otter hands


was really mad and stressed bc finals week AHhh 
then I watched this cute ass shit.. 

Okay but consider this

Kirk is always trying to get Spock to hold his hand more often, and Spock is like “You know I care deeply about you ashayam, but I just don’t see the point in holding hands all the time, it’s not logical.” So Kirk is like “That’s where you’ve got it all wong.” and then proceeds to tell him that story about how when otters swim they hold hands so they don’t float away from each other. And from then on Spock is just like no captain, we must ALWAYS be holding hands. On missions where they stop by and just say hello to whatever life form is on a neighboring planet? Holding hands. On missions where they get locked up, bruised and bloodied in the middle of a war zone, and almost don’t make it? Holding hands. Wether it’s a landing part of two or twenty you can bet what they’re doing. Flying the Enterprise? On shore leave? While Kirk is reading a book or even brushing his teeth? You got it to all of the above. 

So one day Kirk just can’t stop laughing at the difference and he’s like “When I said that about holding hands I didn’t mean ALL the time, though I certainly DO appreciate the gesture.” as Spock clings endearingly to his sleeve while they plot course for the next planet together. And Spock, in a very quiet voice, says seriously as he turns to Jim. “Captain, I couldn’t bare the thought of you floating away from me, especially out here in space. It would be… most illogical for that to happen.” And from that moment on, Kirk no longer laughs whenever they bring up the subject of holding hands. If anything, he squeeze’s Spock’s hand just a little tighter instead. 

anonymous asked:

Can I have some good Stephew facts and moments? Thank.

Some good facts:

-Steph made Matt play through the first Portal game to see if he’d make good boyfriend material.

-Steph calls Matt ‘honey’, Matt calls her ‘honey’ and 'darling’.

-Matt’s mom gave Steph a necklace that says 'family’ on it.

-Matt says Stephanie is his number one priority above work, friends, and family.

-Stephanie admitted she gets really emotional around anniversaries.

-Matt used to (and probably still does lbr) sing Stephanie love serenades.

-Every year they argue about the thanksgiving turkey (Matt always wants to buy a huge one, Stephanie points out they can’t eat a massive turkey).

-Matt calls Steph the 'Terror Of The Deep’ due to her love of sushi.

-Stephanie and Matt own matching shirts and occasionally wear them by accident and have to change before the livestreams.

-Matt thinks Steph is cute when she pouts.

-Before they have meetings on Skype with people, they’ll make silly faces together in the webcam.

-When jumpscared, Matt will usually hide behind Stephanie. When there’s an actual threat, he stands in front of her.

-Stephanie has said whenever she went to Matt’s shows, she only ever really paid attention to Matt.

-They’re nerds and share socks.

-Matt has said he has nothing but respect and admiration for Stephanie, not just on a spouse level but a friend level too.

-Stephanie thinks Matt’s brave and admired his courage when it came to never giving up on theatre auditions and putting himself out there.

-Every February 1st, since they first started dating, Matt gives Steph a dozen white roses since they’re her favourite.

-Stephanie has kept every love note Matt gave her.

-Matt regularly compliments Stephanie and admires that she’s a speed reader.

-Stephanie thinks of her engagement ring as her most prized possession.

-In college, Stephanie has basically a thinkgroup with her friends to determine if Matt was gay, and if he wasn’t, if he liked her.

-Matt has said that even before they were dating, even when he was dating someone else, he always liked Stephanie and could always see a future with her (I know I’ve said this one before, but gotdamn do I love this fact).

-By their own admission, over the years Matt has turned Stephanie into a softie.

-Matt said he spent a long time planning his proposal, and the reason it took him so long was because he wanted it to be perfect, and eventually realized it always had been.

-Stephanie loves the 'otters holding hands’ YouTube video because it came out around when they began dating and it makes her think of them.

Here u go! I’d give u some links to Stephew moments, but my computer has been acting up so I can’t link them perfectly to the time and without posting the entire URL. But I think I have a post of some fave moments, and I’ll try and find it and reblog it for you anon!

Daehwi: yo, mad props on the sandwich, mom. this PB&J is off the hook!

Donghyun: excuse me?

Woojin: he’s been watching MTV Cribs. the kid’s a sponge.

Daehwi: for shizzle, my drizzle.