DANTE, a poem by Michelangelo

What should be said of him cannot be said;
By too great splendor is his name attended;
To blame is easier than those who him offended,
Than reach the faintest glory round him shed.
This man descended to the doomed and dead
For our instruction; then to God ascended;
Heaven opened wide to him its portals splendid,
Who from his country’s, closed against him, fled.
Ungrateful land! To its own prejudice
Nurse of his fortunes; and this showeth well
That the most perfect most of grief shall see.
Among a thousand proofs let one suffice,
That as his exile hath no parallel,
Ne'er walked the earth a greater man than he.

Translated into English by H.W. Longfellow (1807-1882)
Painting by Domenico di Michelino. Florence, 1465.

The Flash Wikia page says that Dante died in February of 2016. And since the show was concurrent with our timeline at that time (not sure it is now cause I think Barry went back to the night that he left so it could still be May or June for them), that means that Dante died around the time Barry, Cisco, and Harry left/came back from E2. Which means it’s possible that Cisco came back to find out his brother was dead. And it also means that Rupture was probably even harder for Cisco to deal with because not only did he not make up with Dante, but he had to watch his brother’s doppleganger be evil and then get murdered in the exact same way he’s seen himself die over and over. So, yep. Cool. 

Evidence for Rupture Showing Up

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  • we just got a vibe appearance and i, for one, am still not over it in the least. but this means that hopefully vibe will have a large part of the story, especially since they keep hinting that alchemy is trying to make things be just like flashpoint was. which could potentially mean that cisco is going to realize his own self worth and just how valuable and powerful he is. which means that unless the writers somehow forget, cisco is going to have a storyline this season.
  • the person/thing that killed clariss doesn’t show up on a security camera, instead appearing as distorted flashes of light. who does that remind you of? in the comics, cisco (and presumably armando as well) can’t be seen on any sort of camera. it’s because of the frequency that they vibrate at. (yes, I do think that they’re going to replace armando with dante, and yes, I am Bitter, but i’m still very excited)
  • julian’s line “do you believe in ghosts, allen?” could be referring to the return of someone that we thought was dead.
  • the lighting in clariss’s cell makes it hard to tell the color, but he was clearly killed somehow by someone wearing a heavy gauntlet. 
  • i refuse to believe that dante is dead-if something of equal tragedy to what happened in flashpoint will still happen in the new timeline regardless of barry’s intentions (as per what wellsobard said in season one), then it stands to reason that someone would get grievously injured in some way like wally did. but nobody died in flashpoint except for clariss, who appears to have ended up that way again. but that’s mostly conspiracy.
  • anyways
  • let rupture come back
  • i don’t trust them with the storyline at all but i still want it.
Man Honestly Thought Breakdown Would Be More Obvious To People

VESPER BAY, WT—Explaining that he had assumed the deterioration of his physical and psychological state would be readily apparent, Archon at the Scions of the Seventh Dawn Thancred Waters told reporters Watersday he honestly thought his ongoing breakdown would be more obvious to everyone around him. “Given how many times in the past moon I’ve showed up to work on two bells of sleep and just stared at the wall in total silence, I’d kind of expected someone to ask me if everything’s all right at home or at least tell me I look tired lately, but so far I haven’t heard a thing,” said Waters, adding that he thought the frequency with which he places his face in his hands and mutters morosely to himself would have been a clear indication that he was completely unraveling and prompted somebody at some point to stop by his moping spot in the corridor. “I was sure when Minfilia asked me to speak with her last week it would be to discuss why I constantly look like I’m on the verge of tears during meetings, but it turns out she just wanted to explain changes to our tax arrangement with Ul'dah. I feel like my entire life is collapsing and I can barely stay afloat, but every linkpearl call I get from coworkers is just about killing Primals or finishing up my current reports.” When reached for comment, Waters’ colleagues confirmed they had noticed his breakdown weeks ago but were simply too busy with trying to ensure the realm didn’t fall to actual physical pieces. [original]

anonymous asked:

can we just take a moment to mention how many things were wrong with obiwan's life. bc that man is Too Sad

A short list of everything that went wrong in obi wan’s life:

  • he was born on a planet called fucking Stewjon
  • then yoda happened
  • time skip
  • nearly gets killed a bunch
  • got shipwrecked in the desert in the Chosen One’s backyard
  • jar jar binks
  • qui-gon suddenly has a newer, cuter son
  • then he FUCKING DIES
  • leaving obiwan to raise the newer, cuter, unimaginably powerful son
  • time skip
  • anakin
  • (that’s an entire bullet point)
  • anakin grows up to have the worst hair and the worst judgment in the galaxy
  • obiwan has to experience anakin’s terrible flirting, driving, hair, and general existence
  • (((shit shit what happens to obiwan in aotc i havent watched it in so long bc of the pear floating and cow riding and appalling heterosexuality)))
  • oh yeah he had a MULLET
  • he was chained up in an arena so a giant crab could try and kill him
  • was sent into war as a general with like, zero credentials (ok.. 4)
  • anakin gets a padawan and they nearly kill each other every day, causing obiwan countless heart attacks
  • that whole shitty fuckin war
  • grievous in general (finger guns)
  • getting trapped in the Mortis Hell Dimension
  • some of that rako hardeen stuff was shitty but serves him right doing that to anankin
  • somewhere around here he met tarkin which is a pretty shitty thing
  • but we just getting started
  • cause then
  • DARTH MAUL comes back from t he motherfucking dead with basically a second one of himself AND SPIDER LEGS with the singular intent of making obiwan’s life hell
  • his sorta-wife dies in his arms, etc
  • his own jedi order disowns his daughter who runs away into the space equivalent of the Tenderloin, and might be executed
  • anakin goes off the fucking rails, again
  • then she leaves forever and anakin never gets back on the rails and the war is STILL going on and darth maul STILL ISN’T DEAD
  • his beautiful varactyl lizard that he rode on utapau fucking died
  • his friends are having a baby like the fucking idiots they are, which is just one more headache for him??
  • anakin loses it, for real this time, and it’s bad
  • all the jedi die, all of them
  • executed by their beloved clones
  • except somehow obiwan doesnt even get to die in peace here, he lives to watch it all unfold
  • he finds all those infamous dead younglings and the evidence that anakin Did It
  • (at this point i would ahve just laid down and refused to live any more)
  • but we’re not done
  • a long duel to the death in lava hell with his ex bff
  • he cuts off all his limbs and leaves him on fire, but not before
  • breaking conditioning to express himself for the first time in like 35 years
  • another incredible woman dies in his arms for no reason at all
  • 20 years of self-imposed sand hermitage
  • (MAUL STILL! ISNT! DEAD!) (yoda isn’t either!!!)
  • now he’s babysitting a ridiculous baby gay who listens to kelly clarkson
  • and keeps pestering him with questions when he’s just trying to have flashbacks in peace god damn
  • anakin FINALLY kills him and puts him out of his god damn misery
  • he still exists as a ghost to observe the endless cycles of Skywalker bullshit tear apart the galaxy and kill women for no reason
  • and just when he thoguht he could be dead in peace what happens?? some clowns go and try to give him a granddaughter for the sole purpose of putting her in an abusive relationship with the worst man the galaxy has seen since like, lux bonteri
  • it will never end for him
  • it will never end