Finding Cas

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by otta_staples

Destiel AU where John Winchester is a Miltary colonel who has just returned to Sioux Falls to see his friend Bobby. Dean and Sam have been raised in Military boot camps to carry on the colonel’s legacy. Dean meets castiel Novak in Sioux falls, an odd teen who comes from a family of all boys whose mother died in a car accident. Dean’s strict regiment and upbringing tells him to stay away from castiel, who drinks and smokes a lot…but will he listen to his conditioning and avoid the trouble-maker or will he allow himself to not be in complete control for a change.

Words: 1345, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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“You did the right thing by calling a professional. You’re lucky I could get here so quick. Here’s what I’d recommend: bark at it then pee on it. Yep. That otta do the trick.”
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                                          kpop name tag~

i was tagged by @blowcautiontothewind :) thank youuu ^^

RULES: Spell out your url with KPOP song titles. (Thanks for the long challenge, Brianna…) Tag 10 people when you get done.

Kontrol - Sunggyu(Infinite)

Poison - Secret

Okey Dokey - Zico&Mino (technically not kpop but oh well …)

Press Your Number - Taemin(Shinee)


Fxxk Wit Us - Lee Hi ft Dok2

All Mine - f(x)

No Love - 4Minute

Ghost - Spica

Insomnia - Stellar

Run - BTS

Lonely - 2NE1

I’m Okay - BtoB

Naega Hae! - Jiyoon&Yubin (Unpretty Rapstar)

Gotta Be You - 2NE1

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Rules:  Put your music on shuffle then write the first ten songs

  1. Woods of Ypres - Silver
  2. Chthonic - Rage of my sword
  3. Drudkh - Only the wind remembers my name
  4. Doga - My sweet and tender beast
  5. Insomnium - Last Statement
  6. Evergrey - I’m sorry
  7. Nine Treasures - Nuutshai Chadal
  8. Nescafe Basement - Sab bhula kay
  9. Ilhaam - I yearn
  10. Solstafir - Otta

I was tagged by @kitameguire and I thank you, but I only have like maybe 5 active friends so only gonna tage them, but feel free not to do this.

Rules: Spell out your URL in song titles 



The Future Is Now

Original Prankster


Rise and Fall

It’ll Be A Long Time

Gotta Get Away


Enough - Disturbed


Killboy Powerhead

All I Want

Immortalized - Disturbed

Bad Habit

Ace of Spades - Motorhead

Unless otherwise stated next to the song, all songs are by The Offspring

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