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Like I said before, I’m sorta trying to figure out my style again and I’m going to be posting a few of my other ocs. The finished piece thing on the left is Ottawa and Hull-Gatineau because <3, the one on the right is a quicker not exactly finished but shh doodle of my Lake Erie OC

Happiest on the dance floor, behind sound boards, and infront of cameras too, apparently!

Photographer: Janak (insta - @hiimjanak)

Model: Carlee (my insta - @oheyitscar) DM for booking/rates.

anonymous asked:

Hull headcanons?

- probably lives with Ottawa
- best friends with Ottawa
- the adopted frenchie
- Loves greener, more specifically shrubs and trees
- Short bb
- Loves history
- Writes in a journal
- Wears large jackets with inside pockets
- Always has a pocket knife and a deck of cards on hand
- Cheats in games
- “Come on Ottie, just one more drink”
- Drinks hard liquor through a bendy straw
- Loves she smell of paper
- Fears fire places
- Was homeless for a while after the Hull-Ottawa fire of 1900
- Lil Chicago likes jazz n looks up to regular Chicago
- Probably the representative for the entire area of Gatineau after they fused
- Has a vague memory of their childhood, only remembering things that were written down or the feelings of something. (After the great Fire nothing remained of the paper making lumber town)
- Has a Friendship bracelet type thing done with Ottawa representing pont des Chaudières
- Bootlegging expert
- Ottawa goes to them for booze

justfourlettersinarow  asked:

I don't know if you've seen it yet / are planning to post about it, but the floods in the Ottawa/Gatineau region are bad enough people are evacuating and public servants have been asked to stay home as Government of Canada buildings in Gatineau have been closed.

Here’s the latest:

As flood waters rise across region, so does people’s frustration

Flood Updates: Glimmer of good news as Ottawa River reached peak levels Monday morning

emeryradio  asked:

Is there popular demand for the introduction of new Major League Baseball teams in other Canadian metropolitan areas? (Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau, etc.)

I’m not sure what kind of demand exists. I like baseball, but I’m not a huge sports fan in general so I’m not sure which areas its most popular in.

Maybe my followers know?