ottawa power station

L… Lansing

Ottawa Power Station, Lansing, Michigan
by Scott Smithson

The newly renovated Ottawa Power Station in Lansing, Michigan. Renovated for Accident Fund Insurance Company, according to a source I found.

From Flickr:

Power Station, downtown Lansing, Michigan

In the old Soviet Union, when on tours of various towns, guides would use the clumsily translated phrase “Architectural Ensemble” to denote the various arrangement of Stalinesque art-deco buildings around an imposing square. While Lansing Michigan is hardly ‘Stalinesque’ there is definitely a Sovietish feel to the look of the buildings. Unconscious, I’m sure, but the labor movements of the mid 20th Century undoubtedly had influence over the layout of the cities in Michigan. (I’m certain this observation would sound abhorrent given the current political clime… )

This is the Grand River Walk in Lansing, MI… Full HDR turned on and saturated to the point where I feel that the ordinary becomes extraordinary.