How to break a JeanMarco Shipper

“You’re not a problem, you have a problem.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“Do you think it’s dark where he goes?”

“You’re hurting me by staying here. Just pretend I never existed. Pretend like I’m not real. I’m not real.”

“I said go home, Jean. Please, just…just go. Just go.”

“Angels only come when they think you are sleeping.”

“Don’t you fucking say ‘good night,’ Marco. Not this time.”

“Everyday, sweetheart.”

feelingsinwinter  asked:

Hi! I don't know how to ask this but... could you maybe write something fluffy and soft? Maybe with winteriron? I'm kinda in need for fluff and nice things, kinda had a pretty bad morning and I think the rest of the day is either going to be as shitty or worse so... not entirely looking forward to it x). I just really love your writing and what you do is so nice and good, and just good for the soul, really. Thank you for writing all you write! And you don't *have to* just asking! Lots of love!<3

I’m really sorry you’re having a tough day! I can’t write anything out for you right now (I would if I could!) because I’m going to be out for a while, BUT, there’s a Winteriron fic that’s been sat in my google docs since February now. It’s not finished, and probably won’t ever be, and it’s a really rough draft- but there are some pretty fluffy moments in there, so if you want to read it then the link is here