ottb love

No edits. Off the track thoroughbred. 16.2. Level topline. Well sloped shoulder. Solid hindquarters. Perfect aligned teeth and perfect shaped hooves. So chill. Got him out of the kill pen for $25 dollars.

Look at him and tell me you “don’t buy kill pen horses because it supports kill buyers” because he was $25 away from going to Mexico and don’t you dare post some unsourced arbitrary stat from some low level equine online magazine about how not supporting kill buyers will make them go out of business.

I love you, Scout.

Having a strong bond with your horse isn’t doing dangerous or stupid things and not getting hurt. It really is as simple as him trusting you enough to go out on trail alone.

Throwback to March and Sarah’s first competing outing.

This was her showjumping warm up and she quite overwhelmed by the number of horses around. But when she wasn’t going backwards, sideways or half rearing, she went like this. She’s not going forward here, but she’s soft as and not cantering around like a giraffe, so huge win there. Once she got to go in and pop over some jumps she was much happier!!

Gotta get my shit together and get her doing stuff again. She may have been an utter psycho, but I had complete strangers complementing her and saying she looked like she’d be super once she learns to settle.