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Matt Riddle
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February 4th, 2017
OTT Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Back In The Dr. Dre - Dublin

If you’re looking at an opulent cake that’ll be the centre of attention, don’t hold back on the size and design. This Marie Antoinette-inspired masterpiece is an absolute showstopper with rich, ornate details. On a side note, I wonder how many can this confection actually feed. It’s huge!


Preview for OTT Scrappermania 3


I thought it was gonna be like the Desire videos but its more so just a comp of highlights leading up to their ScrapperMania show. Great though.


Ten OTT rings (from top):

  • Spinel, diamond, coral, and sapphire Summer cocktail ring - Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Baroque pearl, sapphire, ruby, garnet, and black wood Pearl Peaks ring - Wendy Yue for Annoushka
  • White, blue, pink, and yellow diamond Butterfly ring - David Morris
  • Diamond, sapphire, and tsavorite garnet Rose Dior Bagatelle ring - Dior
  • Porcelain and enamel Poppy ring - Alidra Alić
  • Diamond, emerald, and ruby Niquesa Rose of the Desert ring - Gemfields
  • Ruby and pearl Lips ring, from Lydia Courteille’s Homage to Surrealism collection
  • Diamond and rock crystal Perles d'Eclat (Sparkling Pearls) ring - Boucheron
  • Emerald, diamond, and enamel Kissing Frogs secret ring - Theo Fennell
  • Diamond and carved rubellite and turquoise lady’s cocktail ring - Van Cleef & Arpels

Since Sleepy Hollow premiered last September, I’ve been on a truly wild ride that has made for one of the most exciting and unexpected professional experiences I’ve ever had as an actor. In addition to witnessing the birth of the Sleepyheads (the amazing fandom that supports our show) I’ve also been adopted by the SPNFamily, the fans that have made the CW cult series Supernatural the success it is today.

Through that experience I had the opportunity to meet and befriend Misha Collins, one of the stars of Supernatural, who has proven himself a force to be reckoned with in the social media realm for his creation of disruptive media experiences that engage fans across the globe in support of his non-profit organization Random Acts.

Collins, recently dubbed the “King of Social Media” by users on the popular site, was the catalyst for what will become my next creative journey as I’m proud to share news of a new project we’ll be working on together.

I’m still amazed that what started out as a joke I came up with on Twitter has now become a reality.




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 2, 2014/LOS ANGELES - An unlikely pairing will come to life on popular streaming website Hulu as Supernatural star Misha Collins and Sleepy Hollow fan favorite Orlando Jones join forces in a unique and unexpected limited series. After lengthy negotiations, the OTT (over-the-top) streaming video subscription service, Sleepy Hollow producer 20th Century Fox TV and Supernatural producer Warner Brothers Television have reached a licensing agreement for a spinoff from the two acclaimed drama series. The untitled spinoff series, codenamed SuperSleepy, has been in the works for months. It centers on two of the breakout supporting characters from the respective series, Sleepy Hollow’s Captain Frank Irving (Jones), the by-the-book police captain who was last seen confessing to a murder he did not commit and Supernatural’s Castiel (Collins), an angel who fell from heaven and works along side the Winchester Brothers to protect humanity from the battle between heaven and hell.

Conceived by Supernatural writer/producer Robbie Thompson along with actors Collins and Jones, who inspired the idea with a series of humorous tweets about the proposed series, the spinoff will be a stand-alone 13 episode series that will focus on the relationship between the two characters after Collins character appears in Sleepy Hollow while Jones’ Captain Irving is in an asylum under heavy sedation, Hulu said. None of the parties would elaborate on the project’s status, but we’ve learned “SuperSleepy” has a series order pending the completion of Fox’s deal with Jones and Warner Bros deal with Collins and Thompson. Collins is slated to direct the pilot. The agreement between Hulu, Fox, and WB came after negotiations with Amazon, which has had huge success with Sleepy Hollow, broke down over Amazon’s concern about the project’s special “niche within a niche market appeal”.

The hour-long spinoff is expected to be far less dark than the respective original series with more comedy infused into it.

Sleepy Hollow co-creator Len Wiseman has been high on the idea since Jones first discussed it with him in December. “As a fan of Supernatural I would love to see a SuperSleepy spinoff,” he said at the recent Paleyfest event for Sleepy Hollow at Los Angeles’ Dolby Theater. “I like the idea of a buddy show in which these two breakout characters will do anything it takes to protect mankind from the impending apocalypse while trying to out sass each other. I look forward to seeing a more comedic side of these characters than our respective shows regularly present. That would be fun – I would like that.”

