otter pattern


Sadly I am lacking in any degree of sewing skills but should you ever feel the need to do a spot of Benedict related cross stitching the new, rather entertaining book Benedict Cumberstitch by Colleen Carrington will see you right.

The publishers kindly sent me a copy and its packed with various different patterns featuring Benedict so you can cross stitch to your hearts content. There are two different patterns of him as Sherlock, images of him as Smaug, as an Oscar and with an Otter, patterns for Frankenstein and Hamlet and even some simple portraits. 

The materials you need and how to follow the patterns is all explained very clearly at the beginning of the book. 

The book is out on 24 September priced £8.99 from Amazon

If you are an anime character with fluffy or spiky orange/red/pink hair, chances are I will think you are the cutest thing on earth.

Momo is officially the cutest character on Free! now imo so I had to draw him!!

The Momo otter pattern in the background was made by me (*´・v・)