. I know, so rude, huh? But I got to see an octopus and otters and penguins and jellyfish… so I say it was a good sacrifice in the end. 😏

quick housekeeping note: before I get to the list, I just wanted to say that I’ve gotten several anons that I can’t post for one reason or another. If you’ve sent me an anon and I haven’t posted it, it’s because I can’t/won’t discuss the subject. Nothing against the asker, just better discussed privately in some cases. 👍

On with the show! 

  • Oliver patching himself up instead of letting Dig or FELICITY do it hurts my heart. 💔
  • Oliver not being able to look at Felicity is so damn telling, y’all. 
  • His broken whisper, asking her to go. GAH. The pain is beautiful. 
  • Felicity is clearly upset at how shut down Oliver is… and not just because he won’t let her in but because of what was done to him. Prommy better watch his back around her. 
  • Quentin being protective of Oliver 🗣
  • That was the most anticlimactic and coldest breakup I’ve ever seen in my life. DAAAAAAMN. Bye, Snoozan. 👋
  • The b-team was kinda fun this week. I’m enjoying Rene and Dinah more and more each week. Dinah being the “new Dig” in this scenario? Acceptable. Less acceptable is Curtis being the new Felicity. I don’t think he’s Oliver’s type. Or Dig in this scenario since Dig is the new Oliver. Wait. I think I confused myself. 🤔
  • Dig continually confronting Oliver this episode was kinda glorious. But did y’all notice that the ONE time he got through to Oliver was the one time Oliver came to him
  • Dig gets through to Oliver’s mind. Felicity will get through to his heart. This is why they are OTA. Incomplete without all three. #team
  • I love how when her hair is down that’s when you know shit is getting real. 😍
  • It’s official. Prometheus is my favorite villain. The rest can go home. 
  • But something feels too easy? He thinks Adrian didn’t expect Felicity. While he might not have expected her to out him like that, that soon… I think he very much expects Felicity. 
  • the band’s back together! 🙌 look how happy they all are!
  • The promo for 5x19 is legit 🔥. Stop her, Oliver! PLEASE, STOP HER. 
  • In related news, having to wait till April 26 is BULLSHIT. 😡

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God, I love this show. 😂

controlfreak0915  asked:

If the 104th were all animals, what animals would they be? (its only my second question and i feel like im pushing it ;-;)

Mikasa: Cat
Reiner: Bear
Bertholdt: Deer
Annie: Bird
Eren: Penguin
Jean: Otter
Marco: Bee
Sasha: Wolve
Connie: Goat
Historia: Horse
Ymir: Sloth
Armin: Jellyfish
Levi: bats
Erwin: Lion
Hanji: Squirrel
Nanaba: Hamster
Mike: Dog

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Gender: Female
Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: 4′11″
Sexual orientation: Heteroflexible
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favorite color: Black, red, gray, mint green
Favorite animal: Dog, cat, otter, penguin
Average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours
Cat or dog person: 🐶
Favorite fictional character: Harley Quinn
Number of blankets: 2
Favorite singer/band: Ed Sheeran, Halsey, The 1975, The Weeknd, Arctic Monkeys, The Chainsmokers
Dream trip: For obvious reasons, South Korea. Not only do I wanna buy Kpop merch, I also wanna buy cosmetics and skin care products as well as go to the stairs in this one city (I forgot which one) that has penguins on them and this one bookstore.
Dream job: To be a psychiatrist or a writer. I mean, I already am a writer but you know, I wanna see my work as a softbound or a hardbound (my thesis not included).
When was this blog made: December 2009 I think?
Number of followers: 1,300
What made you decide to create this blog: A friend I no longer talk to irl asked me to make one since she has one.

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Name - Gia, but prefer Emy 
Age - 18
Height - 165cm or something like that 
Ult Bias – Mark Tuan, even tho i have Kihyun is like making me look like a hoe :’))) 
Nicknames - My, cale, satan (don’t ask lmao) 
Zodiac sign - Gemini 
Ethnicity - Vietnamese
Favorite fruit - Strawberries 
Favorite season – Spring, even tho i’m allergic af during this period x.x 
Favorite color – White, black, beige, red
Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa – Tea!!! 
Favorite animal(s) – Bunnies? :’) I love penguins and otters too!! 
Dream trip – Japan + Korea, with friends ‘cause I already went to Japan but alone and it was kind of restricting :/ 
Number of blankets you sleep with - 2 even tho it’s spring ahaha, but soon, it’ll be one ! 8) 
Dogs or cats - Hmm… Dogs but the big ones and i love cats but i’m allergic :c 
Side blog - 1, to keep things 
Follower count - 400 ~
When did you start this blog – late 2012? i began being active in the kpop fandom last year tho 

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Phew! For a moment I thought Nintendo royally messed up on me with that photo thing they recently put on the internet app, but it’s all good!
QR codes will resume eventually, but I’m presently still super invested in the interior design of this game!

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Name: Emy

Nickname(s): Emy is actually a nickname already tho :’) My, satan (don’t ask why lmao), totoro, and there is more but i don’t remember ahah 

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 165cm or something like that

Orientation: ??? 

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries, mangosteen and apple rose (not sure of the name tho) 

Favorite Season: Spring ! (even if i have hay fever x.x) 

Favorite Book: None, i don’t read enough :/ 

Favorite Flower:  Jasmine, I like lotus flower and cherry blossom too c:

Favorite Scent: Jasmine

Favorite Color(s): Beige, red 

Favorite Animal(s): Penguins, otters

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot tea, the best are green/mint/jasmine tea! hehehe

Cat or Dog person: More of a dog person, cause cats threaten bunnies and cause i’m allergic :’)) 

Favorite Fictional Character(s): Totoro ? beside that  i love Tsunemori Akane from Psycho-pass and Izaya Orihara from Durarara :D 

Number of Blankets you sleep with: Two

Ideal Trip: Japan + Korea for at least 1 month with friends o/ 

Blog created: November 2012 / but switched from animanga based to kpop later and started creating content last year 

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Michael has started leaving me cute long voicemails because he had duty and couldn’t text, and then when he could it wasn’t working for whatever reason. But I told him I liked that so he left more like when I was sleeping last night and at pt this morning..and when I went to listen to the one this morning I was expecting it to be along the lines of the other ones where he said he missed me and loves me and stuff, but instead he starts talking about how otters kill penguins. That’s is why I’m marrying him, he manages to keep my life interesting and entertaining…and of course I’m madly in love with him ❤️