No word yet on whether the lead actors from either show -  Sleepy Hollow stars Tom Mison & Nicole Beharie or Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki - will make an appearance in the spin-off. An earlier announcement about the hybrid series on The Huffington Post hinted at the involvement of legendary actor William Shatner in a supporting role, although calls to his representatives have not been returned.

Vote cornbread as 3rd nom

Literally our only chance for no one in the minority side the house to go home is to vote for cornbread as 3rd nom. Alex/Whitney have both said they’re open to anything (when referring to going after the guys) but said they want to keep working with Monte/Shane for a couple weeks. Earlier today Alex/Shelby said they’re trying to get closer to Scott so that gets rid of them evicting him. AND LITERALLY RIGHT BEFORE I STARTED WRITING THIS POST ALEX/MORGAN/SHELBY SAID CORNBREAD IS WAY TO CLOSE TO MONTE/SHANE AND THAT HES SKETCHY AND THAT HE WONT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE THEM AND THAT THEYD WANT MONTE TO PUT CORNBREAD UP BUT DOUBT HE WILL.

Get rid of your ego, think logically, and make your vote for 3rd nom count. Voting for Alex, Whitney, or Shane because you’re petty will only CONFIRM that either Jason, Kryssie, or Shelby will go home. The minority alliance + Neeley will evict cornbread over Jason/Kryssie (also Scott cuz he confirmed he’d want Jason/Kryssie to stay) and if Cornbread is up there on the block with them the plastics + Shelby will HIGHLY consider evicting him. PLUS WE GET A VOTE TOO.

Let’s make this twist count, we can literally change the game.

Evict cornbread.

Now that Bechloe have won Choice Movie Chemistry Award...


Okay, now that Bechloe have won Choice Movie Chemistry, please don’t harass the producers to make Bechloe happen. I want them to happen too, A LOT, but if we keep harassing them they can simply just not do it. Just, you know, post like crazy on Tumblr of course, but just leave nice complimentary messages for the producers and directors that subtly lets them know what we want - don’t do the whole Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball technique and bombard them with requests - PS, that also goes for Anna K and Britt. They won’t appreciate it either

Just remember that Anna K is not repulsed by the idea of Bechloe, in fact seems pretty excited “I love it… i tried reading a fan fiction… (When talking about Emily) I’ve already got my potential love story with Chloe… It’s like I’d be cheating on Chloe” as well as “#BechloeIsReal”.
Britt is slowly warming up to the idea of Bechloe “Cheers to two girls singing in a shower…. Maybe in PP3 Beca will finally be confident singing in the shower with me”; and they both can’t deny the chemistry between their characters.
The producers, directors, and cast are all aware of the Bechloe fandom which is why they allow Anna and Brittany to enter “sketchy town” and frequently make jokes about them “together you’re Bloe… Everyone loves a good Bloe… I regret not experimenting more…” Need I go on? Elizabeth Banks, the director, also commented on Bechloe’s win at the Teen Choice Movie Chemistry “Bechloe - congrats” or my personal favourite, when she doing the commentary for the tent scene with Beca and Chloe: “There’s an important moment coming up for a certain subset of our fans involving these two ladies. That’s true. I was in the original spider-man series and I was inspired by spider-man and Mary Jane Watson’s upside-down kiss for the Bec-Chlo moment that comes up in the middle of the scene. Bec-Chlo, for the people who don’t know is the Beca-Chloe love story… Beca-Chloe relationship theory… So right there… They’ve been together all along… THAT THEY’RE REALLY IN LOVE… That’s my upside-down spider-man kiss moment”

My point is that everyone is now aware of the possibility of something romantic and sexual between Beca and Chloe and it is okay to give them a slight nudge in the right way, just don’t go OTT (Over The Top). There is now a real possibility that things are going to happen between Beca and Chloe and I don’t know about you, but I want it to be genuine. Not forced. I want the producers, directors and cast to want to make bechloe a thing, and not be harassed to do so. So please play nice with them

That’s all. Think about what may come in PP3 guys. Be excited. Hopefully all the cast is back and they aren’t just doing a cameo. Maybe it’ll include Cynthia Rose’s wedding… Who knows